InRule Technology Acquires Leader in Explainable AI Technology

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InRule Technology® has completed its acquisition of simMachines, a leader in explainable AI/machine learning technology.

The acquisition of simMachines advances InRule’s vision to deliver a leading global decision platform. Together, InRule® and simMachines will provide unprecedented decision automation capabilities to data scientists, developers and citizen developers, alike.

The combined solution will expand the range of use cases for which you can leverage InRule, including:

  • Customer churn analysis
  • Fraud detection
  • Experience optimization
  • Dynamic predictive segmentation
  • Case management and customer service
  • Risk scoring
  • Pricing and product selection

Traditional AI provides predictions, but it can’t tell you how it arrived at a given prediction. This is known as “black box” problem.

simMachines de-risks “black box” machine learning models by explaining the "why” behind every prediction made. By providing predictions with the why®, simMachines helps eliminate bias from machine learning-powered recommendations for better, more effective decisions powered by humans and machine learning.

By combining the InRule Decision Platform with simMachines’ explainable AI, our customers will be able to leverage the power of human-driven (declarative) and machine-driven (non-declarative) AI within a single platform in order to build and deploy the most comprehensive, accurate, and transparent decision automation strategies.

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