Template Availability

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The business language editor exposes various functions as templates (business language templates) for rule authoring. Template availability is a property that facilitates the customization of the availability of these templates. It allows the users to include or exclude these templates in the rule application. This property can be specified for the rule set at various context levels in the rule application and is inherited by the rule set in the hierarchy shown below.

  • Rule Application
    • Independent rule set
    • Entity
  • Field
  • Collection

NOTE: rule sets can be created at field context level only for fields of data type "complex" and "Entity".

By default all the templates will be assumed to be included at a context unless specifically excluded at some point. The settings, at a lower context level, override the settings inherited from the higher context.

At any context level, by clicking on "Template Availability" tab under vocabulary, a check list of the default templates available at that context, is shown. The user can include or exclude the templates of his choice by checking/unchecking the check boxes. By default, all built-in rule and action templates are available and the user can edit and save these settings along with the rule application.


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