Creating Test Suites

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By default, when irVerify is launched from irAuthor, only a session tab is created. In order to utilize Test Suites for regression testing, the user must create a new Test Suite or open an existing Test Suite.


irVerify Test Suites consist of the following:

  • Tests - Each test defines information such as the context of the entity structure being tested, the corresponding data being used, and the type of rule execution.
  • Data - Either defined in a irVerify session test and saved as a test scenario, or a simple XML or JSON entity state file.
Creating a Test Suite from a Session Test
The data used in session testing can be quickly converted into a Test Suite by clicking the Create Test button in irVerify.
When the Create Test button is clicked, the following screen is displayed:
Data states can be defined for regression testing from the following:
  • Pre-execution values - Saves the values that were defined in the active session tab. This state requires that the user performed at least one session test by pressing 'Apply Rules'. This option is especially useful as the input data state for compare tests and is only available if the irVerify options setting for "Enable test data reset" is selected.
  • Current values - Saves the values defined in the current active session tab.
  • Existing data state - Use this option if a Test Suite already exists in irVerify with at least one test (Assertion, Compare or Performance) and an associated data state.

NOTE: Assertion and performance tests only require one data state to define; compare tests require two (input state and expected state).


Creating a new Test Suite from the File Menu
Performing File->New Test Suite in irVerify will create a New Test Suite tab in irVerify. The Test Suite is not valid until tests are created and associated with data.

Tests - Right-click a test folder to add a new test. Or, with a test folder selected, add a new test using the Add Test button in the ribbon.




See the accompanying article for a detailed explanation on the different kinds of regression tests.


Data - The data folder contains all test states associated with the test suite. Right-click on a data item to move it up/down or to delete it.

NOTE: Each Test Suite can contain one more tests and one or more data elements. Right-clicking on the tests folder allows the user to add additional folders for further organization of the available tests.

For more information on defining test data see Data State in Test Suites.

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