InRule® Introduces Generative AI Capabilities to Accelerate Deployment of Automated Decisions

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Published: September 26, 2023

CHICAGO – InRule Technology®, an AI decisioning company providing integrated decisioning, machine learning and process automation software to the enterprise, today announced the addition of powerful generative AI capabilities within the company’s automated decisioning SaaS offering.

The new generative AI capabilities within Author Studio™, InRule’s web-based decision authoring experience, streamline the deployment of automated decisions. Line of business subject matter experts and IT team members alike can leverage responses from generative AI models, like those from Open AI, to jump-start the framework (schema) for automated decisions. From that point, it’s easy to modify and customize the suggested schema to expedite the deployment of automated decisions for greater consistency and an enhanced customer experience.

For example, once logged in to InRule, a claims analyst can specify that they need to create a rule application to determine whether a set of medical claims should be approved and paid out to claimants. The AI-powered response will include a detailed graphical representation of a schema for evaluating medical claims. From there, the analyst can provide additional details to refine the recommended schema or select the option to apply it directly to an existing rule application where it can be refined and quickly deployed.

With the debut of InRule’s generative AI capabilities, the company introduces Alfie, an AI-powered assistant to redefine how users interact with InRule products. Alfie’s name, derived from Alfred, means wise counsel in its British origins.

“Generative AI has created a seismic shift in the modern enterprise by establishing itself as an invaluable tool for efficiency, innovation and creativity,” said Matt Cowell, InRule Chief Product Officer. “We see the release of Alfie as the first step in transforming the user experience in InRule products to be more driven by language, the fastest expression of human thought. This new experience gets us meaningfully closer to a future where users can automate enterprise capabilities at the speed of thought.”

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