InRule Decisioning Version 4.0.x Release Notes

  • Updated
Type Case ID Summary Description
ISSUE      34759 Static function library endpoint settings not getting preserved • Resolved
ISSUE      34867 Clicking on an element in the tree selects the parent node  
ISSUE      35165 Installer: Prompt windows are sometimes hidden behind other windows during install and uninstall  
ISSUE      35249 Execute Method Action control does not correctly differentiate between same-named methods • Resolved
ISSUE      35333 irAuthor crashes when trying to convert a language rule containing add collection template into a syntax rule • Resolved
ISSUE      36957 irCatalog: Single Signon not working correctly • Resolved
ISSUE      36961 Generating entities from web service schema results in Collection of Complex containing field "Value" which has a blank content pane • Resolved
ISSUE      36993 Horizontal scroll bar shows up below the last row of an inline table • Resolved
ISSUE      36999 Licensing: Valid InRule license not recognized when invoked from CRM 2011 plugin • CRM 2011 is the only known environment where this issue occurred
ISSUE      37040 Improved error message when invalid URI is specified for catalog service. • Resolved
ISSUE      37041 UDF reference in BL shows up in red if there is a .NET assembly function library endpoint in rule application • Resolved
ISSUE      37043 Vocabulary rule expression template placeholders of Expression type do not persist in grid • Resolved
ISSUE      37067 Expression Editor does not work properly with culture setting English (UK) • Resolved
ISSUE      37067 Expression Editor does not work properly with culture setting English (UK) • Resolved
ISSUE      37068 irAuthor crashes when you try editing an existing template and enter a function name containing a space • Resolved
ISSUE      37110 When opening a rule application whose last-selected item was a language rule and the user has enabled the option to load languages rules in the background, clicking in the content area while the rule application loads occasionally resulted in an unhandled exception • Resolved
ISSUE      37172 irCatalog: Save-as to New Catalog Application does not preserve Shared Elements • Save-as to New now preserves Shared Elements, when the content matches that of the Latest Shared Element Revision in the catalog.
ISSUE      37181 Valid license not found when InRule invoked from ASP.NET Application_Start context • Resolved
ISSUE      37196 UDF - change of the Return type is not propagated to the Template engine • Resolved
ISSUE      37242 irCatalog: Installer creates sample applications with all managed elements shared • The samples are no longer created with any shared managed elements, shares must be manually established if desired
ISSUE      37269 Converting a database SQL Query element to a inline SQL Query element causes unexpected behavior  
ISSUE      37321 When you import and apply a .NET Schema Assembly that contains an enum, it creates the inline value list, but doesn't not appear in the Data navigation pane  
ISSUE      37336 Execute Rule Set Template screen does not display defined Rule Set Parameters  
ISSUE      37369 UDF: Referring to Context.RuleElement.RuleElementDef.Parent causes casting error in IrScript when called from a nested rule context  
ISSUE      37371 Attribute key values are not persisted if the user immediately clicks the navigation bar  
ISSUE      37374 Catalog operations cause the tree to collapse • Tree maintains state during catalog operations.
ISSUE      37390 Generating web service proxy objects throwing casting exception for specific WSDL when compiling  
ISSUE      37420 Add Collection Member Template screen not persisting value changes when TABBING into the value cell  
ISSUE      37421 Add collection member template loses members in the Members Values grid above eight members  
ISSUE      37565 “Copy” operation occasionally fails if the clipboard already contains exotic information   
ISSUE      37629 irVerify: Closing an unsaved Apply Rules tab or irVerify window with unsaved Test Case hangs irAuthor and irVerify on Windows XP / 2003. • This issue was first introduced in

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