InRule® Releases Enhancements to Drive Rapid Automation Adoption and Shorten Time to ROI

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Published: February 28, 2023


InRule 5.8 further empowers non-technical users to both automate and understand complex business decisions—without using code or burdening IT

CHICAGO – InRule Technology®, an intelligence automation company providing integrated decisioning, machine learning and process automation software to the enterprise, today announced the release of InRule 5.8. The latest version of InRule Decisioning advances the company’s extension-based ecosystem that optimizes adoption of automated decisioning and enhances user experience.

The InRule 5.8 extension manager allows users to easily incorporate and manage extensions to take advantage of additional features that provide enhanced usability. This enhancement makes it easier than ever for InRule Decisioning users to seamlessly access InRule’s:

  • Machine Learning extension that empowers users to execute machine learning predictions and make automated decisions based on the outcomes of those predictions; proprietary Predictions with the Why® reduce risk by delivering unparalleled transparency into the metadata about a prediction.
  • Process Automation extension that provides seamless, two-way communication between digital decisions and processes; optimize workflows based on the outcome of a decision, or initiate decisioning as part of a process.
  • DMN Modeler that enables users to create, edit, import and export decision requirement diagrams using a standards-based approach; build consensus through a visual representation of automated decisions that can be easily understood by users with a range of technical proficiencies.
  • Merge extension that makes it easy to compare versions and selectively include individual changes to create an updated decision that can be quickly deployed; prevent version-control issues and minimize change cycles.

“To stay ahead in today’s fast-paced business environment, users don’t want to wait for systemwide upgrades to take advantage of the latest features within a software solution,” said Mark Lonsway, senior vice president, Digital Integration, InRule. “InRule’s extension manager puts the latest features of InRule Decsioning in the hands of users faster than ever before, allowing them to speed adoption, deliver measurable business results and realize greater ROI from their InRule implementation.”

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