Action Templates

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Action templates are used to trigger actions. There is no return type.

Template name Template format
activate rule set activate rule set <rule set>
add collection member launches syntax editor
copy collection launches syntax editor
deactivate rule set deactivate rule set <rule set>
execute database query launches syntax editor
execute decision table launches syntax editor
execute rule set execute rule set <rule set>
w/ Parameterized Rule Set:
execute rule set <rule set> using (ParamName = <value>)
execute REST service launches syntax editor
execute web service launches syntax editor
execute xpath query launches syntax editor
fire notification fire notification <message> with the following settings
  • allow multiple notifications
  • as notification type <warning|error>
  • associated with <field>
halt all rule execution halt all rule execution and log message <message text>
halt rule set halt rule set and log message <message text>
mark field as invalid* mark <field> invalid and display message <text message>
raise event launches syntax editor
refresh fields refresh fields <add field>
send e-mail launches syntax editor
set the value to a field set <field> to <value
sort collection launches syntax editor


* The "mark field as invalid" business language template is the equivalent of the Syntax action for Set Field Invalid. See also Validity Templates.

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