InRule Decisioning Version 3.2.x Release Notes

  • Updated
Type Case ID Summary Description
CHANGE     10955 In irAuthor, disabled Rule Application tree nodes which are copied will be enabled after the paste operation • By default, irAuthor enables all new nodes added to a Rule Application regardless of a copy/paste operation.
CHANGE     10955 In irAuthor, disabled Rule Application tree nodes which are copied will be enabled after the paste operation • By default, irAuthor enables all new nodes added to a Rule Application regardless of a copy/paste operation.
CHANGE     11278 Catalog: Implicitly referenced Data Elements are no longer considered part of the Rule Application Schema • Previously, an implicitly referenced data element was included in the schema – a checkout or sharing of the schema included these items. Examples include: Value lists referred by value-list-bound-fields, Inline Tables referred by a TableLookup() within a calc expression.
CHANGE     12283 When referencing the InRule assembly InRule.Runtime.Testing.dll (used to launch irVerify in-process), three .NET Framework 3.0 assemblies must also be referenced:  WindowsBase, PresentationFramework, and PresentationCore • The irVerify / Regression Testing GUI is now implemented using Windows Presentation Framework (WPF). It is a .NET Framework requirement that WPF assemblies are referenced along with any assembly which implements WPF. The target project type must be set to .NET 3.0 or higher in order to allow these references
CHANGE     12662 The context menu options “Clear Reference,” “View XML” and “Save XML” are disabled on NULL Entity references • These context menu options are not applicable to NULL Entity references
CHANGE     12695 Test results files now contain a hash code to prevent tampering • When saving the test results of a test suite execution, a hash code is added to the results in order to maintain the integrity of the test results. This ensures that for a given test results file, the included rule application and test data are not changed after the results were produced.
CHANGE     12938 InRule setup will not complete if .NET Framework 3.5 or later is not installed. • If .NET Framework 3.5 or later is not installed on the target machine, InRule setup will notify the user of the prerequisite then exit.
CHANGE     12982 The same irSOA instance cannot be hosted by both IIS and Windows Service at the same time • There is no need to support both methods of hosting.
CHANGE     13011 When the exception RuleRuntimeErrorsException occurs during rule execution by irSOA, the WCF fault mechanism will not transmit the exception • This sort of execution error can contain a significant amount of error data. When using the WCF fault mechanism to transmit this error data, a QuotaExceededException can occur.
CHANGE     13011 When the exception RuleRuntimeErrorsException occurs during rule execution by irSOA, the WCF fault mechanism will not transmit the exception • This sort of execution error can contain a significant amount of error data. When using the WCF fault mechanism to transmit this error data, a QuotaExceededException can occur.
CHANGE     13595 A field cannot have the same name as any rule element in the same context or the name of the Rule Application, or names of any Data Elements, Endpoints, Schemas, Categories, and Independent Rule Sets. • This issue was newly-introduced with version Rule Applications authored in a release later than the above through v3.1.0.10495 or v3.2.0.10501 did not enforce this constraint. This constraint was enforced in Rule Applications authored prior to version
CHANGE     13595 A field cannot have the same name as any rule element in the same context or the name of the Rule Application, or names of any Data Elements, Endpoints, Schemas, Categories, and Independent Rule Sets. • This issue was newly-introduced with version Rule Applications authored in a release later than the above through v3.1.0.10495 or v3.2.0.10501 did not enforce this constraint. This constraint was enforced in Rule Applications authored prior to version
CHANGE     14209 irCatalog: RuleAppSchema upgrader is now explicitly invoked by installer or catalog manager, rather than on first access • For an upgrade install where the RuleAppSchemaVersion has changed, the installer attempts to connect to the service to perform this upgrade.
CHANGE     14291 irCatalog: SQL Server 2000 is no longer supported • Sql Server 2005 or above is now required.
CHANGE     14335 irCatalog: The former “catalog utility” is replaced by “Diagnostics” invoked from the irCatalog Manager UI. • The “Run Diagnostics” option is available from the right-click context menu. When issues are discovered requiring repair, the user is prompted to repair with a list of rule applications affected.
CHANGE     14556 irAuthor: Constraints may no longer be entered on an entity field • Constraints are supported only on value type fields
CHANGE     14622 irSDK: Referencing InRule.Runtime.Testing from .NET Framework 4 project requires System.Xaml reference  
CHANGE     14877 Installer: IIS is now the default hosting scheme for irCatalog and Rule Engine Service • Previously, the default hosting scheme for an msi install was windows service.
CHANGE     36875 irSDK: CreateRuleApplication signature has changed • If using irSDK directly to create rule applications in the catalog, please note the signature of CreateRuleApplication has changed – the compiler error will indicate the new form to use
CHANGE     9802 Samples: Function Reference sample references an InRule web service rather than Terra Service • This sample is found in Samples\FunctionReference
FEATURE    11814 Automatic Constraint and Value List generation is now optional when importing an XSD schema which contains enumerations • A checkbox can now be found in the XSD property page “Options” tab:  “Disable Constraint and ValueList creation when importing enumerations.”
FEATURE    12063 The ability to determine if a rule application exists in the Catalog via irSDK • Several overloads of the following irSDK method have been added to the class InRule.Repository.Client.RuleCatalogConnection. Please refer to the irSDK Changes section below for more details:
FEATURE    12428 Test case data states can be manually overridden. • To override test data of a test case, click on the test case to override then click on the “Overrides” button. This will launch a dialog box where one may create a list of data state overrides.
FEATURE    12629 Double-clicking on a test case or assertion failure within the Test Runner panel will navigate to the actual test case • This provides the convenience of quickly navigating to the test case which contains the assertion failure(s).
FEATURE    12899 User-Defined Functions • Provide users means to author inline functions which can operate on data presented to the engine at run-time
• Support reuse of functions across multiple Rule Applications using catalog element sharing
FEATURE    12900 Rule Flow • Provides the ability to diagram a specific, high-level sequence of branching conditions and subsequent actions for rule execution
FEATURE    12901 Rule Tracing • Enables users to obtain detailed logs of events that occur during execution to aid the debugging of a rule application
FEATURE    12902 Regression Testing • Full harness for creating and saving suites of tests and associated data.  Use language rules to qualify criteria that mark each test as passed or failed
FEATURE    12903 irStudio • A Visual Studio add-in that provides developers with the tools required to create and maintain the technical aspects of rule applications so that business users may focus on authoring, testing, and managing rules.
FEATURE    12904 Execute Workflow Action • Configure WF workflows from compiled assemblies or XOML files as InRule rule application end points and execute workflows as rule actions
• Developers can now rely on InRule to execute a workflow based on the result of a complex decision management rule application
FEATURE    12905 Active Directory Groups Integration • When installed with Active Directory security integration, irCatalog provides access to AD groups for roles and permissions in InRule
FEATURE    12918 The default admin password for irCatalog can be specified for an automated or silent installation of InRule • The attribute “AdminPassword” is now available for the tag “AuthenticationInfo” which is part of the InRule installation configuration XML file. For example,

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>


  <Features xmlns="">





      <AuthenticationInfo AdminPassword="Test123">





FEATURE    13392 SQL query command timeout is now an optional configuration setting for Execute SQL Query actions • When specified, this command timeout is set for each SQL query executed by SQL Server or Oracle
FEATURE    13392 SQL query command timeout is now an optional configuration setting for Execute SQL Query actions • When specified, this command timeout is set for each SQL query executed by SQL Server or Oracle
FEATURE    13414 irVerify regression testing now contains two types of tests: Assertion and Compare. • Compare tests take input data state, executes rules, and then compares the resultant state (“session”) to an “expected” state.
FEATURE    13472 During installation one can specify the event log which is to be used by InRule • Previously a custom event log called “InRule” was created during installation by default.
FEATURE    13547 A new Rule Flow shape has been added for executing collection member rule sets. • The new rectangular shape is purple and labeled “Member RuleSet.”
FEATURE    13564 A new Rule Template is available: Execute Member Rule Set • Rule Templates can now be created which target Rule Sets that are part of a collection member context.
FEATURE    13576 Improved rule execution performance • Enhancements to the rule execution engine have resulted in performance improvements for various client scenarios anywhere from 10 – 20%.
FEATURE    13576 Improved rule execution performance • Enhancements to the rule execution engine have resulted in performance improvements for various client scenarios anywhere from 10 – 20%.
FEATURE    13745 The ability to activate or deactivate all rule sets via irSDK • The following irSDK methods have been added:
FEATURE    13967 Option for Database Schema, Dataset XSD import to disable readonly  behavior on fields • A new “Ignore Readonly Settings” option appears on Database Connection and XSD Schema screens ( .IgnoreReadonlySettings from sdk).
FEATURE    13982 Option to not create the 1:1 / 1:M synthetic field / collection on db-schema / dataset-xsd import • A new “Create Child Fields” option appears on Database Connection and XSD Schema screens ( .CreateChildFields from sdk).
FEATURE    14583 irSDK: Instance-specific RuleSet activation / de-activation supported • The implementation for this is via a new overload for Entity.ActivateRuleSet and .DeactivateRuleSet: (ruleSetName, forThisInstanceOnly)
FEATURE    14627 Silverlight versions of Business Language and Decision Table authoring controls • The Silverlight assemblies may be found under irSdk\bin\silverlight, from either the .NET Framework 4.0 or 3.5 builds of InRule.
FEATURE    14716 Catalog: Additional logging added to diagnose error conditions • For unclassified error conditions, a single .zip file containing diagnostic information is created at %TEMP%\InRule\Logging
FEATURE    1990 Explicit Rule Sets, in the context of an Entity, may now be created to include declared parameters. • While creating a new context Rule Set in irAuthor, when the “Fire Mode” is set to “Explicit” a parameter grid will appear so that a user may optionally declare parameters.
FEATURE    2567 Independent Rule Sets may now accept intrinsic type parameters, in addition to Entity parameters • Parameters of type boolean, date, datetime, decimal, integer, and text may be declared in addition to Entity types.
ISSUE      10671 Installer: Error upgrading from InRule 2.9: Unrecognized Element ‘Listeners’ • Resolved
ISSUE      10760 Decision tables that are backed by value lists which are populated by a database endpoint become unusable, or disabled, when the connection string is incorrect • Resolved
ISSUE      11585 In irAuthor, the list of rule applications cannot be sorted when attempting to open a rule application from irCatalog or during “Maintain Catalog” functionality • Resolved

• The rule application list may be sorted by any column by clicking on the column header.
ISSUE      11586 The “Go” button found in the Execute Rule Set property page of irAuthor is not usable when the rule set is not checked out in the case of a rule application opened from irCatalog • Resolved
ISSUE      11800 In irAuthor, the “Maintain Catalog” and “Catalog History” lists do not include Label information • Resolved
ISSUE      11807 Fields in irVerify are not updated with Apply Rules nor Execute Rule Set results when irSOA is used • Resolved
ISSUE      11844 The irVerify tree collapses when loading XML Entity data or loading a test scenario • Resolved
ISSUE      11858 When a single context ruleset is present in a rule application, irAuthor does not provide the option to check out “All Rule Sets and Element Defs.” • Resolved
ISSUE      11939 Classifications are not displayed in irVerify • Resolved
ISSUE      12062 Null exception occurs when launching irVerify a second time via irSDK within the same process • Resolved
ISSUE      12088 Runtime error occurs with rule applications which feature variable declarations, are executed via irSDK and session setting RuleApplicationDefInfoSettings.IncludeRules is not set to “true.” • Resolved

• Executing such a rule application in irVerify does not reproduce the runtime error, because RuleApplicationDefInfoSettings.IncludeRules is set to true by default.
ISSUE      12127 Recursive calls to a Rule Flow can cause irAuthor to crash • Resolved
ISSUE      12206 Regression Testing: Closing irAuthor before Regression Tester appears to hang process • Resolved
ISSUE      12230 In irAuthor, a shareable element can be bound to a Rule Application when it is already bound to another. • Resolved
ISSUE      12357 Column number is now displayed in irAuthor’s status bar during UDF authoring • Previously, only the line number was displayed.
ISSUE      12413 In irAuthor, an unhandled error occurs after deleting “Initial Field Values” rows from “Add Collection Member” property page, then navigating away from the property page. • Resolved
ISSUE      12501 In Catalog Manager, when attempting to register a new irCatalog that fails to connect, any subsequent attempt to register the same irCatalog will report “URI already registered.” • Resolved. This error prevented a user from registering irCatalog after the initial connection failure is resolved.
ISSUE      12531 A null exception occurs when calling the irSOA method GetApplicationInfoFromService() during heavy stress • Resolved
ISSUE      12651 The irVerify tree collapses after performing various actions. • Resolved for the following scenarios:

- Click Apply Rules when Entity level validations are present
ISSUE      12804 In irVerify, activating and deactivating a rule set does not work as expected • Resolved
ISSUE      12808 “Apply” and “Apply Rules” buttons are available, but not applicable, when viewing test case data in irVerify • Resolved
ISSUE      12910 Decision table column containing Execute Method action with removed target method throws error • Resolved
ISSUE      12913 Incomplete error message is displayed when irVerify is launched from irStudio or irWord and referenced assemblies are not found • The error message now provides the path of the assembly which was not found
ISSUE      12915 UDF autocompletion does not show the members of Util.DateTime.Now • Resolved
ISSUE      12919 Authored test case assertions are not saved when test case is not the selected node in the test suite tree during save operation • Resolved
ISSUE      12920 After a test suite is saved to disk, any test cases which are deleted from the suite are not permanently deleted during a subsequent save operation • Resolved
ISSUE      12923 The following irScript constants are not available for use in a UDF:  Util.DateTime.Maxvalue, Util.DateTime.MinValue and Util.Math.PI • Resolved
ISSUE      12931 UDF with no arguments does not appear in BL rule as an Action • Resolved
ISSUE      12935 UDF parameter value gets cleared in BL rule when navigating to the UDF in irAuthor • Resolved
ISSUE      12940 InRule requires .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 • Dependencies on .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 have been removed
ISSUE      12948 Launching irVerify without .NET Framework 3.5 or later installed will cause an error. • The error reads, “Cannot create an instance of Docksite.”

• Simply intalling .NET Framework 3.5 or later will resolve this issuee.
ISSUE      12952 irCatalog: WriteLockAcquisitionTimeout occurs indefinitely when a transaction request abnormally terminates • When this condition is 30 or more minutes old, the next attempt at a write operation (e.g., Checkout / Checkin) will result in a VR15 diagnostic error “Stale Write-Lock Acquisition” – the user must then run Repair from Catalog Manager to resolve this.
ISSUE      12954 Execute Rule Set target rule set dropdown is not populated correctly when rule sets are on a child Entity • Resolved

• The required Entity prefix was not added to the rule set name where applicable
ISSUE      12970 irVerify text box requires two clicks before it receives focus • Resolved
ISSUE      12978 Using Undo-checkout and Delete-latest-revision in some circumstances results not being able to open app with KeyNotFoundException error. • For existing apps having one or more apps in this non-opening state, InRule will provide a separate utility on request to correct it.
ISSUE      12999 Cannot delete a data state from irVerify regression testing interface • Resolved
ISSUE      13003 irVerify “Errors” tab does not show inner UDF error message(s) • Resolved
ISSUE      13007 irAuthor does not prevent the creation of Classifications which have the same name as the applicable field or entity • Resolved
ISSUE      13012 Referencing the irSDK assembly InRule.Runtime.dll from a Visual Basic Web Application in Visual Studio will cause a compile error. • Resolved
ISSUE      13020 irCatalog does not support ODP.NET data access • Resolved
ISSUE      13039 In irVerify, clicking the “Show All” link for notifications causes an error • Resolved
ISSUE      13042 “Find” functionality is idle in irVerify’s “Show All” pop-up • Resolved
ISSUE      13051 “Show Detail” functionality in irVerify does not execute • Resolved
ISSUE      13053 RuleSession: AggExecStats.AggExecStatInfo.LastApplyExecStatInfo not populated • Resolved
ISSUE      13078 'Def guid *** not found in cache' error and lingering corruption after undo checkout of ruleapp • Resolved
ISSUE      13110 irVerify does not release memory after tests are unloaded and irVerify is closed • Resolved
ISSUE      13122 irVerify does not show evaluation details for rules • Resolved
ISSUE      13127 Unhandled exception occurs in Regression Testing interface when executing a new test case • Resolved
ISSUE      13131 Regression Testing: New datastate does not get created until any field edit • Resolved
ISSUE      13132 irStudio installation fails when the user’s “My Documents” or “Documents” folder is mapped to a location other than the Windows default • Resolved
ISSUE      13144 ScriptObject in UDFs do not correctly access properties by name • Resolved
ISSUE      13171 Cannot create a rule application schema in irStudio by importing an XSD • Resolved
ISSUE      13181 When a rule application is checked out by irStudio and changes are made, these changes are not saved when the rule application is saved to the file system • Resolved
ISSUE      13182 irVerify is not responsive after attempting to test a rule application with state which includes thousands of entity collection items • Resolved
ISSUE      13225 Some authored UDFs can cause a memory leak • Resolved
ISSUE      13234 Within a UDF, adding a context property to a collection causes a runtime error • Resolved
ISSUE      13253 Catalog: Checkout / Save error of “Cannot insert the value NULL” • Resolved
ISSUE      13270 An error occurs in irVerify when Apply Rules is executed after loading and subsequently viewing XML test data • Resolved
ISSUE      13273 An irCatalog error occurs when concurrent changes are made to a shared element • Resolved
ISSUE      13299 In certain situations, a Copy Collection action during rule execution will clear the entity state of the copy source • Resolved
ISSUE      13324 A filter expression applied to an Execute RuleSet action authored in Business Language is not retained when switching between Syntax view and Business Language • Resolved
ISSUE      13347 An unmanaged error occurs in irAuthor when attempting to modify multiple Classifications • Resolved
ISSUE      13359 irCatalog save operations fail when the database user password is encrypted • Resolved
ISSUE      13366 An error occurs when creating a database endpoint override in irAuthor • Resolved
ISSUE      13367 A “max cycle count” or rule engine timeout error which occurs during rule application testing using irVerify can force irAuthor to shutdown • Resolved
ISSUE      13368 A UDF and vocabulary expression template that have the same name can cause a syntax error in Business Language when the template is renamed • Resolved
ISSUE      13369 Rule execution statistics available through irVerify are incomplete when viewing the statistics of a second, or any subsequent, irVerify session. • Resolved
ISSUE      13372 An unrecoverable error occurs in irAuthor when validating a Rule Flow diagram which features two conditional shapes that both converge to the same Rule Set. • Resolved
ISSUE      13373 Occasional error under load from LoadXml related to statistics on some multi-cpu machines • This was newly introduced with
ISSUE      13377 Error with xml proxy assembly generation - .cs file in use by another process • This error sometimes occurred under load, when 2 different processes were using InRule
ISSUE      13378 An irCatalog error occurs when attempting to delete a corrupt Rule Application • Resolved
ISSUE      13382 An “error” is logged to Windows Event Log while irCatalog service and/or the Rule Engine are logging at level “Info” or above and an InRule Performance Monitor counter cannot be initialized • Resolved
ISSUE      13383 The default maximum event log file size is too small (512K) and therefore does not allow adequate details when logging at INFO level or lower • Resolved
ISSUE      13384 Catalog authentication failure is logged by irServer as an error condition. • Resolved
ISSUE      13392 When SQL query execution timeout occurs, the query which failed is not logged • Resolved
ISSUE      13395 A SQL timeout occurs when saving a large rule application to irCatalog • Resolved
ISSUE      13406 The Notifications tab of irVerify is missing “View All” functionality • Resolved
ISSUE      13421 Unreasonable delay is experienced when assigning a label to a rule application stored in the Catalog • Resolved
ISSUE      13451 An error occurs in irVerify when attempting to add a collection member to a collection which accepts NULL elements • Resolved
ISSUE      13452 Execute method actions called by a decision table and authored in Business Language are not retained • Resolved
ISSUE      13455 irVerify sometimes shows an error on close • Resolved
ISSUE      13455 irVerify sometimes shows an error on close • Resolved
ISSUE      13462 Uninstalling a GAC install of InRule results in warning • Resolved
ISSUE      13463 An error occurs when checking in a modification to a rule application after the rule application was reverted to a previous revision. • Resolved
ISSUE      13468 Launching regression testing fails with licensing dialog message • Resolved
ISSUE      13471 Save-as of old revision to latest results in 'def not checked out' • Resolved
ISSUE      13471 Attempting to save a prior revision of a rule application stored in the Catalog as the latest revision results in an error, “Def is not checked out.” • Resolved
ISSUE      13475 Unshare schema results in cryptic error message • Resolved
ISSUE      13481 An error occurs when saving rule application changes to the Catalog after sharing, then unsharing the schema • Resolved
ISSUE      13482 When saving a file system based Rule Application over an existing stored in irCatalog which is checked out, a warning message is not displayed • Resolved
ISSUE      13492 Legacy license path configuration setting is not read when the configuration section <inrule.repository> is present, but empty • Resolved
ISSUE      13496 irVerify shuts down when attempting to expand an Entity with a circular reference • Resolved
ISSUE      13497 A runtime error occurs when attempting to execute rules which call UDFs from multiple threads • Resolved
ISSUE      13512 An error occurs in irAuthor when attempting to add an Execute Rule Set template to the root context • Resolved
ISSUE      13515 The function “GetIndex()” is erroneously returning -1 when used within a SetValue action or notification • Resolved
ISSUE      13519 A warning message regarding switching an authored rule between Syntax view and Business Language is only displayed the first time the switch is attempted • Resolved
ISSUE      13522 In some environments, irVerify cannot be launched more than once • Resolved
ISSUE      13527 irAuthor shows an ellipsis after the “Save” File menu item when there is no further user interaction expected • Resolved
ISSUE      13528 The “Save As” dialog does not appear in irAuthor when authoring a file system rule application • Resolved
ISSUE      13534 The “Load From Catalog” dialog in irAuthor does not correctly sort the list of rule applications when a column header is clicked. • Resolved
ISSUE      13535 A vague error message occurs during rule application compile when a web service endpoint becomes invalid • Resolved
ISSUE      13536 Oracle service name provided during installation is not retained and stored in the Catalog service configuration file • Resolved
ISSUE      13546 In irAuthor, the Execute Member Rule Set action page does not show rule sets from all available contexts. • Resolved
ISSUE      13546 In irAuthor, the Execute Member Rule Set action page does not show rule sets from all available contexts. • Resolved
ISSUE      13558 Catalog open, checkout and checkin / save times are slow for large rule applications • Open is up to 1.4x faster for larger rule applications
ISSUE      13562 SQL query performance for irCatalog label operations slow significantly as the number of Rule Applications and revisions increases • Resolved
ISSUE      13571 A Business Language set value template used within a decision table expects a field instead of an entity instance • Resolved
ISSUE      13584 irCatalog: Save-as prompt messages are confusing • There is now a single yes/no dialog in place of two dialogs, saying “A rule application 'name' with the same guid already exists in the catalog, do you want to save this rule application as the latest revision of 'name'?”
ISSUE      13596 RuleRepositoryServices.GetLicenseInfo no longer public • Restored to public
ISSUE      13604 irAuthor: Cannot close irAuthor when irVerify is open • Resolved
ISSUE      13604 irVerify: Attempting to close irAuthor when irVerify is open hangs irAuthor • Resolved
ISSUE      13610 Timeout error occurs attempting to checkin large ruleapp into catalog • Resolved
ISSUE      13622 A full state refresh is performed when calling assembly bound methods regardless of refresh settings • Resolved
ISSUE      13653 irVerify error occurs when a set value template used in a Business Language rule is assigned the return value of a bound method • Resolved
ISSUE      13667 irVerify: Constraint message is not removed when condition is corrected • Resolved
ISSUE      13670 Rollback ruleapp results in def not checked out error • Resolved
ISSUE      13673 When authoring an “All of the following” template in Business Language and one of the conditions is removed, a compile error can occur • Resolved
ISSUE      13686 In irVerify, rule execution takes a significant amount of time to complete when thousands of collection members are added during execution. • Resolved
ISSUE      13686 In irVerify, rule execution takes a significant amount of time to complete when thousands of collection members are added during execution. • Resolved
ISSUE      13695 irAuthor: XSD export behavior is unclear • The dialog description for the XSD export has been clarified as follows:
ISSUE      13699 In irAuthor, the Business Language context drop-down lists are sometimes empty, distorted or are drawn behind the Windows taskbar. • Resolved
ISSUE      13907 An error occurs in irVerify when testing a query value list which takes a Boolean parameter. • Resolved
ISSUE      13947 When a user creates a Rule Set parameter which is self referencing (is the same as the Rule Set entity or of any of its Rule Set's ancestors) the irVerify UI will only display this self referencing layout up to a tree depth of 20. • This tree depth limit had been imposed to prevent irVerify from rendering tree nodes ad infinitum.
ISSUE      13968 An “Out of Memory” error occurs in irVerify when executing a Rule Application which has a schema bound to a dataset. • Resolved
ISSUE      13986 irVerify: When an attempt is made to update a read-only field during execution, irVerify crashes • Resolved
ISSUE      13987 Schema DataSet XSD, when set to embedded, does not work with autocreated state dataset • Resolved
ISSUE      13992 XSD DataSet bound schema is erroneously giving circular reference error when temp fields referencing ancestor types exist • Resolved
ISSUE      13996 Object State: ‘An Item with the same key has already been added’ error sometimes occurs under load • Resolved
ISSUE      14001 irBizTalk adapter does not work with 64bit edition of biztalk • Resolved
ISSUE      14005 irVerify becomes unresponsive when loading an XML or “testscenario” file. • This only occurs if .NET Framework 3.5 SP1, or version 3.5.30729.1, is installed. A patch by Microsoft can be installed to resolve this issue,
ISSUE      14008 When using an object-bound read-only field for a collection filter or “orderBy” expression, this rule may not re-fire correctly, or may not produce accurate results, if the field's value is modified by an external method call. • The rule engine makes the assumption that a field which is read-only will not change during rule execution. Therefore if the field value is changed by an external method call, the field’s new value will not be evaluated.
ISSUE      14012 irAuthor: Rule Flow: Clicking on Execute RuleSet magnifying glass results in error message • The error was “could not find the tree node for the '' node”
ISSUE      14013 irBizTalk adapter shows inconsistent behavior under load • Resolved
ISSUE      14023 irCatalog: Using schema or rule element sharing sometimes leaves catalog rule application in a corrupted state. • Resolved
ISSUE      14039 irCatalog: ‘The given key was not present in the dictionary’ error sometimes occurs when multiple different usernames are working with the same rule application,  leaving catalog rule application in a corrupted state. • Resolved
ISSUE      14046 Runtime: Out of memory error for XML having value type arrays • Resolved
ISSUE      14047 irVerify: No warning of missing required elements in XSD-bound schema when saving XML • When the saved XSD is invalid due to missing required elements as dictated by the bound XSD, there is now a warning to the user when XML is saved.
ISSUE      14055 irAuthor cannot import XSD schema that includes duplicate type names in different namespaces (with both types selected) • XMLSchema EndPoint UI Control now detects if there are types with duplicate names in different namespaces and displays the fully qualified name in the mapped name column if it detects this case.
ISSUE      14056 irAuthor imports unselected type from XSD that contains duplicate types in different namespaces • Author was importing a type that was not selected when two types have the same name but are in different namespaces
ISSUE      14063 irVerify: Logs GetXmlExecTime to the log as part of first event log entry from the test scenario snapshot • There is now a separate event log entry for the test scenario snapshot GetXmlExecTime
ISSUE      14072 irCatalog: Removing an Entity or EndPoint from an existing rule application in the catalog, then checkin in, leaves catalog rule application in a corrupted state. • Resolved
ISSUE      14094 Function Library EndPoint: Non-informative error message “no public classes were found” when no public static classes / methods exist • Error message now more specific
ISSUE      14097 irAuthor: Most-recently-used list not being saved till irAuthor is closed • Resolved
ISSUE      14112 XSD Schema: Clicking reload twice when importing duplicate types in different namespaces results in error • Resolved
ISSUE      14134 irAuthor: Vocabulary: Existing template expressions are lost when a new parameterized entity ruleset or independent ruleset is added • Resolved
ISSUE      14148 irCatalog: Delete Latest Revision does not work when checkouts exist • If checkouts exist, they are now undone along with the latest public revision being deleted.
ISSUE      14165 Authoring: Unable To Access Child Level Fields In Decision Table Condition Contained In Context RuleSet • Resolved – this issue occurred only within a decision table condition
ISSUE      14192 Ruleset control: Several links not working • This was first introduced in
ISSUE      14212 irCatalog: When an irSDK user modifies a managed element when it is not checked-out, or by a means other than via UpdateStaleDefsInRuleApp, then checks in, the catalog rule application is left in a corrupted state. • A ‘Def is not latest revision’ error is now raised in this scenario
ISSUE      14213 irVerify: Entity Classifications can cause crash • Resolved
ISSUE      14216 irCatalog: Delete latest revision deletes shared element revisions referred to only by pending get-latest elements checkouts • Resolved
ISSUE      14220 irCatalog: Additional integrity checks have been added to minimize the chance of rule applications being left in a corrupted state in the future. • These integrity checks have been added to checkin, checkout and undo-checkout operations
ISSUE      14225 irCatalog: Corruption repair sometimes requires more than one pass to complete • Previously, for some databases, it took 2 or more repair passes to complete the repair, with more revisions being deleted than necessary.
ISSUE      14295 irVerify: Crash under some circumstances when an entity state instance is removed • Resolved
ISSUE      14346 irCatalog: Schema ‘Def not Checked out’ error can occur for some databases upgraded from 3.2.1 or earlier • This error occured for Database Connection or Function Library endpoints referenced directly or indirectly by a Calculation expression. In 3.2.1 and earlier, these were considered part of the schema. In 3.2.2 and later, as noted in 11278, they are separate.
ISSUE      14362 irVerify: Temporary entity fields which have Default Value selected do not appear in state • Resolved
ISSUE      14370 irCatalog: Fails to connect to SQL 2008 database when only shared memory protocol is enabled • This could occur for default installs of SQL Server 2008 Developer or Express editions, where only shared memory protocol is enabled
ISSUE      14390 irVerify: Execution Statistics report show incorrect execution time and reps for Decision Tables and Language Rules • Resolved
ISSUE      14391 irAuthor: Applications having Independent RuleSets, using Business Language rules, can consume 6G+ during authoring • Memory usage for Business Language intensive Rule Applications is reduced by up to a factor of 10 in this scenario, and performance is improved as well.
ISSUE      14430 irSOA: MaxItemsInObjectGraph error when running WebServiceConnection • The default setting for MaxItemsInObjectGraph has been increased both server- and client-side when using WebServiceConnection
ISSUE      14436 irAuthor: Language Rules: Value List template value gets changed to literal value when rule application name is changed. • Resolved
ISSUE      14437 Installer: No-msi upgrade results in error • Resolved
ISSUE      14446 irCatalog: Adding 2 or more entities to an existing catalog rule application results in ‘integrity check error’  • In the error was ‘integrity check error’
ISSUE      14448 Installer: Error during msi install with config file specified. • Resolved
ISSUE      14449 irAuthor: Language Rules: Execute ruleset targets sometimes reset by a simple edit to the rule • Resolved
ISSUE      14461 irCatalog: Adding a second external schema to an existing catalog rule application already having one results in ‘Def Guid not found’ error • Resolved
ISSUE      14481 irCatalog: Upgrade times out on VR-0008 • Resolved
ISSUE      14488 irAuthor, irCatalog: “Error Deserializing” error on open • This error sometimes occurred opening an existing rule application from either the file system or irCatalog
ISSUE      14493 irVerify: Does not work with parameterized Entity RuleSets • The irVerify pane was blank, with no error message.
ISSUE      14495 irVerify: Does not work with Independent RuleSets • The irVerify pane was blank, with no error message.
ISSUE      14496 irSDK: RuleSet.Fields[].FieldDef no longer working • The error was ‘NullReference’ when attempting to access anything on FieldDef such as FieldDef.Name
ISSUE      14504 irAuthor: Renaming a value list name renames any same-named fields as well • Note that as of 3.2.1 10579, rule application validation enforces that field names may not be the same as value list names
ISSUE      14505 irVerify: Create entity from irVerify does not work with independent rulesets • The error was ‘NullReference’ or ‘FieldDef not set’
ISSUE      14514 irCatalog: Add Role not working from Catalog Manager • Resolved
ISSUE      14515 irCatalog: 2.9 migration tool warns about existing users / roles even if ‘migrate all users and roles’ unchecked • Resolved
ISSUE      14525 irVerify: Saving test scenario does not persist value of just-entered field • Resolved
ISSUE      14535 irCatalog: Large 6M ruleapp fails with maximum number of rule elements exceeded error • Resolved – the server-side config setting is now applied properly to both client and server: 
ISSUE      14538 irAuthor: Log is empty on starting after a crash • This is believed to have been caused by irAuthor not always sending the proper file where the crash occured
ISSUE      14554 Catalog: Can’t check in changes when another user has added or removed items for the same rule application • This occurred when another user had checked-in changes including added or removed managed elements to the same rule application since the rule application was first opened.
ISSUE      14555 irCatalog: Guid-related FormatException error is recorded to event log when using RepositoryRuleApp for app which does not exist • Resolved
ISSUE      14569 irVerify: Sometimes crashes on multi-core systems, particularly those with 4 or more cores. • Resolved
ISSUE      14585 irCatalog: Checkin time can be long for rule applications having many rulesets and / or data elements • Checkin performance for rule applications having a large number (100+) of RuleSets and / or Data Elements is improved up to 30%
ISSUE      14586 irAuthor: Error sometimes occurs when using UDF string functions • The errorcode was ‘InternalError’
ISSUE      14602 irVerify: irAuthor crashes when “Tools -> Unload IrVerify Tests” is selected • Resolved
ISSUE      14610 irCatalog: Saving RuleApp having embedded XSD schema to Catalog results in error when re-opening • The error read “System.Xml.XmlException: 'xs' is an undeclared namespace”
ISSUE      14613 XSD Schema: Import of ACORD schema fails • Resolved
ISSUE      14617 irWord not working • This issue was present only in
ISSUE      14682 irSDK: ElementIdentifier equality operations result in error • The error was NullReferenceException
ISSUE      14693 XSD Schema: Includes and elements with dotted names not working • Resolved
ISSUE      14697 XSD Schema: XSD import does not display details of the error for invalid XSDs • The error message for invalid XSDs has been improved.
ISSUE      14698 irCatalog: Cannot open or save rule application having invalid web service URL • The error was ‘…ruleapp may have lost information… Unable to connect to the remote service…
ISSUE      14785 XSD Schema: DateTime type being imported as Date • The XSD DateTime type is now imported as DateTime. 
ISSUE      14788 irVerify: Performance is sometimes slow when launched from irAuthor • This was due to the rule application being compiled twice when irVerify was launched from irAuthor
ISSUE      14851 Business Language: A delay of 8sec or more occurs navigating away from some Language Rules, even when they have not been modified • This delay has been reduced by a factor of 3
ISSUE      14866 Web service Action: Mapping screen limits entity structure mapping to 5 levels of nesting • The entity structure depth limit has been changed to 10
ISSUE      14881 Logging: Event log shows ‘error retrieving version info’ for Installer, irSDK versions • Resolved
ISSUE      14897 XSD Schema: Schema elements named ‘System’ cause error • Elements may now be named ‘System’
ISSUE      14898 Catalog: Modifications made to a rule application schema are lost during checkin under some circumstances when “save” had previously been used • Resolved
ISSUE      14918 Catalog: Can’t rename rule within a ruleset without first checking out Rule Application and Schema • Renaming a rule within a ruleset now requires only the ruleset be checked out.
ISSUE      14929 Catalog: Guids and shares are not preserved when saving an offline (filesystem) rule application back to the catalog or promoting to another catalog • For an offline rule application (opened from catalog then saved to filesystem), guids and shares are now preserved when saving back to the same catalog rule application.
ISSUE      14970 Silverlight Controls: List of 15 or more “is among” entries results in out of memory / browser crash • Resolved by capping undo and redo limits at 5 each (this  new limit is only for Silverlight version of Business Language control)
ISSUE      14985 irSDK: WPF application hosting winform Business Language control not working • Resolved
ISSUE      14996 Execution: Aggregation filter on read-only field sometimes incorrect • Resolved
ISSUE      15003 Installer: Framework 3.5 install fails when in some scenarios when Framework 4 not present with error "No installed .NET framework version >= v4.0.30319" • Resolved – Framework 3.5 version of InRule may be installed when Framework 4 not present.
ISSUE      15028 Catalog: Save-as fails with some rule applications • Resolved - the error message was “An item with the same key has already been added”
ISSUE      15041 irSDK: First-time compile is slower in Framework 4.0 build than Framework 3.5 build • The Framework 4.0 first-time compile is now up to 12 sec faster
ISSUE      15042 Catalog: Save-as to matching rule application changes schema guid • Save-as to matching rule application in catalog now preserves the schema guid
ISSUE      15043 irAuthor: Attempting to unload irVerify tests hangs • This issue was first introduced in
ISSUE      15059 Catalog: irAuthor allows modification of a prior revision of the rule application • Opening a prior revision from history now results in fully read-only behavior. Only the latest version may be checked-out and modified.
ISSUE      15061 Install: InRule for Framework 3.5 install fails when .NET • Resolved
ISSUE      15066 Catalog: Cannot check in any change to rule application having a function library method referenced by one or more calculation fields • The error message was ‘Def not checked out’
ISSUE      15087 irStudio: Fails with ‘cryptoEnvOk=false’ error • This issue was first introduced in
ISSUE      15088 irAuthor: Copying entity to clipboard removes all rulesets from source entity • Note this also could cause a ‘Def not checked out’ error using irCatalog
ISSUE      15094 Catalog: Save-as of filesystem-originated rule application fails  • The error message was ‘Def not checked out’
ISSUE      15094 Catalog: Save-as of filesystem-originated rule application fails  • The error message was ‘Def not checked out’
ISSUE      15104 Catalog:Save-as from file system to same rule application in catalog fails when schema has been changed • This issue was first introduced in
ISSUE      15111 Licensing: Serial number does not work on Oracle VirtualBox • Resolved
ISSUE      15112 irCatalog: Maintain Catalog Summary screen does not show label on latest revision • Resolved
ISSUE      15134 Catalog: When two or more schema endpoints are present, and second or later is modified, can’t checkin • The error was ‘Def not checked out’
ISSUE      15148 Catalog: Checkin after adding .NET Assembly Schema sometimes fails with ‘Def is not part of this rule application’ error • Resolved
ISSUE      15149 Catalog: Save-as error of “object reference not set” or ‘Def is not part of this rule application” • Resolved
ISSUE      15154 Catalog: Server-side errors not being logged properly, resulting in  ‘Item has already been added’ error • The ‘Item has already been added’ error appeared in the server event log
ISSUE      15156 Rule Engine: UDF returning simple type fails with compile error after a second UDF is added returning entity type • This occurred when the two UDFs were part of the same UDF library
ISSUE      15159 Catalog: Rebuild indices db build script has incorrect table nameCatalog: Rebuild indices db build script has incorrect table name • Resolved
ISSUE      15170 Installer: Express install appears to hang on certain warning or error conditions • Resolved
ISSUE      15173 Catalog: Promoting a rule application having a shared schema to another catalog fails when schema has been modified since last promoted revision • Resolved
ISSUE      15188 irCatalog: Rule Application having Web Service Endpoint with embedded WSDL having ‘xsd:’ namespace prefix does not compile after check-in to catalog • Resolved
ISSUE      15189 irCatalog: Save-as incorrectly creates shared relationships when managed elements are not marked sharable • Resolved – save-as now creates share relationships only when the matching managed element in the catalog is both marked sharable and its latest revision matches the source managed element.
ISSUE      15207 irCatalog: Save-as of one rule application to an existing other rule application undoes any checkouts by save-as user without warning • Resolved – save-as now fails with an error when there are any checkouts in the target rule application, whether by save-as user or other user. 
ISSUE      15209 InRule.Activities.DLL, used when executing a WF4 workflow, missing from Framework 4.0 distribution • Resolved
ISSUE      15217 irCatalog: Renaming a RuleSet or any other managed element, when Rule Application is not checked out, results in not being able to checkin with ‘Def not Checked out’ error • Resolved
ISSUE      15243 Rule Engine: Hangs when loading XML into XSD bound state where a linked entity field is nillable • This issue was first introduced in v3.0.0
ISSUE      15250 Rule Engine: NullReferenceException when runtime error exists in Aggregate function filter expression • This issue was first introduced in v3.2.0
ISSUE      15251 Rule Engine: Error in collection index expression is not reported correctly • All errors in collection index expressions were being reported as InternalError – for example, a DivideBy0 error was reported as InternalError
ISSUE      15253 Rule Engine: Add Collection Member Action does not report when an initial value expression has an error • Note this may result in newly introduced runtime errors in existing rule applications
ISSUE      15258 Biztalk adapter: Endpoint overrides not supported • Runtime Endpoint Overrides are now supported with the Biztalk Adapter
ISSUE      15262 irAuthor: Web Service Endpoint with generated schema - Error occurs on ruleapp load for invalid uri even when Embed WSDL checked • Resolved – when ‘Embed WSDL’ checked, invalid URI is ignored
ISSUE      15271 irCatalog: Entity RuleSets sometimes lost in target catalog, or “cannot insert the value null” error, when promoting from one catalog to another • This issue was first introduced in
ISSUE      15310 irCatalog: Upgrade fails on Sql Server 2005 with “'SYSUTCDATETIME' is not a recognized built-in function name” error • This issue was first introduced in v3.2.3.11010
ISSUE      27694 irCatalog, irSOA: Installer fails to create IIS virtual directories on Windows 7 SP1 • Resolved
ISSUE      36875 irCatalog: “Catalog contains a rule application with the same name” error sometimes occurs on save-as, promote • When this condition is detected in an existing database after upgrade, a diagnostic error “VR-0017” will be raised, instructing user to run Diagnose / Repair from Catalog Manager
ISSUE      36930 Installer: No-MSI Install sometimes fails with "x.Length != Size" error • Resolved
ISSUE      37088 Rule application validation allows context rule sets to have the same name as a peer field • Resolved
ISSUE      64238 Licensing: Legacy license not accepted by 3.2 installer • Resolved
ISSUE      8631 Web Service EndPoint: WSDL is retrieved every time the rule application is compiled • There is now an option ‘Embed WSDL in rule application’ which, when selected, stores the wsdl schema information within the rule application, which avoids having to pull the wsdl during the rule application compile.
ISSUE      87625 Catalog: Catalog manager upgrade process takes a very long time, and when the upgrade completes, the catalog is unusable from irAuthor and catalog manager • Resolved
ISSUE      87928 Catalog: Catalog manager is very sluggish when a rule app contains a large number of revisions • Resolved
ISSUE      87934 Catalog: irAuthor check-in to catalog takes longer than expected when all elements are checked out, but just one modified • Resolved
ISSUE      87957 Execution: A validation error message is preventing Eval from being used in an expression in an execute rule set action • Resolved
ISSUE      87958 Authoring: irAuthor crashes while attempting to import an XSD as schema • Resolved

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