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As rule applications grow very large, it may become increasingly difficult to identify where rule execution will start and where it will end, especially when the application is analyzed by someone other than the primary author(s).

Rule flows in InRule provide the ability to diagram a specific, high-level sequence of branching conditions and subsequent actions for rule execution. Rule flows provide for the graphical representation of an explicit, single-pass sequential RuleSet which may contain one or more of the following elements of a rule application in a prescribed order for execution:

Creating a new Rule Flow

  1. Click on the Rule Flows icon in the left hand navigation
  2. Click the Add Rule Flow button. The following screen will appear:
  3. Select the appropriate entity context within which the Rule Flow will operate.
  4. The Rule Flow designer will be displayed with a default Rule Flow:


Converting a Rule Set to a Rule Flow

A rule flow can be created from an existing rule set. Right click on the rule set and choose the "to Rule Flow" option. In order to be able to convert a rule set to a rule flow, the rule set will be validated to insure it can be converted. In addition to some other validations, the rule set must satisfy the following criteria:

Authoring a Rule Flow

A Rule Flow generally consists of an entry point, one or more exit points, conditions and actions.

See the following topics for more information on working with Rule Flows:

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