Configuring irAuthor

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irAuthor can be configured using the Options screen. Also, irAuthor functionality can be extended using Extensions.

To open up irAuthor's options window:

File -> Options

General Options



Recent rule applications: Clear

This option clears the list of recently accessed rule applications displayed on the irAuthor home page.

Show 'Send a Smile/Frown'

This enables a button in the Quick Access Toolbar that allows the submission of feedback on the application.

Send a smile... is used to send positive feedback about an irAuthor feature.

Send a frown... is used to provide feedback about an irAuthor feature that is lacking or not working as desired.


Enable Centralized Authentication Controls

This enables the controls for centralized authentication in the Home Tab:


It also enables controls for centralized authentication in the maintain catalog window:



IrVerify Options


Automatically apply rules on tester startup for entities

This checkbox configures irVerify to automatically run rules for entities when launched. If this checkbox is unchecked, Apply Rules must be manually selected in the irVerify ribbon in order to apply rules.

Unload separate test memory: Unload

Via Rule Application Settings, irVerify can be set to run in an isolated app domain (separate memory space). If that option is enabled, clicking Unload will release this isolated irVerify app- domain and free up the runtime-specific memory. This will also have the effect of closing all open irVerify windows.

Rule Language Options


Use business language for calculations

This checkbox enables the user to select the way the calculations are displayed. If checked, the display will default to business language. If unchecked, calculations will display as syntax functions. For example, a calculation "Sqrt( 100)" in business language would display as "square root of 100".

Automatically update business language engine

This checkbox enables an automatic update to the business language engine when changes are made. If unchecked, the Update now button must be selected in order to trigger an update. This feature is useful in improving performance when working with large rule applications requiring a lot of schema changes.

Load business language in background

This option loads the display of business language rules in a background thread. Therefore, if a large language rule takes time to load, the rule will be selected in the tree immediately but will display a “Loading…” message in the rules pane. irAuthor will continue to allow other navigation during this time as the rule is loading in the background.

Enable vocabulary in business language

Selecting this option allows defined vocabulary templates to be selected when authoring rules in business language.


To open up irAuthor's extensions window, select File -> Extensions.


You can also open the Extension Manager from the home page. 


Environment Management

irAuthor can load both official and custom extensions to add new functionality to irAuthor. You can read more about this here

Using irAuthor will sometimes require connecting to services hosted by InRule. In most cases, irAuthor will be able to determine which environment to connect to automatically based on the logged-in Central Authentication account. However, in some scenarios, such as having an account with access to multiple regions, the environment may need to be selected manually. If this is the case, the drop-down in the Environment Management section will list multiple environments for selection. To change the environment, select an option and then click the OK button. If only one environment is available for selection this drop-down will be disabled.



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