InRule® Debuts Enhancements to AI Decisioning Platform to Further Delight Users While Optimizing Decision Automation

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Published: October 31, 2023

CHICAGO – InRule Technology®, an AI decisioning company providing integrated decisioning, machine learning and process automation software to the enterprise, today announced usability enhancements to the company’s automated decisioning SaaS offering.

The latest enhancements to Author Studio, InRule’s web-based decision authoring experience, provide users, regardless of their level of technical expertise, with greater flexibility to create and modify automated decisions. In addition to a more modernized look and feel, refined testing capabilities provide users with confidence that automated decisions perform as intended and return desired outcomes.

Complementary to decision authoring enhancements that optimize the user experience, InRule released context-aware help inside its portal to help flatten the learning curve for new users. Portal 2.0 streamlines onboarding with self-help guidance and access to robust support materials to guide new users through key processes.

Data-driven enterprises will appreciate new, robust runtime analytics in the latest version of InRule. The runtime analytics dashboard provides actionable intelligence regarding decision execution performance details, such as endpoint latency, counts, errors, spikes and more.

In addition to decision authoring and user experience enhancements, the latest version of InRule includes a modern runtime API. The InRule Decision API incorporates a highly intuitive interface enabling frictionless integration with built-in Swagger support. The new and improved decision services were designed with performance, security, and health monitoring at the forefront to accommodate the demands of real-world enterprise implementations.

“At InRule, we’re passionate about delighting customers through AI decisioning innovations that meet them where they are, and provide ways of working that minimize the time it takes for new users to become power users,” said InRule Chief Product Officer Matt Cowell. “These latest enhancements empower all users, regardless of their level of expertise, to harness the full potential of InRule Decisioning while amplifying its value across the entire organization.”

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