Rule Application Check-Out and Check-In

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To begin modifying a rule application, it must first be checked out.

Workflow and Rules

  • When a user checks out a rule application in Author Studio™, all logged-in users can edit that checked-out rule application in Author Studio. Users will not be able to edit in irAuthor® when the rule application is checked out in Author Studio.
  • When a user checks out a rule application in irAuthor, only that user can edit that rule application in irAuthor. Editing that application will not be possible in Author Studio while it remains checked out in irAuthor.
  • The rule application will remain checked out until check-in or undo check-out occurs.
  • Pending changes can be viewed on the rule application page in the Activities section.
  • The user initiating the check-out is the only user who can check in or undo check-out in the rule application.
  • The process, once initiated in Author Studio, must be completed in Author Studio.


The check-in process saves all changes made in a new revision of the rule application. Add a comment while checking in to describe and track what changed in this version. Currently, check-in comments can be seen in irAuthor and Web Catalog Manager.


Undo Check-Out

Undo Check-Out discards any changes made within the rule application. This includes the changes made to any decisions or any rule sets by any user.

This process cannot be undone.

Once Undo Check-Out is activated, the rule application would need to be checked out again if the user wants to make further modifications.


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