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Categories are keywords and phrases that help you keep track of rules and elements within a rule application.

For example, you may want to tag all rules that apply to a batch process, an online process, or both. In this case, you would create two categories called Batch and Online and associate the appropriate categories with the rules. The rules can then be Activated or Deactivated by Category using the Activate Rule Sets by Category action or through the SDK.


Creating and Managing a Category

1. Click on the Categorize icon in the Home Tab.

2. Click Manage Categories...

3. To add, click the Add button

4. To delete, click the Delete button.

Creating and Managing a Category

1. Select an element so that the settings for that element are shown in the content pane.

2. Click the Categories icon in the Home Tab.

3. Select/Unselect one or more existing categories

4. The selected categories will be shown at the bottom of the content pane.


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