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InRule includes a standard template catalog that allows for business language entry of conditions, expressions, and actions. Rules may be entered “Topic First” (starting with the current context) or “Template First” — picking a template then filling it out.

Available templates are displayed based on context as a rule is authored. The user is prompted to define necessary fields or tokens, and is presented with a menu of appropriate choices.

The following categories contain all function templates for authoring expressions in Language Rules.

Collection Templates

Operate across collection items to return aggregate values.

Collection Template List


Comparison Templates

Return values based on logical comparisons.

Comparison Template List


Conditional Templates

Return values based on logical operations.

Conditional Template List


Conversion Templates

Perform data type conversions.

Conversion Template List


Date Templates

Perform date parsing and math operations.

Date Template List


Math Templates

Perform arithmetic operations.

Math Template List


Time-Value Templates

Perform time-value financial operations.

Time-Value Template List


Text Templates

Perform string manipulation and formatting.

Text Template List


Value List Templates

Perform operations against value lists.

Value List Template List


Expression Designer Templates

Allows to combine syntax rules with business language rule.

Expression Designer Template List 


Logical Templates

Perform logical operations.

Logical Template List


XML Templates

Perform operations against XML files.

XML Template List


Validity Templates

Perform validations.

Validity Template List


Action Templates

Trigger actions.

Action Template List

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