Rule Application List

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The rule application list contains all the rule applications in the associated catalog. Click on Rule Application List in the navigation pane to see the list of rule applications. 

Rule Application List Workspace


1.png Name

Rule application name. Click on the name to navigate to the rule application page.

2.png Status

Identifies the current status of the rule application.

  • Ready to check out
    The rule application is available to check out in Author Studio™. To edit the rule application, navigate to the rule application page by clicking on the rule application name and then clicking on the Check Out button.
  • Continue editing
    The rule application is checked out currently and can be edited by all users who can access this rule application via Author Studio.
  • Locked by
    The rule application cannot be checked-out in Author Studio right now because another user has checked it out in irAuthor®.
  • Need to pull updates from
    There are changes that a user from irAuthor has checked in. Navigate to the rule application page by clicking on the rule application name and check out the rule application in Author Studio to pull in those latest changes.
3.png Modified By

The user that last checked in or made a modification to the rule application.

4.png Date Modified

The time the rule application was checked in or last modified.

5.png Revision

The latest revision number of the rule application.

6.png Reset to Latest

The Reset to Latest button appears on the right-hand side when hovering over a rule application row. Clicking on this button will revert the rule application to the latest checked-in revision. All edits from the current session will be undone.

Next, learn how to use the Rule Application workspace.

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