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The various InRule version numbers are explained in this section. Several of them are listed in the File > Help > About screen in irAuthor, as shown below.


InRule version

This is the version number for the specific build of the InRule software that you are running. In the above example, the InRule version number is If you contact InRule Support for help, please provide this number, which will help us provide support for your specific version of InRule.

Schema version

The rule application schema is the structure of how a rule application is stored and persisted. In the File->Help->About screen, the Schema version indicates the version of the schema that your particular version of InRule is designed to work with. In the example above, this the Schema version is 101. Every rule application has its schema version stored within it to indicate which version of the schema it is built with.

When a file-based rule application is loaded in irAuthor, InRule will compare the schema version that it is expecting with the particular schema version of the given rule application. If the rule application you are loading was built in an earlier version of InRule, it may have an older schema version (in this case, version < 101), in which case InRule will automatically convert the rule application to conform to the latest schema version. The changes to the rule application will NOT be automatically saved.

If you save a rule application in a newer version where the Schema version changed, you will no longer be able to open that rule application in previous versions of InRule. When irAuthor connects to the irCatalog database, the schema version that irAuthor is expecting will be compared to the RuleAppSchemaVersion of the irCatalog database (see the Database version section below). If the irCatalog database's Schema version is lower, you will not be able to connect to that catalog and will receive a message like this:


In this case, you'll have to upgrade the rule applications within your irCatalog database. See the InRule installation guide or Upgrading irCatalog Rule Applications for additional details on this process.

Database version

The Database version number indicates the version of the structure of the database used in irCatalog. This is only relevant if you are using irCatalog. To find out what database schema version you have, you can run the following query in your irCatalog database. In this example, the Database version is 16. The rule application schema version is also stored here, which indicates what version each of the rule applications stored in this catalog should have.

SELECT ParamName,ParamValue FROM [InRuleCatalog].[dbo].[ConfigParam]


When you attempt to connect to your irCatalog database from irAuthor, the Database version will be compared to what irAuthor is expecting, and if they do not match, you will get an error message telling you this, and you will not be able to connect. For example, if the Database version of your irCatalog database is lower than the version irAuthor is expecting, you will receive an error like this:


Most likely this would occur because InRule was upgraded to a newer version on a client computer, but was not upgraded on the server where irCatalog is hosted. Or it is possible that irCatalog was upgraded, but the InRule Installer was not able to access the database to upgrade it. To resolve this, you should make sure InRule has been upgraded on the server running irCatalog, and if necessary, manually run the database upgrade scripts. See the InRule installation guide for information about upgrading your irCatalog database.

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