Process Automation Version 2.94 Release Notes

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June 2024

We have released a new version of Process Automation version 2.94. This release includes additional improvements to the stability and performance of the process Engine.

New features 

Use Bank ID to input information in Forms 
It is now possible to write information from the authentication event in forms. This includes the name and personal identity number of the authenticator and the date and time of the authentication. See the article, How to: Configure Events with BankID, to learn more. 

View your domain email when configuring intermediate message events 
We have improved the feature that allows you to send process emails using your own domain. The configure message window now shows your custom sender address instead of

Filter on applications when adding columns to a list
On the list configuration page, it is now possible to filter on applications when adding columns to a list. This will improve performance and prevent timeouts for users.

Filter Columns GIF (1).gif


Out-Of-Office does not share permissions to process-generated documents 
Users who had a task shared with them using the out-of-office feature were unable to access documents created with Document Templates.

Share permissions are now granted to documents generated with Document Templates.

End events were not terminating instances in the second section of a gateway’s branch 
Some users were experiencing issues with terminating end events. In those specific cases where a gateway was used and there were user tasks in paths after the terminate event, the user tasks were not terminated. 

Terminating end events are now properly terminating events in lanes below them when a gateway is in use. 

Delayed redaction of instances 
In certain scenarios, the redaction of instances was delayed. 

Redactions are now taking place when they are configured to take place. Any delayed redactions will be completed with this update. 

This release also contains additional minor bug fixes and security updates. 

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