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This feature is only available in the current version of Author Studio released in the fall of 2023. If you have not updated to the newest version of the product, see our Archived Author Studio Documentation here.

Validate is used to check for errors in the selected rule application. Any errors found will be displayed. The error will state the reason and location of the error within the rule application. Clicking on the error will navigate to the page with the error. 

Validate Workspace

After running Validate, a window will appear. This window will display any errors. 


Running Validate

  1. To enable Validate, select a rule application.
  2. Select Validate
  3. If errors exist within the rule application, the display will list the errors. 
  4. Clicking on an error will direct you to the location of the error.
  5. After making modifications, close Validate and click on it again to confirm the issues have been resolved. 
  6. When there are no errors, a notice of No errors found will be shown.

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