InRule Decisioning Version 3.0.x Release Notes

  • Updated
Type Case ID Summary Description
CHANGE     10057 Xml State: GetXml string now includes XML declaration header • An XML declaration header is now included for all returned XML documents (string and file).
CHANGE     10093 When importing / re-importing an external schema, additional aliasing may be required to avoid name collisions with InRule function names • The import / reload will automatically suggest aliased names where appropriate.
CHANGE     10102 RuleExecutionSettings.LogRuleChanges is no longer a valid option. • It is no longer necessary to set this option to see rule changes in irVerify or via irSDK – please plan to remove all references to this.
CHANGE     10151 Validations are deprecated in favor of constraints • Validations in existing ruleapps will be removed by the upgrader process. From irAuthor, the user will see a special warning message indicating these must be manually re-authored using constraints or set-field-invalid actions. From runtime, an error will be thrown (the app must be opened in irAuthor and re-saved to consume from runtime).
CHANGE     10155 irAuthor:  Placement of tab controls reverted to 2.9 placements within element propery pages. • The Notes/Categories and Attributes tabs are again placed at the bottom of property pages, as opposed to the top.

• Vocabulary tab removed where not applicable.

• Classifications moved to Vocabulary tab control.

• "Create Classifications" has been renamed to "Create Vocabulary" in Entity and Field property pages.

• Vocabulary icon changed.
CHANGE     10214 Each entity ruleset within a Rule Application must have a unique name • In order to be consistent with the InRule Catalog naming rules, each entity ruleset within a Rule Application must now have a unique name. Validation errors are raised on an attempted compile for any duplicate entity ruleset names – these must be resolved manually.
CHANGE     10220 irAuthor: Permissions may no longer be applied at the Entity or Field level • Permissions affecting an Entity or Field (such as ModifySchema) may now be applied only at the following levels:
CHANGE     10238 Invalid XML namespace is no longer permitted when XSD validation enabled, as in 2.9. • InRule 2.9 allowed an XML load when the top element had a namespace differing from the schema namespace. 
CHANGE     10493 RuleApplicationDef.SaveToFile() performs validation by default, new overload provided to disable this • .SaveToFile(filename) now performs validation, will throw on validation failure

• Use .SaveToFile(filename, false) if you wish to save without validating, as with the prior SaveToFile(filename) overload.
CHANGE     10504 Help File:  References to "Attributes" have been changed to "Engine Values." • All references to “Attributes” throughout the help file have been changed to “Engine Values.”
CHANGE     10575 A check out of the Rule Application container will not prevent another user from checking out an element of the same Rule Application. • If user A checks out the Rule Application container, this will not prevent user B from checking out any other element of the same Rule Application.
CHANGE     10580 Virtual directory portion of Windows Service hosted Catalog service URI renamed to InRuleCatalogService. • The Catalog service URI, when installed as a Windows Service, had “InRuleRepositoryService” as its virtual directory. This was renamed to “InRuleCatalogService” for consistency.

• If InRule v3.0.0 was installed, including Catalog service, the current URI will be maintained when upgrading to v3.0.1.
CHANGE     10593 Ability to copy and paste rule templates • A right-click context menu has been added to templates that are listed in the Templates tab that is visible when a Vocabulary item is selected from the tree view of irAuthor. To cut or copy a template, simply right-click the template, choose Cut or Copy from the context menu, then right-click anywhere within the templates list and choose Paste from the context menu.
CHANGE     10613 A call to GetEntityID(Field) will return the identifier of the entity field. A call to GetEntityID(), without arguments, will return the identifier of the entity in context. • Previously, a call to GetEntityID(Field) would return the identifier of the entity which contains the field.

• GetEntityID(), without parameters, replaces GetEntityID(entityName) for obtaining the identifier of an entity. An upgrader automatically makes this conversion from an earlier ruleapp schema revision.
CHANGE     10647 Malformed values in InRule configuration files will cause an exception. • If invalid or malformed values are added to an InRule configuration file, an exception will be thrown. Previously, when invalid or malformed values are encountered, a default value was used.
CHANGE     10698 Removed “Modify Schema” permission from Rule Application level set of permissions • “Modify Schema” permission is available only at the catalog level. “Modify” permission is still available on an individual schema.
CHANGE     10936 In irAuthor, the labels for the action “Execute RuleSet” contain “Action” • Within the editor pane of the action “Execute RuleSet” labels were changed from “RuleSet / Action” to “RuleSet.” Also, the Actions list within the context menu item “Insert” contained an item which was changed from “Execute RuleSet / Action” to “Execute RuleSet.”
CHANGE     11118 Entity names "Parent" and "Child" no longer allowed • The names "Parent" and "Child" are now reserved words and may no longer be used as entity names.
CHANGE     11209 The Rule Engine Service is now referred to as “irSOA” in the installer. • The rule engine service is now called “irSOA.” everywhere it appears in the installer.
CHANGE     11284 Ambiguous method overloads (by # of args) may no longer be referenced in rule expressions • In Rule expressions, only method signatures which are unambiguous by # of args may be referenced.

• Use Execute Method Action to reference method signatures differentiated only by arg type
CHANGE     1735 Notes/Categories, Attributes, et al. tab selections are persisted. • When a tab selection is made among Notes, Attributes, etc. and a user navigates to another element of the same type, the tab selection is not reset to the first tab.

• For example, if a user would like to browse the Attributes of all Fields of a given Entity, the user can select the first Field, select the Attributes tab, then continue to select subsequent Fields of the Entity. All the while the Attributes tab will be selected.
CHANGE     6825 Any Rule Application having one or more external namespaced XSD Schemas must have the XSD Schema(s) manually re-imported / re-applied in irAuthor. • Any existing Rule Applications which have one or more external XSD namespaced (non-empty namespace(s)) schemas must have the XSD Schema manually reloaded and reapplied in irAuthor.
CHANGE     7662 Template “Is Empty” has been renamed to “Is Null” • The rename was done to avoid confusion with the template “Is Null or Empty.”
CHANGE     7856 When assigning a value from a value list within a Business Language rule, the list of values are displayed in an inline drop-down list that can be filtered. • In a Business Language rule, when assigning a value from a value list to a field, the value list will appear in the same syntax drop-down control.

• Previously, a modal dialog would appear with the value list.
CHANGE     7928 RuleSession: Direct support for async and MQ removed • Support for an MQ listener (MessageQueueConnection) has been removed. Future support for MQ is planned via the WCF infrastructure.
CHANGE     8014 2.X irInteract removed • The 2.X form of irInteract has been removed. Existing 2.X irInteract apps must continue to be run with InRule 2.9. 
CHANGE     8025 Authoring @ attributes replaced with functions • All @ attributes referenced in syntax rules, such as @EntityId, are now instead functions (example: coll@Count is now Count(coll). Use the syntax rule intellisense / expression editor or see the help file Function Reference for a list of these.

• Existing 2.X ruleapps having @ attribute expressions will automatically be upgraded to use functions in 3.X.

• The 2.3 ‘!’ syntax is also upgraded to functions

• Apps which directly store rule expressions via irSDK having ‘@’ or ‘!’ syntax will fail – these must be modified to use the appropriate Get* function.
CHANGE     8026 GetCount function named back to Count • Count had temporarily been renamed GetCount in, it has now been changed back to Count.
CHANGE     8029 Assembly consolidation • The InRule.Runtime.InProcess assembly no longer exists. All of the functionally of this assembly is now included in the InRule.Runtime assembly.
CHANGE     8030 RuleServiceConnection.Settings is deprecated in favor of Settings.RuleApplicationDefInfoSettings, RuleExecutionSettings is moved to Settings • These settings, which dictate the level of detail returned in RuleApplicationDefInfo.RuleApplicationDef (and the deprecated RuleApplicationInfo), are now at RuleSession.Settings.RuleApplicationDefInfoSettings
CHANGE     8306 RuleApp names must now conform to the same naming restrictions as other elements. • An upgrader will automatically convert (on load) any offending names
CHANGE     8348 Xml State: Custom Date / DateTime formatting in local culture format is no longer supported • Local format date is recognized on XML load (but only if XSD validation disabled), but culture-invariant format (YYYY-MM-DD, YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss) is always output
CHANGE     8508 Implicit casting is now optional • A global rule application check box has been introduced called “Allow Implicit Casting.” This setting is checked by default, maintaining the current behavior. When this setting is unchecked, the following will occur:

- An error will occur during rules execution if values are compared for equality/inequality and one or more values is/are NULL.

- An error will occur during rules execution if mathematical operations are applied to NULL values.

• Note that string concatenation operations will work with either setting when the value is null.
CHANGE     8549 Cross-schema Entity Field references must be Temporary • All cross-schema entity field references from an Internal Schema Entity context to an external schema context must now be Temporary, to be consistent with the existing behavior of external to external.
CHANGE     8756 RuleRepositoryConnection API is deprecated in favor of RuleCatalogConnection • RuleRepositoryConnection still functions but will continue to be supported for only a limited time.
CHANGE     9083 RuleSession: RuleApplicationInfo deprecated in favor of RuleApplicationDefInfo • The RuleApplicationInfo on RuleSession is deprecated in favor of RuleApplicationDefInfo
CHANGE     9132 Executing RuleSet by ElementIdentifier no longer supported • RuleSession.ExecuteRuleSet(ElementIdentifier ruleSetPath) is no longer supported. In general, using the ElementIdentifier is discouraged. If you have existing code attempting to use an ElementIdentifier to execute a ruleset, the following may be used:
CHANGE     9378 Xml State: “Allow Non Schema Xml” setting changed to “Enable Internal Schema XSD Validation” • This setting continues to allow schema-invalid XML to be loaded to an internal-schema entity as it did in 2.9.
CHANGE     9518 EntityRuleSet.Execute() is no longer supported as a means to execute an Entity RuleSet • Instead use Entity.ExecuteRuleSet()
CHANGE     9592 Installer: Installing on Vista now requires Administrator level permission • If the installing user is a member of the local Administrators group, they will get the UAC prompt asking to confirm elevation to Administrator permissions.
CHANGE     9604 irAuthor:  Icon is used to indicate an element is checked out by another user. • This acts as an indication to the user that an element cannot be checked out for modification.
CHANGE     9617 Eval network API general changes • The InRule.Repository.EvalNetwork API has changed, including:
CHANGE     9629 Entity-level Notifications are upgraded to Notification Templates • Any entity-level Notifications (appearing in the “Notifications” folder under an Entity) are upgraded to “Notification Templates” (appearing in the “Vocabulary” tab of the Entity in irAuthor).
CHANGE     9749 Count function may now be used only on a collection • InRule 2.X allowed Count function to be used on an Entity Field

• Count is now supported only on collections (Count(coll) or Count() in collection member context)

• If Count(entityField) > 0 was being used to check for null, instead use IsNull(entityField)
CHANGE     9866 Xml State: Custom Boolean XML formatting as 1  / 0 is no longer supported • 1 or 0 is recognized on XML load (but only if XSD validation disabled), but “true” / “false” is always output
CHANGE     9923 Eval network API change: Expression.ToXml() function should be used only for informational purposes, as the XML format is likely to change. • The XML emitted by this function is likely to change in the future.
CHANGE     9961 Catalog UI controls API has changed • The irSDK UI control API for login, open and save / save-as has changed to be compatible with RuleCatalogConnection (replacing the deprecated RuleRepositoryConnection).
CHANGE     9978 ODP.NET driver no longer supported for Catalog Service • The Microsoft Oracle driver is always used.
FEATURE    10269 ApplyRules activity for Windows Workflow Foundation • Provides the ability to retrieve and execute rule applications directly from a WF workflow
FEATURE    10424 Samples of Java interoperability with irSOA are now included with the installer. Samples of Java interoperability with irSOA are now included with the installer. 10424 • The Java samples demonstrate how Java proxy classes can be generated for irSOA interoperability.

• The Java proxy classes are also used to demonstrate irSOA interoperability with a Java application server, namely GlassFish.
FEATURE    10474 Classification results are displayed in irVerify. • When testing rules in irVerify, the results of Classifications are displayed.
FEATURE    10484 Attributes tab of Rule Application, Entity and Field property pages now features a magnifying glass icon which, when clicked, will display a new window that contains all attributes. • This change allows a user to manage attributes within a window that can be made full screen. This helps with managing many Attributes.
FEATURE    10734 Microsoft Word integration with irWord • A new InRule component called irWord is included in this release. irWord allows InRule users to use Microsoft Word to author RuleSets and Decision Tables. Because this authoring is done in Microsoft Word, the Rule Application can be richly documented.

• irWord requires Microsoft Word 2007 and .NET Framework 3.5.
FEATURE    10832 All business language rules and decision tables of a rule set are shown in irWord. • All business language rules and decision tables beyond the root of a rule set are shown in irWord.
FEATURE    10849 InRule tips are displayed when launching irAuthor. • The tips highlight significant features of InRule that can be leveraged for a better rule engine experience.
FEATURE    10899 irAdapter for BizTalk Server is included • irAdapter for BizTalk Server provides an integration point between BizTalk Server and InRule. irAdapter requires irServer.
FEATURE    11102 irWord enhancements • Added the ability to copy rules within a rule set

• Added the ability to add, edit and delete vocabulary

• The command “Reset Catalog Connection” in now found on the InRule ribbon, instead of the Options dialog.
FEATURE    11215 irAuthor user activity logging • Additional logging from irAuthor in order is now provided to trace user activity. This is primarily intended to help establish the steps leading up to an error or warning condition.

• Log settings may be found in the configuration section <inrule.authoring> of irAuthor.exe.config. The following is an example:

<tracing logActivities="true" logFileCleanUpInterval="30.00:00:00" bufferLogWrites="false" bufferSize="20" />.

• Logging may be disabled by changing the value of attribute “logActivities” to “false”, but leaving it enabled is recommended as there is negligible overhead, and this information can be critical in diagnosing and reproducing issues.

• There is one logfile created per irAuthor instance, at %TEMP%\InRule\Trace\irAuthor-yyyymmddThhmmss.log
FEATURE    11231 irAuthor log file is attached to support email messages • When an unhandled error occurs in irAuthor, the system will make an attempt to attach irAuthor’s log file should the user decide to send an automated email message to InRule support.
FEATURE    11313 A Rule Application can be permanently deleted from the Catalog. • Any Rule Application stored in the Catalog can be permanently deleted, including all revisions of the Rule Application and any labels that are attached only to the same Rule Application.

• Alternatively, the latest revision of a Rule Application can be permanently deleted. Again, any label that is attached only to the revision being deleted will also be permanently deleted.

• The delete commands are available via irAuthor, Catalog Manager and irSDK.
FEATURE    11325 The context menu items “ViewXML,” “Load XML” and “Save XML” have been added to irVerify to populate entities with test data. • The context menu items have been added to fields of data type Entity, and collection members of data type Entity.

• The “File” menu items “Load XML” and “Save XML” are disabled for independent rule sets.
FEATURE    11348 Rule sets in irWord • Rule sets can be added, edited or deleted using irWord.
FEATURE    11349 The ability to add all rules and calculations in one command is available in irWord. • Previously, rules and calculations had to be added one at a time.
FEATURE    7548 Catalog Service: General 7548 • The Catalog Service utilizes .NET 3.0 “WCF”. The separate WSE 2.0 install is no longer required when deploying the Catalog Service • The Catalog Service utilizes .NET 3.0 “WCF”. The separate WSE 2.0 install is no longer required when deploying the Catalog Service
FEATURE    7872 rSOA: Enhancements to InRule Rule Engine Service • The Rule Engine Service may now be accessed without requiring InRule assemblies on client machines, making the service more accessible from other platforms including J2EE application servers and BPM tools. 
FEATURE    7875 Business Language Rule Editing: Rule Templates enhancements • Users now have the ability to specify the vocabulary and structure of the default business language templates included with the business language editor. This provides control over the rules and actions that are exposed to rule authors through the Template Availability interface.
FEATURE    8246 irSDK: GetXml now supports scenarios where there are duplicated instances in the RuleSessionState • This applies only to XmlEntityState and XmlSerializable-ObjectEntityState
FEATURE    8656 Catalog Service: Element-level check out • Individual elements including RuleSets, Data Elements EndPoints and Categories may be individually checked-out within a Ruleapp, allowing multiple users to work on different parts of a Ruleapp at the same time.
FEATURE    8658 Catalog Service: Element-level reuse • Individual elements including RuleSets and Data Elements may optionally be set “shareable”, which allows them to be consumed by multiple Ruleapps.
FEATURE    9626 Variables of data type Entity can be initialized with a default value. • Checking “Default Value” in irAuthor now works for both Entity and value typed variables.
ISSUE      10075 Catalog Manager:  Cannot promote a Rule Application from one Catalog to another via mouse drag within Catalog Manager. • Resolved
ISSUE      10109 irAuthor:  Insert, Remove and Modify permissions do not apply to all elements. • Insert, Remove and Modify permissions do not apply to Data, End Point, Schema and Category elements.
ISSUE      10282 Catalog Upgrader logs duplicate user names as an error. • Duplicate user names are now logged as a warning
ISSUE      10296 Catalog Manager: SSO option not working • Resolved.
ISSUE      10297 Catalog Service: Windows service hosting not working • Resolved.
ISSUE      10301 Versions of a rule are lost when switching between Language view and Syntax view. • If a rule contains multiple versions and a user switches from Language view to Syntax view, then only the default version is viewed in Syntax. Any changes made in Syntax view will cause other versions of the rule to be lost. However, if no changes are made while in Syntax view and the user switches back to Language view, all version of the rule will be maintained.
ISSUE      10315 irAuthor: Opening constraints sometimes results in nullref error • Resolved
ISSUE      10333 Custom Templates: Consistency Checker for correlated field does not show usage in NotificationTemplate • Resolved
ISSUE      10335 Catalog: Correlated field information not preserved on inserting shared items in a consuming app • Resolved
ISSUE      10336 Cascaded Context: For nested entities with parent context checked, parent fields not showing from FireNotification Actions on child entity • Resolved
ISSUE      10336 Cascaded Context: For nested entities with parent context checked, parent fields not showing from FireNotification Actions on child entity • Resolved
ISSUE      10340 Custom Templates: For templates with zero placeholders, parent entity cannot use child templates • Resolved
ISSUE      10341 Custom Templates: Compile error using child template in parent context • Resolved
ISSUE      10359 Marking an Entity reference temporary does not resolve a circular reference warning. • When a circular reference existed between two entities, a compile warning suggested removing the circular reference by marking one of the fields temporary. If the user marked one of the fields temporary, but not the same field that is suggested by the warning message, the circular reference was still mistakenly identified.
ISSUE      10360 Custom Templates: Bad template getting loaded causes render error • Resolved
ISSUE      10370 External XSD Schema: Some XSD-bound 2.9 ruleapps do not upgrade properly to 3.0 • Resolved
ISSUE      10387 irAuthor:  Cannot close irAuthor after performing a sequence of Catalog operations. • Resolved
ISSUE      10392 Business Language: "Copy Collection action" turns red • Resolved
ISSUE      10393 Custom Templates: "Vocabulary" Not Appearing When 2.9 App Containing Classifications Gets Opened in 3.0 • Resolved
ISSUE      10395 Upgrading 2.9 Rule Application with Classifications that contain Date Templates to 3.0.0 results in red colored syntax. • Resolved
ISSUE      10403 irAuthor: Decision table not navigable when catalog-connected app ruleset is not checked-out • Resolved
ISSUE      10404 irAuthor:  Open a Rule Application from the Catalog then save to file system results in checkbox controls that continue to be disabled. Also, Catalog tooltips are not hidden. • This applies to the Rule Set property page. Enabled and Activate by Default checkboxes are disabled. Cannot change Fire Mode and Rune Mode.
ISSUE      10405 irAuthor:  Error occurs when "Find Next" is clicked within Find dialog. • Applies to Find feature that is found in the Edit menu.
ISSUE      10406 irAuthor:  Renaming a Rule Application as a name of an Entity causes other Entity references to be renamed. • A Rule Application is renamed to match the name of any Entity that is contained in the Rule Application. The Rule Application name is changed again. Any rule that contains a reference to the Entity whose name matched the Rule Application name, after the first rename, will also be renamed to match the second renaming of the Rule Application.
ISSUE      10410 View XSD on XML Schema Definition Screen not working • Resolved.
ISSUE      10411 Some complex types fields are imported as a String versus Entity. • Resolved
ISSUE      10423 Business Language:  Creating language rules that access inline tables do not work. • Resolved
ISSUE      10438 Catalog Manager:  A Rule Application cannot be promoted to a target Catalog if the Rule Application exists in the target and any part of the Rule Application is checked out at the target. • Resolved
ISSUE      10439 irAuthor:  Error occurs in irAuthor when "Tree Node Labels" options are changed. • Tree Node Labels options are found in the Rule Application property page.
ISSUE      10441 irAuthor:  When saving a Rule Application to the Catalog over an existing Rule Application (overwrite), the current Rule Appliction is shown in the list of Rule Applications to overwrite. • When performing "Save As" operation, overwriting the current Rule Application should not be an option.
ISSUE      10444 irAuthor:  Opening a Rule Application from the file system results in disabled Decision Table interface. • Versions and Conditions of the decision table were not viewable due to disabled interface.
ISSUE      10447 NullRef error attempting to access constraints when placeholders not filled-in • Resolved
ISSUE      10448 irAuthor:  Inserting a shared Inline Table causes an error. • Resolved
ISSUE      10455 Cannot switch a “while” rule from Syntax view to Language view Resolved
ISSUE      10456 Calculations are lost when authored in Language syntax and versions are viewed. • A calculation authored in Language syntax was lost if a user attempted to view the default version of the calculation.
ISSUE      10457 Database Upgrade Utility:  Upgrading 2.9 Rule Application stored in the Catalog causes "Def is not checked out" error. • Some Rule Applications are not upgraded by Database Upgrade Utility due to a serialization issue. The Windows Event Log will show an error that reads, "Def is not checked out. Cannot complete check out operation."
ISSUE      10463 Apply Rules:  Serializing RuleSessionState can cause "Key exists" error. • On rare occasions, XML serialization may fail while applying rules. The Windows Event Log will read "An entry with the same key already exists."
ISSUE      10488 irAuthor:  When a Rule Application is checked out by another user, irAuthor allows the current user to insert Rule Sets, Data, End Point and Categorie elements. • When a Rule Application is checked out by a user, any other user should not be able to make any changes to the Rule Application.
ISSUE      10495 Testing SQL Server endpoints in irVerify causes a SQL exception. Resolved
ISSUE      10496 irAuthor:  A blank, or empty, name is allowed for Rule Sets. • Rule Set name is required.
ISSUE      10517 irSDK:  RuleApplicationDefInfoSettings properties are not correctly propagated to RuleAppInfo and Connection properties for a given session. • Resolved
ISSUE      10517 session.Settings.RuleApplicationDefInfoSettings.IncludeRules does not work with irVerify • Resolved
ISSUE      10520 Classifications whose display names are different from the name will cause a compiler error. Resolved
ISSUE      10533 Copy and paste operations performed in the Business Language control are slow for large rules. Clipboard memory is not being released after a copy and paste operation is complete. • The performance of copy and paste operations in the Business Language control has been noticeably improved.

• When copy and paste operations in the Business Language control are completed, clipboard memory is released.
ISSUE      10541 Loading large XSD schemas cause an error. Resolved
ISSUE      10544 Entity field context rulesets fire even when there is no entity reference set on the field • Resolved
ISSUE      10570 Importing a .NET assembly that contains a class with the attribute [XmlSchemaProvider(IsAny = true)] causes an error. Resolved
ISSUE      10573 Explicitly executing an “Auto” fire mode ruleset with a collection context is allowed. • Explicitly executing a ruleset that is fire mode “Auto” should not be allowed, regardless of context. A compile error occurs if an attempt is made to explicitly execute “Auto” rulesets.
ISSUE      10579 Unable to check out schema when Rule Application is checked out Resolved
ISSUE      10581 Clearing Entity references in irVerify is not functional Resolved
ISSUE      10596 SQL query syntax error occurs when using SQL Server 2000. • When adding a new Rule Application to the Catalog running on SQL Server 2000, an error occurred that read, “Error converting nvarchar 'false' to column of data type bit.”
ISSUE      10602 Duplicate EntityName with Table name gives vague error message • Resolved
ISSUE      10639 Setting RuleExecutionSettings.MaxEvaluationCyclesOverride to some value has no effect. Resolved
ISSUE      10643 GetAttribute() not working with function overloads that require a context argument • GetAttribute(attributename, element) is now a supported form for the following attribute names:

entityid, elementid, default, name, entityname, invalid, xpath
ISSUE      10668 Elements which are considered part of the overall schema show their own revision numbers when checked into the Catalog. • Elements which are considered part of the overall schema do not each have individual revision numbers. These elements share the same revision that is associated with the schema.
ISSUE      10670 Changes to “Enabled” and “Activated By Default” ruleset settings are not saved to Catalog. • Resolved
ISSUE      10696 Error occurs when saving a Rule Application to the Catalog when the Rule Application already exists in the Catalog, but the schema revision differs. • Resolved

• Originally reported as a local culture issue.
ISSUE      10715 Rule application with embedded XSD reports a compile-time error when the XSD path is altered or removed. • Resolved
ISSUE      10718 Reloading .NET assembly schema will unnecessarily increase the size of a rule application file. • Resolved
ISSUE      10725 Attempting to execute Rule Engine Service (using WebServiceConnection) from a web client causes an error. Resolved
ISSUE      10728 XSD import can cause orphan entities when those entities have changed their names since the last XSD import • Existing entities that are no longer bound to the XSD that is being imported will be removed.
ISSUE      10731 Disabled Action Not Displayed As Such When Toggled From Syntax To BL • Resolved
ISSUE      10746 Not able to see all rule sets for Activate Rule Set action when viewing syntax • When a rule set was created within a rule set folder and an Activate Rule Set action was added to that rule set, all rule sets were not available from the Target Rule Set drop-down list.

• This only occurred in syntax view.
ISSUE      10748 Entity state XML is not rendering for base class fields when using a bound XSD with “complexType” derived from extensions • The entity state for base types in an XSD was not preserved, for example when using “Save XML” in irVerify from a derived type. Only the derived type’s fields were serialized as XML.
ISSUE      10750 Top level global elements of “complexType” defined in an XSD are incorrectly rendering XML • Top level elements of “complexType” defined in an XSD were incorrectly rendering XML by using the “complexType” name as opposed to the element name. This issue was experienced when the global element name is different from the “complexType” name.

• In the case of more than one top level defined elements for a single type, only the first element name encountered will be used.
ISSUE      10762 Incorrect context for Copy Collection action filter expression editor • The filter expression editor of the Copy Collection action was showing the current context of the rule set, as opposed to the context of the “From” collection.
ISSUE      10763 Language rule fails to load when selected in irAuthor and displays the error message, “Index was out of range.” • Resolved
ISSUE      10766 Function details are missing from the expression designer in irAuthor for the function Count() • Resolved
ISSUE      10776 Changes to the name of an Entity do not propagate to rule templates that return that same Entity type • Changing the name of an Entity was causing rules to turn red that contain rule templates which return the Entity type.
ISSUE      10776 Changes to the name of an Entity do not propagate to rule templates that return that same Entity type • Changing the name of an Entity was causing rules to turn red that contain rule templates which return the Entity type.
ISSUE      10784 Installer - Error when entering serial# • Resolved
ISSUE      10785 InRule licensefile path as configured by installer not being recognized by irAuthor and other InRule apps • Resolved
ISSUE      10791 Multiple same-guid filesystem ruleapps cause excessive re-compiling • Resolved
ISSUE      10808 When duplicate ruleset names are encountered upon saving a rule application to the Catalog, the error message does not display the name of the ruleset which is duplicated. • The Catalog error message will include the name of the ruleset which is duplicated.
ISSUE      10812 irVerify does not show rules contained by rule sets when launched from irWord • Resolved
ISSUE      10834 Compile errors occur when compiling a rule application that contains vocabulary when InRule is installed to the Global Assembly Cache • The Event Log was reporting an inner exception that read, “Failed to load type 'InRule.Repository.RuleElements.AddCollectionMemberActionDef, InRule.Repository'.”
ISSUE      10843 Poor compile performance is experienced in irAuthor with rule applications that contain many rule templates • Rule application validation performance has been improved.
ISSUE      10844 irVerify Not Clearing Info Tab Counts When User Clicks "New • Resolved
ISSUE      10863 When irServer is not configured for single-signon via LDAP, the error message that is displayed only indicates an authentication error. • If irServer is not configured for single-signon via LDAP, an error message is added to the Event Log which reads, “Security provider is not configured to support integrated security.Single-signon works only with LDAP authentication.”
ISSUE      10903 Configuration Utility corrupts some irServer and irAuthor configuration settings • Resolved
ISSUE      10935 Whole Or Parts Of BL Rules Being Lost When BL Rules Loading Asynchronously • This had been partially fixed in an earlier release
ISSUE      10937 Rule application name appears in selection list when "Execute Rule Set/Action” is inserted into a rule set. This causes a compilation error. • Resolved
ISSUE      10939 The error message “Def is not checked out.” Does not contain the name of the element that needs to be checked out. • When a save or check in is attempted, but cannot be completed because a modified element has not been checked out, an error message will be displayed that includes the name and type of element.
ISSUE      10951 Serial number is plainly visible in the license file and “About irAuthor” dialog as well as obtainable from irSDK • InRule serial number is no longer displayed in “About irAuthor” dialog

• InRule serial number is encrypted in the license file

• InRule serial number cannot be obtained via irSDK. An empty string is returned.
ISSUE      10952 When saving a rule application to the Catalog, an error occurs that reads “An item with the same key has already been added.” • Resolved
ISSUE      10959 XSDs that are imported which contain non-alphanumeric characters cause compile errors. • Resolved
ISSUE      10971 Unhandled error occurs in irAuthor when attempting to import an assembly that depends on other assemblies which are not found. • Resolved
ISSUE      10984 License file path incorrectly recorded for catalog service when feature newly added during upgrade • During an upgrade, if a feature was selected not previously selected (such as Catalog Service), an invalid license file path was written to that feature's configuration file.
ISSUE      11036 An error occurs when switching a Business Language rule to Syntax view which contains a rule template at the root of the rule • The resolution to this case is the same as 8921 above
ISSUE      11052 Exception occurs in irAuthor when moving rulesets and ruleset folders up or down the rule application tree • Resolved
ISSUE      11062 A name given to a business language rule is lost when the language rule is switched to syntax view then switched back to language view. • Resolved
ISSUE      11066 An “offline” rule application may not be saved back to the catalog • An “offline” rule application is one which was originally opened from the catalog then saved to the filesystem

• Previously, opening this filesystem rule application followed by save-as did not list the rule application from which it was opened in the drop down list – this is now corrected. When there is a match (based on rule application guid), that rule application both appears in the list and is the default selection.
ISSUE      11090 When using “value from list” template in Business Language with a rule application that contains more than one value list, conflicts occur which can cause loss of rule data. • Resolved
ISSUE      11133 Catalog save and check in operations take 10sec or more for larger ruleapps. • Significant performance improvements have been made to catalog save and check in operations for larger rule applications (> 2 MB).
ISSUE      11139 Rule application difference report fails when a language rule is changed. • When a language rule was changed to include a conditional statement, the difference report was failing. For example, a rule only contains actions, but is then changed to include a conditional statement, e.g. if/then.
ISSUE      11144 Editing language rules in irAuthor whose rule application contains large flat entity structures (100+ fields) performs poorly • Performance improvements have been made to the Business Language control for rule applications that have large flat entity structures.
ISSUE      11146 Rule templates that return an Entity causes a compile error when the rule template is used in a rule set. • Resolved
ISSUE      11147 Missing configuration sections appear in InRule event log as warning messages. • Missing configuration sections no longer appear in the InRule event log.
ISSUE      11148 RuleApplicationDefInfo creation taking 30sec or longer on ruleapp having large number of rules • Resolved – compile time will now be significantly improved for any application having a large number of rules.
ISSUE      11152 Catalog Upgrader does not migrate user passwords correctly • Resolved
ISSUE      11153 Repeated compiles from irAuthor result in cumulative memory use increase • Resolved.
ISSUE      11208 ElementNameResolutionException is not marked as serializable error invoking inrule from biztalk • When the inrule runtime results were attempted to be marshaled over a remoting boundary, as in this biztalk scenario, this masking error occurred hiding the underlying runtime error.
ISSUE      11210 Changes made to an “AddCollectionMember” rule template will appear red when the template is being used in a rule. • Resolved
ISSUE      11211 An error occurs when performing a search in irAuthor with the keyboard shortcut, CTRL-F • Resolved
ISSUE      11212 irAuthor terminates on unhandled irVerify error • Previously, on an unhandled irVerify error such as can occur with a very large data structure (separately tracked as 11145), the entire irAuthor host process was terminated which could result in a loss of work.
ISSUE      11219 Apps being dropped from cache when max depth not reached • The error ‘RuleApplicationDefInfoCache.Recalc() resulted in app being removed’ was sometimes occurring before the cache limite was reached – this is now resolved.
ISSUE      11237 irAuthor configuration file does not contain default settings for user activity logging. • Resolved
ISSUE      11238 An error occurs when attempting to save a rule application from the file system to the catalog with a new name. • The error occurred when a rule application, that already exists in the catalog, is renamed then saved as a new rule application by changing the name in the save dialog.
ISSUE      11241 Consistency details report fails when a rule application contains collection functions in an expression template. • Resolved
ISSUE      11282 Catalog Service : When a non-default sql server instance is selected, this setting is lost on an upgrade or when running the Configuration Utility • Resolved.
ISSUE      11292 Case-sensitive instance of SQL Server not working with InRule Catalog service. • The Catalog service did not initialize successfully when accessing a SQL Server instance that was configured to be case-sensitive.

• The error message read: “The service '/InRuleCatalogService/Service.svc' cannot be activated due to an exception during compilation.  The exception message was: Value cannot be null”
ISSUE      11298 Rule applications created or edited in InRule 2.9 to contain expressions which reference “@Index”, could not be loaded by InRule 3.0. • Resolved
ISSUE      11305 Saved Test Scenario Not Loading In irVerify For Rule App Using Independent RuleSet • Resolved (default irVerify test scenario persist settings now include temporary, which are required for independent rulesets).
ISSUE      11315 Configuration Utility does not preserve the irSOA URI when irSOA is chosen to be hosted as a Windows Service. • Resolved
ISSUE      11317 When installer is run past its built-in trialdate expiration date, a license violation warning occurs if serial# is newly entered and catalog service and / or engine service are selected • Resolved
ISSUE      11329 Temp files used by InRule are sometimes prematurely deleted, resulting in temp file not found error. • This issue was newly introduced in

• It manifested itself in several ways including “Could not Load XSD” during compile or “could not find file” during business language edit undo.
ISSUE      11346 Some forms of RuleSession.CreateEntity() are not generating info-level trace log info • The form session.CreateEntity(EntityState) was not resulting in logging, as with CreateEntity(string)
ISSUE      11356 Out of memory error occurs during irAuthor cut/copy/paste operations that are performed at the node level. • Resolved
ISSUE      11357 Stack trace no longer submitted with irAuthor bug report • This was a newly introduced issue in
ISSUE      11359 An error occurs when a second instance of irAuthor is launched. • This was a newly introduced issue in
ISSUE      11361 Runtime Error When Returning 0 Rows In a SQL Query • The Execute SQL Query Action now supports specifying a default value for a “SelectValue” Sql Query

• Also, the function-syntax support for default value argument has been fixed.
ISSUE      11373 Catalog sometimes erroneously shares rulesets or data elements when the rule applications originated from a filesystem-cloning • This behavior was sometimes seen in both Catalog Manager and the 2.9 Database Upgrader
ISSUE      11392 EntityState.GetXml() not populating entity field default values for entity collection members • Note this behavior occurred only from irSDK, not from irVerify
ISSUE      243 Deleting a nested rule in irWord causes irWord to crash • Resolved
ISSUE      5357 Database installation fails on case-sensitive SQL Server instances • Resolved
ISSUE      6009 Decision Tables do not reflect changes to underlying value lists due to caching. • Decision Table cache is refreshed when changes to value lists are made.
ISSUE      8285 Constraint Custom Error Message Not Displaying on "Deny" Violations • The custom error message is supported only for an “Allow” constraint – the ability to enter this for “Deny” is therefore now disabled.

• When an allow constraint is first created, user must select OK then re-open the constraint in order to be able to enter the custom error message.
ISSUE      8595 Business Language performance improvements • An improvement in performance will be experienced when navigating away from a Language Rule and no changes to the rule have been made.

• Further performance improvement can be experienced by disabling Vocabulary in Language Rules. This option can be found in irAuthor Options dialog, via Tools->Options menu item. The Rule Language tab has an option called “Enable Vocabulary in Business Language.”

• On the same Rule Language tab, another performance improvement can be made by choosing to load Language Rules in the background. Enabling the option is called “Load Business Language asynchronously” will take advantage of this improvement. This can also be activated via irSDK. Simply set BusinessLanguageEditor.InitializeInBackground.
ISSUE      8869 DataContractSerializer support added to object state serialization. • DataContractSerializer support is added to address the issue of serializing object state for classes that are not binary or xml serializable, or where an alternative human-readable, more easily upgraded format is desired than binary.

• A specific example of code which may be serialized only with the DataContractSerializer is SqlMetal: It generates classes that contain references to System.Data.Linq. Because Linq is not Serializable, object state cannot be serialized using either XML serialization or binary serialization.
ISSUE      8921 Language Rules that contain Action Rule Templates lose those Rule Templates when a user switches to syntax view then back to Language view. • When a user switches to syntax view, any Action Rule Templates are persisted in order to be successfully maintained when switched back to Language view.

• However, if any changes are made while in syntax view then switch back to Language view, a user has the option to:

- Discard changes made while in syntax view in order to keep Action Rule Templates.

- Keep changes that were made in syntax view and subsequently replace custom Rule Templates with an appropriate standard template.

- Cancel the switch to Language view.
ISSUE      8925 Catalog Performance Degradation Due to Many (50+) Rule Apps or Revisions • Up to a 4x degradation sometimes occurred with 50+ revisions, resolved.
ISSUE      9043 BL Execute Method Action Only Recognizes First of Multiple Overloads • Execute Method action now supports method signatures differentiated only by arg type
ISSUE      9148 Sql Query: When used as a function in syntax or BL defaults to a non-text type return • Resolved
ISSUE      9423 Changes to value lists are not propagated to rules • Resolved
ISSUE      9922 When checking in a Rule Application that does not have any changes to the schema or rulesets, the revision number of the schema and rulesets is incremented. • If an entire Rule Application, or just the Rule Application container, is checked out and no changes are made, a check in operation will increment the Rule Application revision number. This is a difference from InRule version 2.9.

• However, if any schema or ruleset elements are checked out but no changes are made, the subsequent check in will not increment the revision number of those schema or ruleset elements.
ISSUE      9991 Business Language:  Language rule which accesses a member of a Collection turns red when navigating to a different element node then back to the same language rule. • Resolved

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