irCatalog for Rule Management

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irCatalog is part of the irServer family of products. irCatalog facilitates the ability to store, version, deploy, and set permissions for rule applications. It also enables check-in/check-out and sharing of numerous types of rule elements such as rule sets, Schemas, data elements, categories, and end points. This functionality is integrated into irAuthor: see Open an Existing Rule Application, Save a Rule Application, and Catalog Operations.

The irCatalog Manager Website is a web application that provides an administrative interface to these data stores. One irCatalog service can be registered per irCatalog Manager Website. It is used to manage and migrate rule applications across an organization's various staging environments including production.

The irCatalog Manager Website also provides an interface for managing users, roles, and permissions for rule applications.

The following sections cover in detail the functionality of the irCatalog Manager Website:

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