Use of End Point Overrides in irVerify

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At times it may be needed to override endpoints to perform more robust testing against rule sets. To accomplish this, click the file menu inside of irVerify and at the bottom left will be End Point Overrides. 




Once the end point override option page opens up, each End Point is listed. A new connection string will override any previously set connections. Webservice overrides work in a similar fashion to the SQL override shown below.




NOTE:  "The above settings will be valid for one session only, and will not persist beyond a single active testing session. If you need more permanent overrides, they can be achieved by using the following process."


End Point overrides can be added directly in the irAuthor.exe.config file (Note: irAuthor.exe.config file is typically found in the (C:\Program Files (x86)\InRule\irAuthor) folder. Admin access is needed to edit and save this file.) by following these steps:

  1. Apply the appsettings/overrides for a specific environment in the irAuthor.exe.config file. Save file as administrator.

Here is an example of overriding database connection string.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<addkey="inrule:runtime:overrides:MYENDPOINTNAME:DatabaseConnection:ConnectionString"value="Data Source = MYHOSTNAME;Initial Catalog = MYCATALOGNAME; Connection Timeout=15"/>


Here is an example of what the change looks like in context


  1. Close out irAuthor.exe web config file after edits are made.
  2. Close and restart irAuthor 
  3. Test changes in irVerify.



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