Working with Entities

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The Entity Detail Pane allows the user to change the Name and the Display Name of the entity. In addition, it provides the user with a way to navigate to various rule sets and rule types that are specific to the entity.

Adding an entity

Click on the Entities icon in the navigation pane and then click the Add Entity button.


Deleting an entity

There are a few ways to delete an entity:

  • Right-click on the entity you wish to delete, and select Delete.
  • Click on the entity you wish to delete, and then click the Delete button on the Home tab.
  • Click on the entity you wish to delete and then hit the Delete key on your keyboard.

You will be prompted to confirm the deletion. Click Yes.




Specifies the name of the entity. For entities or schemas that are based on an external source, this value may not be modified on this screen.

Display Name

Specifies the name that will be used in the business language editor when referring to this Entity.


Navigates to the Vocabulary folder that is specific to this Entity. Use this to create rule templates or classifications.


Navigates to the rule sets that are specific to this Entity's context.


Navigates to the Constraints for this entity, its fields, and calculations.

Schema Source

Denotes from where the Entity structure is derived. External means the Entity structure is based on an external schema definition. Internal means the Entity structure was built by hand.

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