InRule Decisioning Version 5.7.1 Release Notes

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Type Case ID Summary Description
Outstanding Issue SEAL-3881 Cannot add an explicit rule set with parameters to a rule application if there is an existing Execute Rule Set action with parameters command written in the context of a Language Rule in the rule application.

IMPORTANT: This is an unresolved issue and the fix is pending. The issue can be avoided in the meantime by using the Execute Ruleset command only in syntax. Users considering upgrading to this version should consider delaying their upgrade if their current implementation uses many execute ruleset actions with parameters or uses the execute ruleset action in a decision table. When a fix is available it will be posted in that version’s release notes.

ISSUE      SEAL-3479 irAuthor Crashes while Authoring irAuthor will no longer crash when using an execute rule set nested in an if/then/else rule

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