InRule Decisioning Version 5.1.x Release Notes

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Type Case ID Summary Description
FEATURE    DYN-17 InRule for Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Toggle to disable the Run Rules button globally Added a configuration setting to show or remove the Run Rules button from the Dynamics ribbon. This is a global configuration setting that can be set on the Rules Configuration entity.
FEATURE    DYN-3 InRule for Microsoft Dynamics 365 - On-premise Microsoft Dynamics Integration Framework release Support for Dynamics 365 On-Premise has been added to the InRule for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration Framework. The InRule OnPremPlugin and IIS-based Rule Execution Service are included in the download package and do not contain any Azure dependencies.
FEATURE    DYN-44 InRule for Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Deployment Guide and Technical Reference - On-Prem procedures and minor content fixes The Deployment Guide and Technical Reference documents have been updated to include On-Premise Plugin deployment instructions as well as a limitations and considerations section. In addition, a note regarding the 2-minute timeout for Custom Action steps in Dynamics has been added, this is a non-configurable setting in Dynamics.
FEATURE    SEAL-1000 Move detail release notes out of builds and only in Support Site database Individual release notes artifacts for InRule, InRule for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, InRule for the Salesforce Platform and InRule for JavaScript have been updated to reference the Support Site Release Notes page for defect and enhancement detail.
FEATURE    SEAL-1027 Update Install Help prerequisites section The prerequisites section of the Install Help file has been updated to reflect current supported third-party versions.
FEATURE    SEAL-1033 InRule for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Deployment Guide changes The portion of the Deployment Guide document that asks a user to execute RegisterXRMTooling.ps1 has been removed. In addition, the information regarding the Azure firewall rule has been removed.
FEATURE    SEAL-1038 Update EULA text The End User License Agreement verbiage has been updated.
FEATURE    SEAL-1081 Separate InRule.Common from InRule.Repository.nupkg into its own NuGet package InRule.Repository.nupkg no longer contains InRule.Common. InRule.Repository.nupkg has a dependency on the new separate InRule.Common.nupkg.
FEATURE    SEAL-1161 InRule for JavaScript - Support "EscapeJSON" function The "EscapeJSON" function has been added to InRule for JavaScript. 
FEATURE    SEAL-1224 InRule for Microsoft Azure support for App Services This is the latest release of InRule for Microsoft Azure that allows running irCatalog, irCatalog Website, and irServer Rule Execution Service inside of the Azure App Service environment. See for more details.  The existing Cloud Service (classic) packages are now deprecated. If you currently depend on these packages, you should plan your transition to the App Service packages. At some point in the future, InRule will remove the Cloud Service packages from the product.
FEATURE    SEAL-659 Make settings configurable in Azure App Services Phase 1 InRule Runtime, InRule Catalog Service and InRule Runtime Service, now have configuration settings that can be modified with AppSettings.  The InRuleSDKHelp file has been updated outlining the settings that are now available via AppSettings and their corresponding keys.
FEATURE    SEAL-671 Ability to "Bulk Checkout" and "Bulk Undo Checkout" for all Rule Sets within an Entity Entity folders and Independent Rule Set folders have "Check Out" and "Undo Checkout" options, which will check out or undo checkout, respectively, all Rule Sets within the grouping.
FEATURE    SEAL-776 Ability to remove a label from a Rule Application The ability to remove a label from a Rule Application can now be accomplished via irSDK, irAuthor, and the irCatalog Manager Website.
FEATURE    SEAL-822 Enhance the Rule Execution Service (SOAP and REST endpoints) so that Independent Rule Sets allow passing in more than one parameter The irServer Rule Execution Service now supports multiple parameters for Independent Rule Sets. If the new parameters array is empty, the service will fall back to using the existing EntityStateFieldName and EntityStateFields values.
FEATURE    SEAL-852 .NET Core compatibility for runtime irSDK The InRule runtime SDK can now target .NET Standard 2.0, allowing cross-platform execution of InRule! Included with the InRule .NET Core release is a command-line Activation Utility for Linux and "Getting Started with .NET Core" documentation in our Developer help file.
FEATURE    SEAL-936 Add "EscapeXML" function An "EscapeXML" function has been added to both InRule and InRule for JavaScript. This function is also available in Business Language.
FEATURE    SEAL-937 Add "EscapeJSON" function An "EscapeJSON" function has been added to InRule. This function is also available in Business Language.
FEATURE    SEAL-962 Add property for enableBackgroundCompilation to the constructor for FileSystemRuleApplicationReference The enableBackgroundCompilation property on the FileSystemRuleApplicationReference constructor now matches the property that was already available on the CatalogRuleApplicationReference constructor.
FEATURE    SEAL-965 Restore one-parameter constructors for expression literal classes. The one-parameter constructors for LiteralInteger, LiteralDecimal, LiteralString, LiteralDateTime, LiteralDate, and LiteralBool which had been remove are now restored.
FEATURE    SEAL-969 Document license path search order The License folder search order information has been added to the Description column of the licensefolder setting, in the SDK Help file section "InRule Runtime Config File Settings".
ISSUE      DYN-103 InRule for Microsoft Dynamics 365 - "Status Reason Transitions" option breaks CREATE steps on CASE (incident) entity in CRM 9.0 This error has been resolved. An error message will no longer be thrown when Status Reason Transitions is enabled on the status code field of CASE entity or other entities that have enabled Status Reason Transitions . This is only present in CRM 9.0.  
ISSUE      DYN-139 InRule for Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Update incorrectly issued by integration framework on entity's create message Previously, the InRule for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Framework was issuing an Update even if there were no updates or changes as a result rule execution. This fixes the unnecessary Updates issued by the rule service when rules do not update any entities or fields.
ISSUE      DYN-62 InRule for Microsoft Dynamics 365 - InvokeCustomAction Javascript uses Logical Name instead of Display Name The InRule Custom Action will now use the Display Name instead of the Logical Entity Name from Dynamics when UseEntityPrefix is set to true in the Rules Configuration entity. The value of the Rule Set Name will be prefixed with the name of the primary entity on the current form and will now use the Display Name as intended. Ex: on the Account form, rather than accountRuleSet1, the rule set targeted will now be AccountRuleSet1.  This supports the convention to name rule sets using the same Entity Display Name mapped in the rule application.
ISSUE      SEAL-1013 irCatalog Manager Website - Remove and Rename label buttons sometimes work when they should not In the irCatalog Manager Website, the Remove and Rename label buttons more correctly honor the ability to perform the selected operation.
ISSUE      SEAL-1019 Exception when executing rules on multiple threads with bound entity state This error has been resolved. An exception will no longer be thrown when executing rules on multiple threads with bound entity state.
ISSUE      SEAL-1043 Samples documentation on Github incorrectly states that the "Chicago Food Tax Generator" is an example of using a Database Schema The erroneous documentation has been removed.
ISSUE      SEAL-1044 Index out of range exception thrown under high concurrency related to the clearing of the license cache This error has been resolved. An exception will no longer be thrown when executing rules under high concurrency.
ISSUE      SEAL-1158 irSDK documentation still includes rule session setting for multi-threaded execution Documentation has been updated to remove erroneous code sample.
ISSUE      SEAL-1160 Submitting a rule app to distribution service via node javascript returns 500 and a null ref exception from distribution service but works fine when submitting from irAuthor Uploading a Rule Application from Node no longer causes an unhandled exception.
ISSUE      SEAL-1165 What's New In InRule page in irAuthor help doc is outdated "What's New In InRule" page is removed from the irAuthor Help file. 
ISSUE      SEAL-1174 InRule Dynamics Plugin compiled to .NET 4.6.1 cannot be deployed to Dynamics 365 v9.x due to .NET framework incompatibility error Reverted Dynamics CRM plug to use .NET Framework 4.5.2.
ISSUE      SEAL-1208 Salesforce objects won't push from Eclipse because of missing InRule_Log object Update InRule for the Salesforce Platform Integration Framework Guide to make it clear how to push Salesforce objects from Eclipse
ISSUE      SEAL-1210 Exception thrown when attempting to connect to irCatalog The NuGet packages have been updated to have the correct dependencies when used from a .NET Core application.
ISSUE      SEAL-1211 Runtime exception - Assembly(ies) fail to load in .net core 2.1 console application The NuGet packages have been updated to have the correct dependencies when used from a .NET Core application.
ISSUE      SEAL-1220 IndexOfFunction may produce wrong answer if match not found in collection A bug in the GetIndex function in the JavaScript Engine has been resolved. irAuthor Help file has been updated to clarify behavior.
ISSUE      SEAL-1259 Installer prints password in error message Updated the error messages in the installer to not disclose the password used to connect to the Catalog database.
ISSUE      SEAL-563 Field renaming can cause Add collection member action to set the wrong field In an Add Collection Member action, in the initial field values section, if a named field has the same name as a field in the collection's parent and that field is renamed, the Add Collection Member action will be refactored correctly.
ISSUE      SEAL-725 InRule for Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Rule Execution Service Blob container name for license file should not be hard coded The license file container name may now be specified in the Azure package configuration.  NOTE: Before upgrading your installation, save a copy of your Azure package configuration. The upgrade will overwrite your settings with default values, and you will need to reenter your settings.
ISSUE      SEAL-961 Documentation is missing for new configuration setting to support both catalog and file-based background compilation The SDK Developer help now has documentation for the enableBackgroundCompilation setting.
ISSUE      SEAL-966 Catalog with LDAP authentication setup ignores missing UserName when setting UseIntegratedSecurity = false When irCatalog is configured to use LDAP authentication, requests without the username and UseIntegratedSecurity = false will now fail as expected.
ISSUE      SEAL-968 InvalidOperationException when adding to a collection in an irVerify regression test When adding a member to a fixed length bound collection in an irVerify regression test, the InvalidOperationException (bound fixed-length arrays do not support collection write operations) no longer occurs.
ISSUE      SEAL-974 The GitHub Samples Repository incorrectly contains packaged binaries The packages directory has been removed from the Samples projects.

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