Open an Existing Rule Application

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Open a rule application from a file

There are a few ways to open a rule application from a file You can choose from one of the following ways to open a rule application:

  1. File -> Open -> Open from File
  2. Click Open From File... from the Start page.
  3. Browse to the rule application (*.ruleapp) file that you want to open, click the file, and if and then click Open

Open a rule application from  the catalog

There are a few ways to open a rule application from the catalog:

  • File -> Open -> Open from Catalog
  • From the Start page select Open from Catalog.

When opening a rule application from irCatalog, you will be prompted to log in to irCatalog.


Here you can manage the irCatalog environment(s) to which you have access.

  • To add a new irCatalog environment that is not on the list, click the Add Catalog button.
  • To remove an irCatalog environment from the list, click its Delete button.
  • You may specify a friendly name for each irCatalog instance; this may help you keep them organized.
  • Enter a username and password for access to irCatalog, or check the Use Single Sign-On box to use your Windows login information.
  • Specify the URI to access the catalog; normally your InRule administrator will provide this.
  • Rearrange the catalogs in your list by clicking the Move Up and Move Down arrows.
  • Under Advanced options, you may adjust the catalog connection timeout value (not shown).

When you are finished, click Use this to select and log in to irCatalog. You will be given a list of rule applications from which to choose.


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