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The contents of this article pertain to the current version of Author Studio released in the fall of 2023. If you have not updated to the newest version of the product, see our Archived Author Studio Documentation here.

The layout of Author Studio™ is built with a user-friendly interface. The simplicity of the layout makes it easy for you to load assets, make changes, and create intuitively.

Author Studio Workspace Explained

The overall layout consists of Navigation Pane, Workspace, and Properties Panel.

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1. Navigation Pane

The primary navigation of the page allows you to jump to your desired spot quickly. Items selected will load in the workspace. The core sections are Rule Application List, Author, and Verify.

You can select the collapse arrow to minimize the Navigation Pane for maximum workspace capabilities.

2. Workspace

Workspace is the primary functional area of Author Studio. Here is where most activities and selections will occur.

3. Properties Panel

The Properties Panel displays metadata for the item selected in the workspace. If no item is selected, then the Properties Panel displays the metadata for the parent item. 

You can select the collapse arrow to minimize the Navigation Pane for maximum workspace capabilities.


Navigation in Author Studio

Managing a Rule Application from the Navigation Pane

The Navigation Pane operates within a selection hierarchy. When a rule application is selected, then Entities, Decisions, Rule Sets, Data, Validate, and Test load the data in the Workspace for the selected rule application.


Breadcrumbs allow you to see where you are. The hierarchy uses a Component Naming convention. The top line is the name of the component and the bottom line is the type of component. You can quickly jump around within the workspace by clicking on the sections of the Breadcrumb. 

When the breadcrumb gets too long for the horizontal space, there is an arrow that appears in the first section of the breadcrumb that will reveal a drop-down to show the sections that did not fit.

Rule Navigator

The Rule Navigator displays the selected information in a tree. The Rule navigator is visible: 

  • Once you select a rule set from the rule set workspace.
  • and after you select a decision and then choose a ruleset under the Rule Set List on the decision page.

Read more about the Rule Navigator in the article, Rule Sets

NAvigation of Rule Sets.gif

User menu 

The user menu is available when you click on your user icon in the top right corner of Author Studio. This menu offers different options from the user menu in the SaaS Portal. 

User Menu.png


Clicking on the About option opens the About Author Studio window. 

1. Version number

This is the version of Author Studio you are currently using.

2. Settings 

Here you can change the interval of the autosave. 

3. Support

This is where the link for contacting the support team.

4. Important documents 

Click on Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, or End-User License Agreement to open the correlating document. 

Log Out
Click here to log out of Author Studio.

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