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A decision is a method of executing rules with clear inputs and outputs, and a specific starting point. A decision always begins with a DecisionStart rule set.  It has a set of inputs that can be different from its outputs. The rules within a decision execute against the inputs and then the outputs reflect the results. Decisions allow authors to only pass in the data that is needed to make a decision. decnew.png

Decisions Workspace

1.png Name

Decision name. Click the decision name to load the rule set page. The rule set page will show all the rule sets within the selected decision. Name modifications are made in the properties panel.

2.png Description

Decision description. Description modifications are made in the properties panel.

3.png Modified By

The user that last made a modification to the decision.

4.png Date Modified

The time the decision was last modified.

Properties Panel

Within the workspace, when a decision set is selected, the properties panel will appear.

5.png Name

The title of the decision is saved here.

6.png Description

Allows users to enter a description for the decision.


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