InRule Decisioning Version 5.2.0 Release Notes

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Type Case ID Summary Description
FEATURE    DYN-11 InRule for Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Update Dynamics data access to use CrmServiceClient The InRule Rule Execution Service has been updated to use a single CRM Connection String. This update simplifies the connection process greatly. The connection string is now used in both Online and On-Premise environments. The organization uri function overloads in the Rule Helper assembly have also been replaced with overloads that use a connection string. Further details on the use of the single connection string can be found in the InRule for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Deployment Guide.
FEATURE    DYN-13 InRule for Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Enable Application User (S2S) authentication for Rule App Service connection to Dynamics Added support for Server To Server authentication with a Dynamics 365 application user account to the Rule Execution Service connection to Dynamics 365.  Using this will eliminate the need to purchase an additional full user in Dynamics 365 for the service account. A new deployment script is provided for creating the new application registration in active directory and associating it with Dynamics 365.  Support for a single connection string and a Dynamics 365 service user account is still supported.  
FEATURE    DYN-153 InRule for Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Support for Dynamics 365 Government Added support for deploying the rule execution solution for clients with government cloud solutions. The App Service now allows for a fully qualified URI to be passed into the ServiceBusNamespcae.  Normal functionality is still included for clients without government cloud solutions.  
FEATURE    DYN-156 InRule for Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Azure ARM Template deployment process The Dynamics Rule Execution App Service can now be deployed through the use of an Azure Arm Template.  This includes support for deployment via both Azure CLI and PowerShell.  Detailed deployment steps can be found in the InRule for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Deployment Guide.
FEATURE    DYN-178 InRule for Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Deployment Guide updates - Tech Reference, Quickstart deprecation The Technical Reference document has temporarily been removed pending updates. In the interim, the Deployment Guide has been updated to include additional information that would previously have been found in the Technical Reference. The Deployment Guide now provides guidance on deploying with the new Azure App Service Rule Execution service as well as using a Server To Server authentication.
FEATURE    DYN-43 InRule for Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Dynamics Rule Execution App Service replaces Cloud Service  The Azure Cloud Service Dynamics Rule Execution service has been replaced with an Azure App Service app. The existing Cloud Service (classic) package is no longer provided. If you currently use the Cloud Service, you should plan your transition to the App Service packages. 
FEATURE    SEAL-1276 Remove the entire concept of Grace Period Grace periods are no longer supported. Going forward all InRule installations will require the use of a license key.
FEATURE    SEAL-1297 Create a new LibLogLogger * 3rd party logging of InRule application event information is now available through LibraryLogger.
* Documentation has been added to InRuleSdkHelp that describes how to configure LibraryLogger.
FEATURE    SEAL-1299 Add the ability for Send Mail action to send emails in HTML format The Send Mail action now provides the option to send email with HTML formatting.
FEATURE    SEAL-1302 Update irX to v9 of dynamics sdk and Microsoft.CrmSdk.XrmTooling.CoreAssembly We have upgraded to version 9 of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM packages.
FEATURE    SEAL-1328 Samples: Review PR#24 - Build images using GH-Repos based assets Samples for Windows Containers now support assets from the publicly available AzureAppServices repository.
FEATURE    SEAL-1364 Samples: Review PR#31 - Update base image to windows server 1803 (was 1709) Samples for Windows Containers are now based on the Windows Server 1803 image, replacing the previous 1709 image.
ISSUE      SEAL-1304 Circular promotion corrupts catalog schema records Promotion in a circular pattern (e.g. DEV to TEST and then TEST back to DEV) that involves no underlying schema change no longer causes an exception and data corruption.
SCHEMA     RULEAPP-105 Rule Application XML FeatureVersion increase to 105 The Rule Application XML FeatureVersion increased to version 105 for enhancing Send mail action to send emails in HTML format (SEAL-1299)

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