InRule Technology® Seeks Continued Success in 2023 After Significant Growth in 2022

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Published: February 7, 2023

CHICAGO – InRule Technology®, an intelligence automation company providing integrated decisioning, machine learning and process automation software to the enterprise, kicks off 2023 with significant momentum after a successful 2022 fueled by new growth capital, product innovations, and an expanded team.

New Investments

In mid-October, InRule announced it received a new strategic growth investment from Pamlico Capital. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Pamlico’s backing will enable InRule to accelerate the delivery of intelligence automation software that helps organizations make better decisions faster, operationalize machine learning and improve complex processes and workflows.

InRule is partnering with Pamlico as demand for transparent, explainable AI-powered automation has taken off. Following several years of rapid growth, as well as the acquisitions of simMachines and Barium AB in 2021, InRule has expanded its global customer base and is recognized as the leading provider of intelligence automation software for the enterprise.

Product Innovations

InRule debuted key offerings and enhancements in 2022 to meet evolving market demands. Highlights include:

  • Confirmation of compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the U.S. national standard set for health information security and privacy, for InRule Decisioning and InRule Machine Learning.
  • The release of bias detection capabilities within InRule Machine Learning, allowing users to minimize risk and recognize and correct instances of harmful bias by leveraging a “fairness through awareness” approach, within machine learning predictions.
  • The addition of AutoML capabilities, providing a guided, no-code model-building process and empowering enterprises to scale their use of machine learning across the organization.
  • Advanced bias detection reporting within InRule Machine Learning, helping users audit their models for bias at a glance with an easy-to-understand visualization.
  • Batch processing capabilities within InRule Decisioning, empowering organizations improve decisioning with greater accuracy, less risk of errors, and the ability to simulate at scale.

Team Growth

In 2022, InRule continued its effort to hire and retain top-tier talent around the world to better achieve its goal of making automation accessible for its customer base and deliver market-leading intelligence automation software for the enterprise.

In 2023, InRule will continue to strategically expand its team in key areas, both domestically and internationally, to better achieve its annual growth goals and fulfill its commitment to customer success. Hiring for several open positions is already in progress and will expand as the year progresses. 

Christiane Felts, Principal at Pamlico, commented “InRule is poised to scale rapidly as enterprises seek to leverage the power of automation using plain-language tools that ensure explainability and transparency.  The company is deeply committed to the success of its clients and continues to develop innovative new features in order to help clients deploy AI-powered decisioning and automation with confidence.”

“Organizations continue to trust InRule to help them maintain a competitive edge in their markets through automation of their mission critical decisions, processes and predictions,” said InRule Co-Founder and CEO Rik Chomko. “In 2023, our team remains laser-focused on delivering the industry’s most advanced intelligence automation solutions that keep humans in the loop of AI and digital processes for increased revenue, lower costs, and to provide exceptional business outcomes.”

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InRule Technology® is an intelligence automation company providing integrated decisioning, machine learning and process automation software to the enterprise. By enabling IT and business leaders to make better decisions faster, operationalize machine learning and improve complex processes, the InRule® Intelligence Automation Platform increases productivity, drives revenue, and provides exceptional business outcomes. More than 500 organizations worldwide rely on InRule for mission critical applications. InRule Technology has been delivering measurable business and IT results since 2002. Learn how to make automation accessible at      

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