irAuthor Beginner Tutorial

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About this Tutorial

The irAuthor Beginner Tutorial has been created as a way to help you learn the basics of authoring rules. If you work through this tutorial, you will have a complete rule application when you are finished. The rule application that you will build is for handling calculations and validations for Invoices. You can also download the completed rule application from the InRule samples repository on GitHub; see Online Resources for more information.

Note: Most activities in irAuthor are intended for business analysts and non-technical individuals. However, there are a few areas of rule application setup that are usually performed by developers or more technical staff. Examples of this would be importing/binding a rule application to an external schema, setting up end points such as databases and web services, writing SQL Queries, writing User Defined Functions, and importing .NET function libraries. These areas will not be covered here, since this tutorial is directed for a business analyst and not a developer.


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