Detail Pane: Summary

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Upon applying rules, the Summary tab will display the rule execution statistics.



Summary Information
  • Total execution time - The total time to execute the rule application. This includes time for
    any compile steps.
  • State changes - The number of value changes that were made to the entity schema data values.
  • Notifications - The number of fire notification actions that were executed during rule execution.
  • Validation changes - The number of times a field or entity was set valid/invalid.
  • Errors - The number of errors generated during rule execution.
  • Rule sets fired - The number of rule sets that were executed.
  • Rules evaluated - The number of rule evaluations that were performed.
  • Total Rule Evaluation time - The total time to process conditions in the rule application. This time excludes compile steps and action execution.
  • Actions executed - The number of rule actions executed.
  • Total Action execution time - The total time to execute only the rule actions. This time excludes compile time and rule execution time.

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