Connecting to an irCatalog Service and Configuration

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Connecting to the irCatalog Service

If the irCatalog Manager Website was not connected to an irCatalog Service when installed, you must update the web.config of the website with the service URI. The web.config file can be found in the install directory under irServer\CatalogManagerWeb\web.config. Specify the irCatalog service URI under the "InRule.Catalog.Uri" key section; normally your InRule administrator will provide this URI.

If you are using centralized authentication you will also need to specify a license key under the "InRule.Catalog.Oidc.LicenseKey" key section in the web.config file referenced above.

Configuring the irCatalog Service Connection

Once you have connected to the irCatalog Manager Website, some configuration options can be changed.

To edit the configuration, select the Configuration option from the Settings menu.



The friendly name of the irCatalog Service. This friendly name will be saved into the associated irCatalog database. It will be visible on the irCatalog Manager Website home page and when choosing to promote a rule application to this environment.

Timeout (in seconds)

The timeout for connection from the irCatalog Manager Website to the irCatalog Service.

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