Different Kinds of Regression Tests

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irVerify consists of the following formats for regression testing analysis and results:

Assertion Tests
An assertion is a criterion about a data value result from irVerify that must be true in order for the test to be considered 'Passed'. One or more assertions can be created for a test and all must be true when tests are run or else that test is marked as 'Failed'.

Assertion tests are recommended when only a few data points must be tested or when tests other than equality are required.

Compare Tests
A compare test matches all data points between an expected state and an input state. If the input state results vary at all from the expected state, the test is marked as 'Failed'.

Performance Tests

In a performance test, the user defines how many times to run a test, along with an input test scenario and execution parameters. The test reports performance results.
NOTE: A single Test Suite may contain assertion tests, comparison tests, performance tests, or any combination of the three.
For more information on building a Test Suite and adding assertion or comparison tests, see Creating Test Suites.

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