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A Web Service end point is used to specify a web service which may be called from one or more Execute Web Service actions.


The following is a description of the Web Service endpoint form:


Specifies the logical name of the Web Service endpoint that Execute Web Service Actions will refer to within the rule application.


Specifies the URI of the WSDL defining the web service. Click 'Reload' after entering a URI for the first time, or to refresh the list of operations available from an updated WSDL. Note that this WSDL URI and/or the service URI may be overridden via the SDK at runtime.


Specifies the duration( in milliseconds) to try connecting to the WSDL URI before timeout.


Specifies the number of retries. It the connection is not established even after the specified timeout and retries an error is thrown indicating the WSDL URI is not reachable.

X.509 certificate

Allows the user to provide the full file-system path for X509 Certificate for the purpose of web service authentication.

Web Service

Specifies the actual service name.

Web Port

Specifies the port available on the specified service containing available web methods


Lists the web methods available from this web service, as populated by specifying a valid combination of WSDL URI, Web Service, and Web Port. An X509 Certificate may be specified by full file-system path, for use to authenticate a web method call at runtime.

Generate Schema

Provides a means to import schema elements which correspond to headers, parameters, and return values applicable to the web methods selected.

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