InRule Decisioning Version 3.1.x Release Notes

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Type Case ID Summary Description
CHANGE     11249 Cannot leave "Function Name" text box empty when creating a new expression template • The following function template syntax is no longer supported:


• The Edit Expression Template dialog in irAuthor has the following changes:

- Removed checkbox ‘Available as Function’

- Function names are automatically assigned and are derived from the display name

• The irSDK ExpressionTemplateDef.SupportsFunctionSyntax member is deprecated.
CHANGE     11776 By default, irVerify’s Auto Submit options “Field value updates” and “Adding or removing collection members” will be unchecked. • Current irVerify options will not be changed during an upgrade scenario.

• These options are found in the “Options” selection of the “Tools” menu.
CHANGE     11869 Internal lock timeout now defaults to 30min, additional debug-level logging of irSdk runtime calls • Internal locks (used most extensively during compiles) now have a finite 30min timeout by default. This may be changed to, for example, 90min, via the config entry shown below. Use “00:00:00” for an infinite lock timeout.
CHANGE     12982 The same irSOA instance cannot be hosted by both IIS and Windows Service at the same time • There is no need to support both methods of hosting.
FEATURE    11565 irAuthor identifies Language Rules that are missing “hint tables”, in order to improve performance accessing them. • When a Rule Application is loaded in irAuthor, the application is analyzed to determine if a Language Rule exists that does not have an accompanying hint table (due to have been authored a version of irAuthor prior to when these were recently optimized). irAuthor will suggest generating hint tables for Language Rules in order to improve navigation performance.
FEATURE    11814 Automatic Constraint and Value List generation is now optional when importing an XSD schema which contains enumerations • A checkbox can now be found in the XSD property page “Options” tab:  “Disable Constraint and ValueList creation when importing enumerations.”
FEATURE    12918 The default admin password for irCatalog can be specified for an automated or silent installation of InRule • The attribute “AdminPassword” is now available for the tag “AuthenticationInfo” which is part of the InRule installation configuration XML file. For example,

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>


  <Features xmlns="">





      <AuthenticationInfo AdminPassword="Test123">





FEATURE    13173 Info logging includes memory reading • When Info level logging is enabled, a memory measurement is taken every 1 second at most for managed memory usage of the host appdomain
ISSUE      10679 When explicitly calling a child entity context-specific rule set from the parent, an error will occur if the rule set contains a reference back to the parent fields. • Resolved
ISSUE      10760 Decision tables that are backed by value lists which are populated by a database endpoint become unusable, or disabled, when the connection string is incorrect • Resolved
ISSUE      10866 Error occurs during “silent,” no-msi upgrade • Resolved
ISSUE      10955 irAuthor provides no visual indication of disabled Rule Sets and Calculations within the navigation tree • Resolved
ISSUE      11064 'Value From List' template is lost when a Language Rule is switched to Syntax view then back to Language Rule • Resolved
ISSUE      11067 An exception occurs after using “Generate Rows” with a decision table within an independent rule set • Resolved
ISSUE      11145 irVerify cannot test Rule Applications that contain entities with hundreds (800+) of fields • Resolved
ISSUE      11155 In irAuthor navigating to some decision tables is slower in 3.x compared to 2.9 • Resolved

• This issue only affected cultures foreign to the US
ISSUE      11229 irAuthor navigation to Business Language rules take 10 seconds or more on Rule Applications with large flat entities  (800+ fields). • Business Language rule navigation performance in irAuthor has been significantly improved for Rule Application with entities that contain hundreds of fields.
ISSUE      11248 Error occurs in irVerify when loading a non-bound XML test scenario with multiple entity references • Resolved
ISSUE      11283 Some forms of Language Rule editing are inordinately slow, taking 20+ sec to insert field into a template • Significant performance gains have been achieved
ISSUE      11358 In irAuthor an unhandled error occurs when deleting an SQL query mapping row • Resolved
ISSUE      11426 In irAuthor’s Rule Application tree, entity based vocabulary do not stay in sync with the entity structure, when the entity structure is re-ordered. • Resolved
ISSUE      11428 Deleting the latest revision of a Rule Application, while an instance of irAuthor has the same Rule Application open, will cause irAuthor to crash. • Resolved
ISSUE      11428 An error occurs in irAuthor when a Catalog operation is performed immediately after the latest Rule Application revision is deleted in irCatalogManager. • When a Rule Application was open in irAuthor and its latest revision was then deleted using irCatalogManager, attempting to get the latest version of the Rule Application in irAuthor caused an error.
ISSUE      11460 Attempting to delete the latest revision of a Rule Application causes an error when this is attempted immediately after the Rule Application schema is unshared. • Resolved
ISSUE      11474 InRule configfile installs always install windows hosted irSOA even when not selected • Resolved
ISSUE      11484 An error occurs when renaming a decision table in irAuthor that contains a Language Rule action. • Resolved
ISSUE      11494 When working with a Rule Application stored in the Catalog, getting latest changes while checking in changes will cause a loss of new work. • Resolved

• When attempting to check in changes to a Rule Application, a user is prompted to get latest changes. If a user had proceeded with getting the latest changes, then the changes being checked in were lost.

• This only occurred when attempting to check in changes to an independent rule set.
ISSUE      11497 A “Warning” level Event Log entry is created during irSOA upgrade when a configuration entry is not found. • Resolved

• The Event Log entry is demoted to “Debug” level.
ISSUE      11500 Arguments of a static method from a function library are lost when used in a Language Rule action set • The arguments were lost when the Language Rule was switched to syntax view then switched back to Language Rule view.
ISSUE      11537 Gac-referenced assemblies from function libraries / .net assembly schemas not found when assembly name case differs • Now using case-insensitive search to match GAC assembly name. If multiple matches are found, the latest AssemblyVersion one is used.
ISSUE      11548 Catalog Delete feature UI has been modified in irAuthor and irCatalogManager • The toolbar buttons Delete, Delete Latest Revision and Delete All Revisions have been combined into one called Delete. Clicking Delete will present the user with three options which are described with in a dialog.

• The toolbar button Undelete has been renamed to Reactivate.
ISSUE      11552 RuleApplicationDefInfo metadata not refreshing from app domain cache after recompile • Resolved
ISSUE      11585 In irAuthor, the list of rule applications cannot be sorted when attempting to open a rule application from irCatalog or during “Maintain Catalog” functionality • Resolved

• The rule application list may be sorted by any column by clicking on the column header.
ISSUE      11608 A user is able to delete Rule Application elements when the appropriate permission is not granted to the user. • Resolved
ISSUE      11618 Some apps cannot be saved to catalog, failing with null reference error. • Resolved.
ISSUE      11621 Launching irVerify via irSDK by calling the method Show() from an MTA threading model is not supported. • Launching irVerify via irSDK from an STA threading model is supported.

• Launching irVerify via irSDK from an MTA threading model is supported only if ShowDialog() is called.
ISSUE      11628 Installer: Upgrade does not preserve settings from prior install • Any non-default settings (such as a database name other than “InRuleCatalog”) were not being preserved.
ISSUE      11670 irAuthor erroneously reports “irAuthor Terminated Unsuccessfully” after irAuthor is launched using an expired software license. • Resolved
ISSUE      11681 Null reference exception occurs when navigating to a Decision Table in irAuthor • Resolved

• This error only occurred for Decision Tables that are backed by a value list.
ISSUE      11682 In irAuthor, when copying the content of a Business Language rule and pasting to an empty Business Language rule, the pasted content is lost. • Resolved

• The pasted conent is lost when navigating away from the copy/paste target and the Rule Application is not saved after the copy/paste operation.

• This issue can be avoided by performing a copy/paste operation at the tree node level, as opposed to copying and pasting the rule text.
ISSUE      11686 In irAuthor, an error occurs when attempting to move a new empty row of an inline table. • Resolved

• The error only occurs when attempting to move an uncommitted row. An uncommitted row is one which is newly created and identified by an asterisk.
ISSUE      11694 A null reference error occurs in irAuthor when opening a Rule Application that requires optimization. • Resolved

• See 11565 in “New Features” section above for more details on required Rule Application optimization.
ISSUE      11695 In irAuthor, conditions and actions are lost when an If/Then Business Language rule is converted to an If/Then/Else rule. • Resolved
ISSUE      11701 In irAuthor, switching a Business Language rule, which contains an “activate rule sets by category” action, to syntax view then back to Language view causes an error. • Resolved

• The error read, “The selected syntax rule could not be converted into language. Please edit using syntax.”
ISSUE      11703 A null reference error occurs in irAuthor when an assembly endpoint is added to a Rule Application which contains a static method with an empty parameter list. • Resolved
ISSUE      11704 “Send Mail” action with attachment in a Business Language rule causes an error in irAuthor. • Resolved

• The error only occurred when navigating to the “Send Mail” action via the Language rule.
ISSUE      11709 irVerify does not show field values which are bound to a value list. • Resolved
ISSUE      11711 irVerify does not show distinction between activated and deactivated rulesets • This issue first occurred in InRule 3.1.
ISSUE      11750 irVerify is not compatible with .NET Framework 3.0 or below. • Resolved
ISSUE      11751 irVerify exception during initialization causes irAuthor to terminate without warning. • Resolved
ISSUE      11759 Launching irVerify for the very first time may cause an exception. • The error reads, “Object ‘XXX’ has been disconnected or does not exist at the server.” When presented with this error dialog, a user can click the OK button and retry irVerify with success.
ISSUE      11759 A remoting exception can occur when irVerify is launched for the very first time by irAuthor • Resolved
ISSUE      11766 Cannot open a Rule App from the Catalog using irAuthor when optimization is required and the Rule App is checked out by another user. • Resolved

• Now irAuthor will perform a granular check out such that only those elements to be optimized are checked out. If irAuthor cannot perform the check out operation, irAuthor will skip the element and notify the user at the end of the optmization process.
ISSUE      11769 The Rule Application level option “Removed Orphaned Entities After Schema Reload” remains enabled after checking the Rule Application into irCatalog • Resolved
ISSUE      11781 Installer: Scripted installation specifying serial # fails if trial period of installer is expired • Resolved.
ISSUE      11782 An error occurs in irVerify when attempting to make a selection for a field that is bound to a value list which is populated by a query. • Resolved
ISSUE      11785 irVerify does not correctly present Entities as invalid when those Entities are invalidated by rules. • Resolved
ISSUE      11787 irVerify does not retain a value list selection that is made for a field that is bound to an inline value list. • Resolved
ISSUE      11800 In irAuthor, the “Maintain Catalog” and “Catalog History” lists do not include Label information • Resolved
ISSUE      11803 Installer: When using a scripted config file that has its readonly attribute set, a subsequent upgrade or reinstall will fail. • Resolved.
ISSUE      11806 Unable To Save Altered Previous Revision Of Rule App As Most Recent Revision Of Catalog App • The save-as dialog now includes the currently active rule application name
ISSUE      11832 irVerify does populate a field with a value list selection that is made during rule execution. • Resolved
ISSUE      11844 The irVerify tree collapses after loading XML or test scenario files • Resolved
ISSUE      11844 The irVerify tree collapses when loading XML Entity data or loading a test scenario • Resolved
ISSUE      11852 Context rule sets are lost when a rule application is checked out from the Catalog, then checked in. • Resolved
ISSUE      11858 When a single context ruleset is present in a rule application, irAuthor does not provide the option to check out “All Rule Sets and Element Defs.” • Resolved
ISSUE      11873 Vertical scroll bar is not displayed in irVerify for trees that run off the visible area. • Resolved
ISSUE      11899 When Catalog Manager cannot connect to the Catalog service due to a schema version mismatch, there is no notification nor logging of this mismatch. • Resolved

• A message dialog is displayed to the user and an entry is added to the Windows Event Log.
ISSUE      11910 Catalog Service sometimes fails with NullReference under load in coldstart scenario • Resolved
ISSUE      11915 Error occurs when removing a collection member in irVerify • Resolved

• The error occurred when removing the last collection member from a collection which contains more than one member. Also, the error only occurred when all irVerify startup options are set, e.g. “Automatically apply rules on tester startup.”
ISSUE      11916 A user whom does not have the appropriate permission to deactivate a Def can deactivate any Def. • Resolved
ISSUE      11939 irVerify does not support Classifications • Resolved
ISSUE      11939 Classifications are not displayed in irVerify • Resolved
ISSUE      11971 Queries against inline tables with date column comparisons are timezone-sensitive • Inline tables having any columns with ‘Date’ were susceptible to this, for sql queries and any other lookup of the date column value, when execution timezone differed from authoring timezone
ISSUE      11983 Null reference error occurs in irAuthor when using “Engine Values” Business Language templates • Resolved
ISSUE      12006 Saving a Rule Application to the Catalog which contains a bound database schema and an entity rule set causes an error. • Resolved
ISSUE      12029 Catalog Service: When irAuthor opens a large rule application from the catalog which requires the “Business language Optimization” step, an out of memory error sometimes results. • Resolved
ISSUE      12062 Null exception occurs when launching irVerify a second time via irSDK within the same process • Resolved
ISSUE      12066 irAuthor startup-error-log check sometimes submits empty logs • Only an non-empty log lacking an exit statement will now be prompted for and sent.
ISSUE      12067 irVerify UI does not refresh fields which are refreshed as a result of calling a bound method • Resolved
ISSUE      12087 When “Default Value” is selected on entity fields, default values are not populated in some Xml rendering and other scenarios • This issue was first-introduced in InRule 3.0.0
ISSUE      12088 Runtime error occurs with rule applications which feature variable declarations, are executed via irSDK and session setting RuleApplicationDefInfoSettings.IncludeRules is not set to “true.” • Resolved

• Executing such a rule application in irVerify does not reproduce the runtime error, because RuleApplicationDefInfoSettings.IncludeRules is set to true by default.
ISSUE      12090 Importing XSD with duplicate enumeration values within the same simpleType causes critical error • Resolved.
ISSUE      12101 XSD-bound ruleapps originally authored in 2.9 sometimes fail at runtime in 3.x, Catalog ‘Def Not Checked out’ occurred under some circumstances • An upgrader now converts any 2.9 XmlSchemaDef names to be in the appropriate form
ISSUE      12102 .NET Assembly import: Collection indirectly implementing IList<T> does not recognize T as the member type • Before, the member types were imported as Object – now, they are imported as the specific type T.
ISSUE      12103 .NET Assembly Schema: Collections of IList<T> of IList<T> are not automatically named with a legal alias • These are now named with a legal alias, avoiding a validation error and resulting in a more readable name, such as ICollectionOfIDictionaryOfStringAndListOfInt32
ISSUE      12302 Side-by-side install of irAuthor, catalog manager or irVerify does not isolate settings for catalog URI et al. • Each inrule install directory now maintains its own settings.
ISSUE      12311 EntityTester Error when showing a 2d instance from irSDK • Resolved..
ISSUE      12319 RuleApps having inline tables with one or more null values for Date columns fail to load with InvalidCastException • Resolved
ISSUE      12413 In irAuthor, an unhandled error occurs after deleting “Initial Field Values” rows from “Add Collection Member” property page, then navigating away from the property page. • Resolved
ISSUE      12454 Xml rendering failing with 'ElementInfo not found' • Resolved.
ISSUE      12487 WorkingMemory files not being cleaned up • This occurred previously when irSOA was used, or in some configurations of the In-process configuration.
ISSUE      12501 In Catalog Manager, when attempting to register a new irCatalog that fails to connect, any subsequent attempt to register the same irCatalog will report “URI already registered.” • Resolved

• This error prevented a user from registering irCatalog after the initial connection failure is resolved.
ISSUE      12531 Using Catalog with irSOA under load occasionally results in NullRef error from GetApplicationInfoFromService • Resolved
ISSUE      12531 A null exception occurs when calling the irSOA method GetApplicationInfoFromService() during heavy stress • Resolved
ISSUE      12623 irVerify does not show new collection members which have been added via rule execution • Resolved
ISSUE      12804 In irVerify, activating and deactivating a rule set does not work as expected • Resolved
ISSUE      12821 irVerify cannot be launched against independent rule sets from irWord nor irStudio • Resolved
ISSUE      12847 Renaming an element of a rule application stored in irCatalog which has dependencies causes an irrecoverable error • Resolved
ISSUE      12881 Rule set name change does not propagate when ExecuteRuleSet action points to child entity rule sets • Resolved
ISSUE      12906 irSOA specific performance counters are not working • Resolved
ISSUE      12910 Decision table column containing Execute Method action with removed target method throws error • Resolved
ISSUE      12954 Execute Rule Set target rule set dropdown is not populated correctly when rule sets are on a child Entity • Resolved

• The required Entity prefix was not added to the rule set name where applicable
ISSUE      12978 Using Undo-checkout and Delete-latest-revision in some circumstances results not being able to open app with KeyNotFoundException error. • For existing apps having one or more apps in this non-opening state, InRule will provide a separate utility on request to correct it.
ISSUE      12985 A check in request in irAuthor can cause a long delay before the check in dialog is displayed for larger rule apps (5+ MB) • Resolved
ISSUE      12988 When an entity is removed which is referenced by one or more entity fields, this can result in app not being openable from irAuthor with a ‘Language Interpretation for rule’ error • Resolved.
ISSUE      12988 When an entity is removed which is referenced by one or more entity fields, this can result in app not being openable from irAuthor with a ‘Language Interpretation for rule’ error • Resolved.
ISSUE      12994 Opening a v2.9 rule application in v3.1 irAuthor causes irAuthor to crash and report the error “irAuthor has stopped working.” • Resolved

• This error only occurred in the rare case when a rule application incorrectly reports the existence of language rules and therefore caused the one-time optimization process to fail.
ISSUE      13019 WriteLockAcquisitionTimeout sometimes occurs during checkin or checkout when another checkin or checkout is in progress This occurred because there was a fixed 10 second WriteLockAcquisitionTimeout  timeout (this is used to prevent contention between simultaneous checkout, checkin and other write-oriented requests). The following changes have been made to address this:
ISSUE      13020 irCatalog does not support ODP.NET data access • Resolved
ISSUE      13049 irVerify is displaying a member with an empty identifier when rules for both Add and Remove collection member rules execute • Resolved
ISSUE      13050 A misleading error message is displayed after an unsuccessful attempt to connect to irCatalog service • Resolved
ISSUE      13078 'Def guid *** not found in cache' error and lingering corruption after undo checkout of ruleapp • Resolved
ISSUE      13081 Out of memory / SQL timeout errors sometimes occur during large ruleapp checkins or checkouts, or during the one-time upgrader after an installed upgrade. • Memory usage and sql query management are now more efficient.
ISSUE      13109 When a new rule set is added, the Notes, Categories and Attributes tabs are disabled • Resolved
ISSUE      13111 Client-side irCatalog log messages are incomplete for the operations check in and add • Resolved
ISSUE      13113 XSD import does not automatically create value list for a collection of simple type elements having an enum restriction • Resolved
ISSUE      13119 Less than desirable performance is experienced when performing the following irCatalog operations using a moderately sized rule application (8+ MB):  check in, check out, and save • The performance of these irCatalog operations have been improved by as much as 40% for moderate to large size rule applications, particularly during save.
ISSUE      13142 A revision number is skipped and rule application modifications are lost while using “Maintain Catalog” functionality to open the latest revision of a rule application • Resolved
ISSUE      13150 An error occurs while attempting to check in changes to or undo check out of a rule application that was opened via “Maintain Catalog” functionality • Resolved
ISSUE      13156 Rule application elements remain checked out after a check in attempt is made when the rule application is opened via “Maintain Catalog” functionality • Resolved
ISSUE      13167 Opening a rule application from irCatalog using “Maintain Catalog” functionality results in an error • Resolved
ISSUE      13198 irVerify ignores the setting “Display Field during testing” which is found in the irAuthor property page for fields • Resolved
ISSUE      13264 Selecting a specific revision to open from irAuthor sometimes results in an error or the incorrect revision being opened. • Resolved.
ISSUE      13314 When using external sql queries having long timeout values under heavy load, excessive memory use can occur • Previously, sql queries having a non-0 cache value were removed from the cache only when their cache expiration date was reached – there was no depth limit.
ISSUE      13317 Extraneous app recompiles being triggered by RepositoryRuleApp under load • Resolved
ISSUE      13341 When using LDAP / AD authentication with catalog, the ldap url and domain prefix are not preserved on upgrade if they differ from the default values • Resolved
ISSUE      13359 irCatalog service is not able to connect to a database when the database password is encrypted • Resolved
ISSUE      13373 Occasional error under load from LoadXml related to statistics on some multi-cpu machines • This was newly introduced with
ISSUE      13377 Error with xml proxy assembly generation - .cs file in use by another process • This error sometimes occurred under load, when 2 different processes were using InRule
ISSUE      13378 Attempting to delete a Rule Application from irCatalog which has become corrupt results in an error • Resolved
ISSUE      13384 Catalog authentication failure is logged by irServer as an error condition. • Resolved
ISSUE      13387 Error sometimes occurs with execute sql query: "The LinkedList node does not belong to current LinkedList" • This occurred only in scenarios where a cached, expired sql query was updated when the cache was at its depth limit.
ISSUE      13392 When SQL query execution timeout occurs, the query which failed is not logged • Resolved
ISSUE      13395 A SQL timeout occurs when saving a large rule application to irCatalog • Resolved
ISSUE      13421 Unreasonable delay is experienced when assigning a label to a rule application stored in the Catalog • Resolved
ISSUE      13471 Save-as of old revision to latest results in 'def not checked out' • Resolved
ISSUE      13475 Unshare schema results in cryptic error message • Resolved
ISSUE      13492 Legacy license path configuration setting is not read when the configuration section <inrule.repository> is present, but empty • Resolved
ISSUE      13492 Legacy licensing path config syntax not working when <inrule.repository> section is present • Resolved
ISSUE      13493 RuleApplicationInfo.Revision sometimes reports a different revision than that reported by Catalog Manager and irAuthor • Resolved
ISSUE      13515 The function “GetIndex()” is erroneously returning -1 when used within a SetValue action or notification • Resolved
ISSUE      13517 Redundant event log entries when runtime errors occur  • Resolved
ISSUE      13558 Catalog open, checkout and checkin / save times are slow for large rule applications • Open is up to 1.4x faster for larger rule applications
ISSUE      13562 SQL query performance for irCatalog label operations slow significantly as the number of Rule Applications and revisions increases • Resolved
ISSUE      13610 Timeout error occurs attempting to checkin large ruleapp into catalog • Resolved
ISSUE      13670 Rollback ruleapp results in def not checked out error • Resolved
ISSUE      1688 SSL is not supported for irSOA in installer Configuration Utility • Resolved
ISSUE      9206 In a Language Rule, a value list matching failure occurs when modifying the value list function • In irAuthor, changing a token before the parameters list of value list values caused the value list values to turn red.  Any attempt to repair this caused an error.

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