Adding a Decision Table

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On a rules page, click New and select Decision Table. Author Studio™ will create a new decision table that is ready to populate.

In the workspace, you have the ability to create and combine multiple conditions with resulting actions. Read the article, Working with Decision Tables to learn more about decision tables.


Properties Panel


1.png Name

The title of the decision table is saved here.

2.png Description

The description is saved here.

3.png Enabled

You can enable or disable the selected decision table. Disabled decision tables will not run when the rule set is executed.

4.png Runtime

Compatibility Mode

  • When checked, the identity of conditions that evaluate and actions that execute will include the row identifier (e.g. Row3). Turning this feature on will result in slower compilation and execution performance.

If the Run Mode of the parent rule set is Auto-Optimized, Compatibility mode is the only option and must be used.

5.png Exit At First True

When checked, the decision table will stop evaluating rows after a row matches its conditions and executes its actions. If unchecked, execution continues to evaluate the remaining rows in the table and executes actions for any row whose conditions match.

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