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InRule’s business language authoring offers a highly intuitive medium to author rules using English- like syntax and point-and-click authoring. These simple-to-use features further extend InRule's unique ability to efficiently manage sophisticated rules and complex calculations.

A language rule is essentially a condition and associated actions expressed in business language. Language rules are an alternative to Syntax Rules (If/Then, If/Then/Else). Syntax rules are sometimes required for expressions having complex forms of order-of-evaluation parenthesization The use of language rules is described in greater detail in the Business Language Authoring Tutorial.

Point-and-click authoring

InRule’s enhanced authoring interface lets users build expressions by selecting choices from drop-down menus driven by context-sensitive Language Rule Template.

Context-sensitive prompts

Beyond the point-and-click building of a rule is the ability to naturally type a rule statement and have the editor intelligently prompt you for your next choices. For each letter the user types, the InRule engine filters down the available options to only the relevant choices.



Specifies the name of the rule.

Language Rule

A business language expression of conditions and associated actions.

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