InRule Decisioning Version 4.1.x Release Notes

  • Updated
Type Case ID Summary Description
CHANGE     36876 irCatalog: RuleCatalogConnection.GetAllRuleApps() now returns only Public Revisions • Previously, any user-specific ‘personal workspace’ revisions were returned as well
CHANGE     37931 Create Rule Application overload: Use the following overload instead:
CHANGE     78048 Authoring: A rule application saved from InRule 4.1.5  may not be opened using InRule 4.1.4 or earlier • Please contact InRule Support for assistance if you need to support this scenario
CHANGE     89995 Installer: The irSDK folder has fewer third party assemblies • 
FEATURE    38179 Licensing: Standalone Activation / Deactivation Utility for use in XCopy deployments • The utility is deployed by the InRule installer to irSdk\bin\ActivationUtility.exe
FEATURE    38335 Authoring: Decision Table Set Value Action columns may how have their display name set • Implemented
FEATURE    54682 Authoring: Regression Tester:  Ability to edit and copy / paste Test Data  
FEATURE    54687 Authoring: Regression Tester: Populate dropdowns for fields based on static SQL Value Lists • Both irVerify and the Regression Tester will now pre-populate these dropdowns. Previously, this was possible only in irVerify, and there only by first invoking an Apply Rules.
FEATURE    55205 Authoring: The difference report performance has been improved • 
FEATURE    61070 Authoring: Using custom controls to open a rule application from the catalog now supports passing in authentication credentials, bypassing the login prompt • Implemented
FEATURE    62250 Installation: InRule event logs may be registered from an XCOPY install •Implemented via ActivationUtility.exe, which may be found in irSDK\bin
FEATURE    65768 Licensing: When a license has been deactivated, the confirmation code is written to a file •Implemented. When using either Activation Utility or the InRule Installer to deactivate, it is written to %TEMP%\InRule\Logging. When using Activation Utility, it is also written to a log file in the same directory as the Activation Utility
FEATURE    95212 Catalog: General navigation speed has been improved for Catalog Manager • 
FEATURE    95720 Authoring: The difference report now shows details for modified vocabulary templates • 
ISSUE      14815 irWord: Not working with 64bit version of Word • irWord has been rewritten to use the WPF-based InRuleV4 controls and the latest Msft addins API
ISSUE      34972 Authoring: Ctrl+ drag and drop does not work when only one field or ruleset element exists • Resolved
ISSUE      35124 Authoring: Some drag and drop operations do not work within Rule Folders • Resolved
ISSUE      35249 Authoring: Execute Method action does not display method overload signatures correctly in the parameter entry grid •Resolved
ISSUE      35282 Authoring: Clear Recent Rule Applications does not persist through closing and reopening irAuthor •Resolved
ISSUE      35320 Authoring: Advanced find does not consistently display Context column value when searching on Description • Resolved
ISSUE      36874 irCatalog: Delete sometimes causes corruption not detected by diagnostic rules • Resolved
ISSUE      36877 irCatalog: When two users are working on different RuleSets in the same rule application, only the first user to checkin succeeds • Resolved
ISSUE      36882 irCatalog: Runtime access to catalog using RepositoryRuleApp, specifying ‘Latest’, can return other than Latest public revision under some circumstances • One circumstance when this occurred was when there were saved but not-checked-in changes (personal workspace) for the rule application
ISSUE      36885 irCatalog: Cannot modify name of field that has constraint if rule application has been saved to the catalog • Resolved
ISSUE      36886 irCatalog: When one user has the rule application checked out, and another user is working on one or more existing Rule Sets in the same rule application, one of the users loses their work in many scenarios • Resolved
ISSUE      37005 Authoring: When Syntax Rule is converted to Language Rule then back to Syntax, a confusing error occurs in some scenarios • The error read “This RuleElementDef and/or some of its children contains backup copies of custom
ISSUE      37036 irCatalog: Checking-out a shared schema prevents it being consumed by other rule applications • Resolved
ISSUE      37042 Install: Error occurs during product activation if a company name is entered which contains an ampersand • Resolved
ISSUE      37111 irCatalog: Catalog Manager Undo checkout actions are not recorded to audit table • Resolved
ISSUE      37189 IntelliSense does not prompt present data tables for data lookup fonctions • Resolved
ISSUE      37190 IntelliSense does not prompt for collection fields in syntax editor for collection functions • Resolved
ISSUE      37201 Authoring: BL: Function Library methods having no parameters are not available for selection • Resolved
ISSUE      37287 Authoring: irVerify: Some error messages hidden behind irVerify window, making irVerify appear hung • Resolved – previously these messages were in front of the irAuthor window, but behind the irVerify window – they now appear in front of the irVerify window.
ISSUE      37384 Authoring: Add Collection Member action creates non-empty bogus fieldnames (Field1, Field2…) • Resolved – The default fieldnames created are now empty.
ISSUE      37404 Authoring: Method calls from Entity Variables do not work in Business Language and are not prompted for by Syntax Rule intellisense • Resolved
ISSUE      37413 Execution: Invalid Business Language and compile error when calling instance method on parent entity from child entity •Resolved
ISSUE      37428 IntelliSense does not correctly handle the Entity data type in variables or rule set parameters • Resolved
ISSUE      37490 Authoring: Renaming a variable does not propagate to other rules referencing it when done within an Independent RuleSet • Resolved
ISSUE      37632 Execution: UDF: Rounding function throws runtime error in when decimal places parameter is provided • Resolved
ISSUE      37643 Authoring: Opening trace results fails for some cultures including English (Australia) • Resolved
ISSUE      37645 Installer: On uninstall, deactivate license dialog is sometimes hidden • Resolved
ISSUE      37656 Catalog: “Comments” field on check-in dialog is inconsistently applied to Description vs. check-in comment history • Resolved – Previously the “Comments” field on check-in was applied to the “Description” on first-checkin, then to the checkin comment  associated with the revision with subsequent checkins. The Open dialog showed this “Description”, which could never be changed after first checkin.
ISSUE      37744 Authoring: BL: Set Value tempate focus jumps to [value] portion after selecting entity field when multiple entity fields exist at that level • Resolved – cursor now moves to caret when selecting entity or complex field / variable / parameter
ISSUE      37748 Authoring:  Creating same-named  .NET Assembly Schema or .NET Assembly Function Library crashes irAuthor • Resolved
ISSUE      37820 Catalog: Audit records are sometimes missing • Resolved
ISSUE      37852 Catalog: Checking-out a rule set (or rule) collapses root rule set nodes that don't contain expanded rule sets in the rule navigation tree • Resolved
ISSUE      37859 Execution:  When detailed statistics are enabled (such as when irVerify launched by irAuthor), ‘Unable to cast object’ error sometimes occurs • Resolved
ISSUE      37865 Catalog: irAuthor provides no means to consume a Shared RuleFlow  • Resolved
ISSUE      37874 Catalog: When upgrading an installation configured for Oracle, the catalog service no longer works • Resolved
ISSUE      37882 Catalog: When using LDAP / Active Directory Authentication, single signon fails if user previously attempted domain\username login • Resolved for newly-initiated logins
ISSUE      37883 Authoring: When an independent ruleset parameter is renamed, Language Rule menu shows both the old and new name • Resolved
ISSUE      37884 Authoring: Method call off an entity variable declared as a parameter in an independent ruleset goes red in Language Rule when another independent ruleset declares the same parameter name and type • Resolved
ISSUE      37902 Authoring: Move up, Move down sometimes not working correctly in a Rule Application containing both RuleFlows and RuleSets • Resolved
ISSUE      37920 Authoring: Find shows Execute Method Action as separate from its containing Language Rule • Resolved
ISSUE      37923 Authoring: BL goes red and invalid for an ExecuteRuleset action that points to a child entity ruleset when another action is added afterward • Resolved
ISSUE      37929 Catalog: When a check-in is attempted referencing a nonexistent revision of a Shared Managed Element, the error message is misleading • Resolved – a specific error message for this condition now occurs
ISSUE      37964 Catalog: Navigating to an unchecked-out Decision Table or Execute Method Action during authoring results in ‘Def not checked out’ error when checkin attempted • Resolved
ISSUE      37991 Authoring: irVerify:  Error occurs when .NET Assembly Schema is not serializable, preventing any use of irVerify • This error message was related to the “Revert Snapshot” functionality of irVerify
ISSUE      38009 Catalog: On upgrade from 3.2.X, install-time check for existing checkouts is not occurring • Resolved
ISSUE      38011 Authoring: irAuthor sometimes hangs when importing a .NET Assembly from either Schema or Function Library Endpoint screens • Resolved
ISSUE      38031 Execution: Decision table action columns are not evaluated in left to right authored sequence when an existing left to right sequence was altered by the author • Resolved for newly-authored decision tables
ISSUE      38039 Authoring: Web Service Endpoint used with ‘Generate’ option  results in ‘Index was out of range’ error for some services • Resolved
ISSUE      38042 Catalog: Save-as over existing catalog revision sometimes results in incorrect catalog-stored rule application • One symptom of this was a validation error on the rule application after the save-as
ISSUE      38079 Authoring: Launching irVerify from a custom application fails with object reference error • Resolved
ISSUE      38083 Authoring: Rule Application report sometimes shows duplicate Entity RuleSets • Resolved
ISSUE      38108 Authoring: Rule Application report does not work with IE9 • Resolved
ISSUE      38115 Catalog: User Without Roles Assigned has enabled Checkout control, and when invoked, no error dialog occurs • Resolved
ISSUE      38124 Authoring: Using UDFs, referencing certain types of instance methods during editing crashes irAuthor • Resolved
ISSUE      38133 Authoring: BL: Changing a nested if/then to if/then/else template in BL causes loss of conditions and actions • Resolved
ISSUE      38180 Licensing: Moving a Virtual Machine from one machine to another invalidates InRule license • Resolved
ISSUE      38263 Regression Testing:  View Trace button is disabled when irVerify trace setting is off • Resolved – the Test Suite ‘Include Rule Trace’ setting now solely dictates this
ISSUE      38265 Installation: When installing only irAuthor, Licensing Activation dialog does not appear • Resolved
ISSUE      38266 Installation: Licensing Activation dialog requires two clicks to select an option • Resolved
ISSUE      38306 Authoring: Editing a UDF referencing a recursive .NET Assembly Bound structure crashes irAuthor • Resolved
ISSUE      41380 Authoring: When a single method is selected Using Execute Web Service Action, sometimes additional methods become selected • Resolved
ISSUE      51476 Authoring: BL: Menus in context ruleset incorrectly filter fields and variables based on which entity is referenced in top level condition template • Resolved
ISSUE      54517 Authoring: BL: Execute method that returns entity type via function can be directly consumed in BL but fails to compile • Resolved – Instance methods returning an entity may now be invoked via either Action or Function, from Language Rules or Syntax Rules.
ISSUE      54533 Authoring: irVerify hangs when applying rules for some extremely deep data structures • Resolved 
ISSUE      54540 Authoring:  Schema EndPoint grid columns require double-click to select, .NET Assembly Schema methods appear selected after click but are not • Resolved
ISSUE      54572 Authoring: Cut-Paste of ExecuteSqlQueryAction leaves behind un-editable column field mappings if return assignment is changed in pasted copy • This issue was first introduced in InRule 4.0
ISSUE      54580 Catalog: Permissions are being applied when irAuthor user is logged into catalog even if current rule application is not opened from catalog • Resolved
ISSUE      54592 Authoring: Delete key does not delete row of Decision Table • This issue first appeared in InRule 4.0
ISSUE      54615 Execution: Event log error occurs when InRule custom performance counters are not registered • Resolved – this now instead appears as an Event log informational message. It occurs once per process or appdomain lifetime.
ISSUE      54693 Execution: IsBetween function returns unexpected value when string arguments used for a numeric comparison value • Resolved – now casts arguments to type of comparison value
ISSUE      54695 Authoring: Fields bound to .NET Assembly non-nullable value types are never applied • A default value applied to a non-nullable Integer, Decimal, Boolean, Date or DateTime will now result in a compile error, to make clear that these will not be applied - a default value applied to a Text, Entity field, nullable Integer, Decimal, Boolean, Date or DateTime will be applied
ISSUE      54697 Authoring: BL: Dragging and dropping a portion of a Language Rule into the navigation pane results in an error • Resolved
ISSUE      54732 Authoring: XSD Schema screen auto-select of dependent types does not work, and AutoSelect setting checkbox is missing • Resolved
ISSUE      54743 Authoring:  When using vocabulary templates, irAuthor sometimes crashes when editing a consuming rule • Resolved
ISSUE      54744 Authoring:  Vocabulary: Template on  context ruleset sometimes causes validation error • Resolved
ISSUE      54754 Authoring: When using the Business Language control from a custom authoring application, a licensing dialog appears • Resolved
ISSUE      54854 irStudio: Does not work with Catalog, results in “Incompatible Catalog Service” error • Resolved
ISSUE      54864 Authoring: Error occurs when attempting to drag and drop rule elements from one instance of irAuthor to another instance of irAuthor • Resolved
ISSUE      54880 Authoring: Unhandled errors do not allow user to continue working • Resolved – the user may now choose how to save their rule application after acknowledging the error, rather than having it saved to the desktop as before.
ISSUE      54896 Authoring: Decision Table:  Can’t enter more than 40 columns • Resolved – the limit has been increased to 500.
ISSUE      54922 Authoring:  Attempting to duplicate a context ruleset results in error • Resolved
ISSUE      54923 Authoring: Using the move-up / move-down hotkeys Ctrl-U / Ctrl-D sometimes results in error on context ruleset • Resolved
ISSUE      54959 Catalog: Attempting to check-in when a once-valid catalog connection has been lost results in unfriendly error message • Resolved
ISSUE      54967 Authoring: BL sometimes not listing correct options for a template when multiple templates exist in the rule application • Resolved
ISSUE      54975 Authoring: Execute Method Action sometimes shows no grid parameters  • Resolved
ISSUE      55003 Authoring: Regression Tester: The Data State Editor window takes three clicks to close • Resolved
ISSUE      55019 Authoring: BL: When English (US) windows culture setting has been customized for a non-standard list separator character, an irAuthor error occurs attempting to display previously-authored “has a value of” templates • Resolved
ISSUE      55060 Authoring: BL does not show available fields for UDF returning Entity; BL does not show BL UDFs returning an entity in entity BL placeholder contexts; UDF returning entity via function results in compile error • Resolved - UDFs returning an entity may now be invoked via either Action or Function, from Language Rules or Syntax Rules.
ISSUE      55106 Catalog: Error sometimes occurs when attempting to bind item to rule application when one or more checkouts exist • Resolved
ISSUE      55113 Authoring: BL: The "First Member" template initially lists invalid choices, but then subsequently works correctly • Resolved
ISSUE      55119 Authoring: irVerify: Explicit rule set buttons do not disable when clicking main Apply Rules button • Resolved
ISSUE      55156 Authoring: BL: Error “…ListCollectionView' in Assembly 'PresentationFramework… is not marked as serializable” sometimes occurs during undo • Resolved
ISSUE      55161 Authoring: Vocabulary: Expression Templates having “Available for rules and calculations for entities referencing this entity” checked can result in irAuthor error message “It is erroneous to mix phrase and word templates in the same display-name group” • Resolved
ISSUE      55663 Catalog: Using LDAP / AD authentication, with groups, doesn’t work when domain suffix does not end in ".com" •Resolved
ISSUE      55672 Authoring: Decision Table: “Index out of range” error sometimes occurs deleting a row • Resolved
ISSUE      55720 Authoring:  Error occurs when selecting the root Rule Sets node of a temporary-storage entity field • Resolved
ISSUE      58957 Authoring: Default Entity1 not removed when generating schema from .NET assembly • Resolved
ISSUE      58972 Catalog: Error sometimes occurs when setting schema shareable • Resolved
ISSUE      59253 Authoring: Rule Flow: During editing, the following error sometimes occurs: The calling thread cannot access this object because a different thread owns it • Resolved
ISSUE      59411 Authoring: Language Rule menus become corrupted for context rulesets when fields are renamed • Resolved
ISSUE      59412 Authoring: In-line SQL Query template in Language Rule does not always resolve to correct declared return datatype • Resolved
ISSUE      59413 Authoring: Language Rule menus become corrupted for data elements if the elements are in folders and the folders or elements are renamed • Resolved
ISSUE      59485 Authoring: irVerify: Value list populated from SQL query returning 1000+ rows is much slower than in a Language Rule from irAuthor  • When there are more than 1000 items in a value list, the irVerify value  list control now appears with a filter prompt – for 1000 or fewer, it works the same as before
ISSUE      59529 Authoring: Copying and Pasting a user defined function library does not paste the child udf functions • Resolved
ISSUE      59603 Authoring: Changing Assembly Schema endpoint serialization model results in validation error "has not been synchronized to schema since last import" • This issue was first introduced in InRule 4.0
ISSUE      59645 Authoring: F1 does not open helpfile in some focus contexts • Resolved
ISSUE      59708 Catalog: SQL upgrade script not working in some scenarios • Resolved
ISSUE      59868 Authoring: Importing from .NET assembly created from Microsoft Dynamics CRM generated classes imports hundreds of classes that are not selected • Resolved
ISSUE      59895 Authoring: When Entity Display Name referenced by an Entity Collection is renamed, an error occurs in Language Rule • Resolved
ISSUE      59897 Authoring: irAuthor allows editing of schema-bound entity and field names  • This issue was first introduced in InRule 4.0
ISSUE      59901 Authoring: Language Rule cursor does not move forward after selection of entity field in the value placeholder • This issue was first introduced in InRule 4.1.2
ISSUE      59992 Authoring: irVerify:  Creating test scenario with data state having a circular reference results in confusing error message • The error message has been improved
ISSUE      60058 Authoring: “Disable constraint/value list creation from enumerations” option does not work correctly after initial XSD file load • This setting is now honored whenever “Apply” is selected, not just on initial XSD load.
ISSUE      60256 Authoring: Copying and pasting a newly authored Language Rule via ctrl drag and drop results in the new BL rule being blank • Resolved
ISSUE      60266 Authoring: When converting syntax action to Language Rule which has same name as another syntax action in the ruleset, an error occurs • Resolved
ISSUE      60318 Catalog: Active / Inactive column is missing on Maintain Catalog window • This issue was first introduced in InRule 4.0
ISSUE      60330 Authoring: When Selecting Complex Field In Language Rule, cursor focus is incorrect • Resolved
ISSUE      60414 Authoring: Execute SQL Query mapping form does not discover target value correctly for Declare Variable of type Entity • Resolved
ISSUE      60469 Execution: Runtime error 'Maximum rule set recursion depth reached (Error Code = RuleSetStackOverflow)' when collection member ruleset calls independent ruleset on collection of 149 or more members • Resolved
ISSUE      60553 Authoring: irVerify sometimes doesn’t show error details in error pane • This issue first appeared in InRule 4.0
ISSUE      60638 Authoring: Right-click on classification no longer provides link to "Navigate To" definition in Language Rule • This issue was first introduced in InRule 4.0
ISSUE      60668 Authoring: Execute Method Action method dropdown does not refresh when changing the library • This issue first appeared in InRule 4.0
ISSUE      60675 Authoring: Checked-in RuleFlow is allowed to be edited • Resolved – RuleFlow is now read-only when opened from catalog and not checked-out
ISSUE      60685 Authoring: Advanced Find searches attribute keys but not attribute values • Resolved
ISSUE      60747 Authoring: UI allows entering invalid names starting with a digit • This issue was first introduced in InRule 4.0
ISSUE      60965 Authoring: Renaming a field in irAuthor is very slow for large Rule Applications opened from the Catalog • The delay on large Rule Applications is reduced, there are now fewer occasions when delay occurs, and for longer operations a “please wait” dialog appears
ISSUE      60967 Authoring: Double-clicking on since-deleted item in find results crashes irAuthor • Resolved
ISSUE      60978 Authoring: When using XSD Schema, the following error sometimes occurs: “External schema dictates valuelist” • Resolved
ISSUE      61062 Authoring: Decision Table Condition does not show the associated value list after value list has been renamed • Resolved
ISSUE      61116 Authoring: Ctrl drag drop of a tree element is not working to refer to itself as a drop destination • Resolved
ISSUE      61119 Authoring: Hyperlinks requiring two tabs when attempting to tab through elements •Resolved
ISSUE      61153 Authoring: Memory Usage increases with each click on Navigation Pane tree elements within irAuthor • This issue was first introduced in InRule 4.0
ISSUE      61259 Authoring: When rule tracing is enabled for large applications, an out-of-memory error sometimes occurs • There is now an irSDK setting to allow tuning this parameter, at RuleSession.Settings.RuleExecutionSettings. MaxRuleTracingBufferSize
ISSUE      61266 Execution:  Re-entrant write access to InRule runtime objects causes deadlock • Re-entrant write to InRule runtime objects is not supported
ISSUE      61266 Execution: A .net object which calls inrule (bound to that object) which in turn triggers code in that object to call inrule again (aka reentrance) causes deadlock •Resolved by detecting this condition and raising a clear error message that it is not supported
ISSUE      61606 Authoring: When attempting to rename an existing field, user is not allowed to change first character  • This issue first appeared in InRule 4.1.2
ISSUE      61667 Authoring: Arrowing down through rules in the tree doesn’t auto-scroll to the selected node • Resolved
ISSUE      61675 Catalog: GetAllRuleApps does not include rule apps that are checked out by other users • Resolved
ISSUE      61715 Catalog: irAuthor crashes when user attempts to open a catalog rule application and has no permissions for that rule application • Resolved
ISSUE      61743 Authoring: When using .NET Attributes for a .NET Assembly Schema or Function Library, changes to Include attribute  are not recognized • Resolved
ISSUE      61749 Authoring: XSD Validation Errors window has "waiting" mouse cursor •Resolved
ISSUE      62052 Authoring: Vocabulary templates in the context of an entity referenced as an explicit rule set parameter do not get persisted • Resolved
ISSUE      62110 Authoring: Advanced Find does not find Decision Table Condition values • Resolved
ISSUE      62176 Authoring: irVerify options are not persisted when using standalone irVerify.exe • Resolved
ISSUE      62178 Authoring: Adding multiple web service endpoints only generates a schema for the first one • Resolved
ISSUE      62210 Execution: Rulesets are sometimes not invoked, with no error message, under heavy multi-threaded load • Resolved
ISSUE      62253 Execution: Getting runtime and compiler errors when accessing a collection member added and returned from within .NET method and assigned to schema, but works ok when assigned to variable •Resolved
ISSUE      62327 Authoring: Drag and drop of entity that is a member of an entity field or collection causes deletion error • Resolved
ISSUE      62329 Authoring: Deleting bound XSD Schema leaves some entities locked for editing until after save/reopen of rule application • Resolved
ISSUE      62331 Authoring: Type ahead not working for field entity dropdown •Resolved
ISSUE      62338 Authoring: Highlighted note details color font is not contrasted •Resolved
ISSUE      62418 Authoring: In IrVerify, a long message is partially occluded by the scroll bar •Resolved
ISSUE      62512 Execution: SQL Query "Select Value" query against an Inline Table always returns "true" rather than the actual value •Resolved
ISSUE      63380 Execution: Legitimate entity field value sometimes gets overwritten with incorrect value during XML load if the XML contains an matching field name that is not included in the rule application schema • Resolved
ISSUE      63603 Authoring: Decision table cell temporarily shows prior value before it was changed, and then refreshes the value when clicked on •Resolved
ISSUE      63693 Execution: Execution error when attempting to override end point using irSOA service reference •  Resolved
ISSUE      63822 Authoring: If then rules don’t optimally display all “then” details in some cases • Resolved
ISSUE      63891 Authoring: Renaming a field sometimes causes rename of a different field (with same name) that is in the context of a different entity •Resolved
ISSUE      63933 Authoring: irAuthor crashes when trying to delete a template with an invalid expression •Resolved
ISSUE      64052 Execution: Biztalk Adapter: There is no way to turn off the execution log being returned, which can significantly slow operation with large rule applications • Resolved
ISSUE      64195 Authoring: When generating a report, the cancel button is disabled • Resolved
ISSUE      64253 Authoring: Adding an entity field sibling of the same type as a collection field temporarily corrupts the BL template engine parent menu until it is re-loaded •  Resolved
ISSUE      64338 Licensing: Licenses created using 4.1.3 Activation Utility do not work with 4.1.4 • Licenses created using 4.1.3 Activation Utility will need to be recreated with 4.1.4 Activation Utility in order to run 4.1.4. This will not be necessary in the future (licenses created using 4.1.4 Activation Utility will work with future 4.1 versions such as 4.1.5)
ISSUE      64349 Authoring: Saving a rule application when working on a decision table resets decision table view to top of decision grid •Resolved
ISSUE      64470 Execution: Execution SQL Query Action, used with stored procedure output params, does not set the fields assigned to the output params •Resolved
ISSUE      64504 Catalog: Large Rule Applications can take 20min or longer for initial checkin to catalog • The performance of checkin for large rule applications has been improved by up to a factor of 6
ISSUE      65016 Authoring: Dragging and Dropping an Inline Table having invalid column names causes error • Resolved. irAuthor no longer allows invalid column names to be entered, which will prevent this from occurring for newly-created Inline Tables
ISSUE      65017 Catalog: Unexpected irAuthor error when attempting to add vocabulary template in a catalog rule app  • Resolved
ISSUE      66307 Install: When selecting windows service for Catalog, the service is not automatically started by the installer • Resolved. The error message from the installer was No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it
ISSUE      66563 Install: Catalog hosted in a Windows Service does not get configured correctly when upgrading from 4.1.3 • Resolved
ISSUE      66568 Install: Uninstalling InRule did not remove Windows Services that it had previously installed • Resolved
ISSUE      68116 irVerify: Launching irVerify no longer defaults with having the rule engine feedback tab selected • Resolved
ISSUE      70880 Catalog: Using an LDAP connection string which restricts to a group does not allow any users to authenticate • When a group-restricted LDAP connection string is used, only users in that group may authenticate. In general, it is recommended that a domain-wide LDAP connection string be used, then group restrictions used from Catalog Manager, since this offers more flexibility.
ISSUE      70882 Authoring: irAuthor deletes data from an inline table if the schema is edited after a database import •  Resolved
ISSUE      76008 Authoring: When two fields on an entity are assigned the same Display Name, a cryptic error results • The error was "An item with the same key has already been added". Duplicate Display Name checking is now consistently enforced at the same peer level. Resolved
ISSUE      76143 Catalog: SQL Query Command Type is editable when the SQL Query is not checked out • Resolved
ISSUE      76465 Authoring: Using Silverlight Authoring controls, for a rule application having either a Database Table or an Inline Table with no rows, elements are lost when the rule application is saved to disk • Resolved
ISSUE      76465 Authoring: Using Silverlight Authoring controls to save rule application results in loss of data elements in some scenarios •Resolved. The scenarios this occurred were when there was at least one Database Table present, or at least one Inline Table having no rows
ISSUE      76469 Authoring: Export to .NET classes form doesn’t respond if attempting to export into an existing directory • Resolved
ISSUE      76506 Authoring: irAuthor does not start when windows display language is set to a language other than English • Resolved
ISSUE      76506 Authoring: irAuthor does not start when windows display language is set to a language other than English •Resolved
ISSUE      76543 Authoring: SQL Query Action value mapping column left blank by user is being set to NameExpressionPairDef1 • Resolved. This issue was first introduced in InRule 4.0
ISSUE      76988 Authoring: irAuthor throws an error if a vocabulary template is copied, pasted, and then deleted •  Resolved
ISSUE      77692 Authoring: irAuthor crashes when a field referenced by a classification was recently deleted • Resolved
ISSUE      78190 Authoring: Importing an inline table from tab or comma delimited data in clipboard text does not import anything •  Resolved
ISSUE      78272 Licensing: Deactivating does not indicate whether the InRule licensing server was successfully contacted • Resolved
ISSUE      79034 Install: Installing on Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012 fails when .NET Framework 3.5 not installed or IIS6 extensions not installed • Resolved
ISSUE      79115 Catalog: When logged in as non-domain account, cryptic "TargetInvocationException" warning during installation and when attempting to use SSO •This error occurred from installer when installing catalog, when installer being run under a non-domain account. It also occurred when attempting to use SSO login from irAuthor or Catalog Manager, when running under a non-domain account
ISSUE      79174 Authoring: Closing irVerify during rule execution crashes irAuthor and may result in a loss of work • Resolved
ISSUE      79181 Authoring: Execute Member Ruleset filter remains in rule after rule is subsequently edited • Resolved
ISSUE      79648 Catalog: irAuthor crashes when attempting to checkin a rule application if the service is unreachable • Resolved
ISSUE      79882 Authoring: Execute Method Action method signatures dropdown does not match parameter values shown • Resolved
ISSUE      80465 Authoring: When using a filter on a .NET Assembly Schema the Select All button selects all types, ignoring the filter • Resolved
ISSUE      80549 Authoring: Some Business Language rules in decision table actions do not render correctly when reloaded • Resolved
ISSUE      80964 Authoring: Execute member ruleset vocabulary template shows rule sets in the wrong context • Resolved
ISSUE      81134 Documentation: irSDK Object Model Help omits InRule.Runtime, InRule.Runtime.Testing, and InRule.Security namespaces • Resolved. This issue was first introduced in InRule
ISSUE      81309 Authoring: Switching to another node when within an Execute Method Action for a UDF loses all input information • Resolved.
ISSUE      81328 Execution: A disabled Calculation hangs irAuthor / irVerify when the "Allow enabling/disabling of Rulesets" settings on ruleapp is false • Resolved
ISSUE      81512 Authoring: irAuthor crashes on load of BL editor, if there is a vocab template in the same context that has BL containing the character "<" • Resolved
ISSUE      81588 Authoring: TableLookup within a classification results in a blank page in irVerify • Resolved. This issue was first introduced in InRule 4.0
ISSUE      81640 Authoring: irAuthor sometimes crashes on load of BL rule when there is an internal error processing the BL rule • Resolved
ISSUE      81791 Execution: Circular reference in an  Authoring-unbound RuleApp results in stack overflow when attempting to get XML • Resolved. A clean error (instead of stack overflow) now occurs in this scenario
ISSUE      82256 Authoring: irWord: Undo checkout does not work • Resolved
ISSUE      82298 Authoring: irVerify regression tester does not allows tests to be moved between folders after it is created •  Resolved
ISSUE      82410 Authoring: UDF editor UI does not support passing an entity as a parameter or returning an entity type unless it is assembly-bound •  Resolved
ISSUE      82439 Execution: When a path to a collection is specified as an explicit refresh path for a method, a null reference error occurs • Resolved.
ISSUE      82923 Authoring: irAuthor hangs on startup if there is an invalid config file element • Resolved
ISSUE      83425 Authoring: irAuthor crashes when trying to paste in too much data • Resolved
ISSUE      83479 Catalog: Error occurs when trying to save an Offline rule app as a new revision to an existing rule app in catalog, when element revisions differ •  Resolved
ISSUE      83524 Authoring: Moving an Entity up and down in the authoring tree does not preserve the Parent context checkbox setting on any Entity Field/Collection •  Resolved
ISSUE      84165 Authoring: irAuthor shows an incorrect field label for a decision table field • Resolved
ISSUE      84309 Authoring: Vocabulary Report does not list classifications, it only lists templates • Resolved
ISSUE      84433 Authoring: Moving an Entity up or down in the authoring tree hides any child Context rule sets • Resolved
ISSUE      84781 Authoring: Checkbox on notification template was always resetting when form is reopened • Resolved
ISSUE      84785 Authoring: The Import Table from database screen has an undersized textbox • Resolved
ISSUE      84786 Authoring: irAuthor deletes inline table data if the column names are changed after an import •  Resolved
ISSUE      85469 Authoring: irAuthor does not bind new fields that are added when re-applying a .Net schema. •  Resolved
ISSUE      85585 Catalog: Error encountered when saving a rule app to the catalog with the same name, but different capitalization • Resolved
ISSUE      85739 Authoring: irAuthor crashes when mapping a web service call inside an independent rule set • Resolved
ISSUE      85740 Authoring: When moving rules up or down, an unhandled exception is encountered in irAuthor • Resolved
ISSUE      85741 Authoring: irAuthor crashes when deleting a def from a ruleflow • Resolved
ISSUE      85742 Authoring: irAuthor crashes when trying to delete a rule app from the catalog • Resolved
ISSUE      85774 Authoring: irAuthor crashes when the irX for Microsoft Dynamics CRM plugin is used to import entities having fields which reference other entities not found in the rule app • Resolved
ISSUE      86285 Catalog: Catalog Manager gives a misleading error message if a timeout occurs while logging into the catalog • Resolved
ISSUE      86864 Execution: During licensing check, the Mirror directory is sometimes created and causes a runtime license expired exception • Resolved
ISSUE      87260 Installer: Non-GAC install crashes during GAC-check • Resolved
ISSUE      87576 Catalog: Unable to add active directory users to catalog when using a restrictive LDAP string • Resolved
ISSUE      87577 Authoring: BL rule does not resolve within a decision table when using a vocab template and reloading it subsequent times • Resolved
ISSUE      87625 Catalog: Catalog manager upgrade process takes a very long time, and when the upgrade completes, the catalog is unusable from irAuthor and catalog manager • Resolved
ISSUE      87928 Catalog: Catalog manager is very sluggish when a rule app contains a large number of revisions • Resolved
ISSUE      87934 Catalog: irAuthor check-in to catalog takes longer than expected when all elements are checked out, but just one modified • Resolved
ISSUE      88629 Catalog: Cannot connect to catalog using LDAP or SSO after upgrading to 4.1.9 • Resolved
ISSUE      89213 Authoring: A fields default XML name is blank, and only gets updated after toggling the node type dropdown • Resolved
ISSUE      89214 Authoring: Duplicate function is incorrectly copying the XML name field from another field • Resolved
ISSUE      89258 Authoring: irAuthor crashes during authentication during undo checkout • Resolved
ISSUE      89305 Authoring: The Replace / Append option is sometimes missing on the return settings screen for an Execute SQL Query action • Resolved
ISSUE      89658 Catalog: Catalog cannot merge a shared schema change when a second user is consuming the schema • Resolved
ISSUE      89799 Catalog: Catalog cannot authenticate using LDAP • Resolved
ISSUE      89897 Catalog: Catalog does not accept user names containing the "$" character • Resolved
ISSUE      90009 Authoring: Quotes within a language rule show incorrectly as &quot; • Resolved
ISSUE      90239 Catalog: Running diagnostics during a catalog database upgrade throws an error and does not complete the upgrade • Resolved
ISSUE      90263 Execution: License activation fails on a virtual machine with error "The system clock was modified" in some timezones • Resolved
ISSUE      90355 Authoring: After adding a placeholder to a non-expression template, all referenced rules are shown in red with the name of the template • Resolved
ISSUE      90390 Authoring: The ConditionEditor business language control was not saving any changes when used in BL mode • Resolved
ISSUE      90643 Authoring: Creating a new test from within an existing regression test will not populate the input data state drop down list • Resolved
ISSUE      90826 Authoring: irAuthor throws an unhandled exception when validating a rule app that contains an expression template that recursively calls itself • Resolved
ISSUE      91731 Authoring: Clicking on a chosen BL template will list a different template that was not chosen • Resolved
ISSUE      91735 Authoring: irAuthor throws an unhandled exception when a timeout occurs during check out of a rule app from the catalog • Resolved
ISSUE      91750 Authoring: Renaming a SQL query removes it from the query value list selection • Resolved
ISSUE      92737 Authoring: When trying to re-import an existing XSD schema into a rule application a null reference error is encountered • Resolved
ISSUE      92743 Catalog: The database rebuild script is throwing the error, "Index does not exist", when executed after an InRule installation • Resolved
ISSUE      92918 Authoring: Grids on the Edit Template screen are not formatted correctly in specific situations • Resolved
ISSUE      92964 Authoring: Syntax expression intellisense does not show UDF’s • Resolved
ISSUE      93092 Authoring: Function names do not show up in syntax expression intellisense • Resolved
ISSUE      93953 Authoring: The default value check mark on a field is always unchecked if the schema is checked into the catalog • Resolved
ISSUE      94100 Authoring: Selecting a primitive field for an ExecuteWebservice action output mapping results in an error. Existing field values or manually entering the field name would not throw an error. • Resolved. irAuthor does not throw an error when primitive fields are selected using the field picker.
ISSUE      94132 Execution: ValueList.Name is blank when accessing it using SDK, but ValueList.SourceValueListName returns the name.  • Resolved. ValueList.Name now returns the name.
ISSUE      94350 Authoring: irAuthor throws an unhandled exception when saving to irCatalog and the catalog is no longer available • Resolved
ISSUE      94413 Authoring: irAuthor throws an unhandled exception when editing a rule flow condition element when there are rule flow validation errors • Resolved
ISSUE      94743 Catalog: When one or more notes appear on a language rule, and the authoring time zone differs from the authored time zone, a "Def not checked out" error occurs when attempting to check in a rule set • Resolved
ISSUE      94819 Catalog: Cannot undo rule set check-out from catalog manager for a different user when more than one rule set is checked out • Resolved
ISSUE      94829 Catalog: Cannot undo rule set check-out as expected when another user has checked in rule application changes • Resolved
ISSUE      95222 Execution: Null reference exception encountered while attempting to load an upgraded testscenario file in irVerify • Resolved
ISSUE      95706 Authoring: When upgrading from v3.2 to v4.5, rule applications with external method calls with overloads will fail to compile • Resolved

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