InRule Decisioning Version 5.8.1 Release Notes

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This article contains a detailed account of the features and bug fixes that are a part of InRule Decisioning Version 5.8.1. To read the highlights of the release, see the article InRule Decisioning Version 5.8.1 Now Available

Type Case ID Summary Description
Bug Fix 4918 Certain Advanced searches in Decision tables were causing irAuthor to shut down

After performing certain types of advanced searches in decision tables, an error occurred that caused irAuthor to shut down. irAuthor is no longer shutting down after these types of searches.

Story 7107 Updated Copyright

Copyright was updated to reflect the current products and date.

Bug Fix 7108 The order of the columns in a decision table was not being respected during runtime. The order of columns is now being respected during runtime. 
Bug Fix 7109 Execute Rest Service action was timing out Fixed a threading issue with the ExecuteRestService action which was causing a Microsoft error.
Story 7110 Added support for Okta Setting up centralized authentication via Okta had a bug that was fixed in irAuthor.
Bug Fix 7112 An error occurred when trying to unshare a schema in a rule application that contained decisions or rule application-level vocabulary templates. This now functions as expected.
Story 7113 Remove requests to open Internet Explorer irAuthor now respects a user's default browser preference instead of requiring Internet Explorer. 
Story 7117 Ability to load JSON for a Decision in irVerify

It is now possible to load JSON files in addition to Test Scenario files when testing a decision.

Story 7118 Update flagship SDK to allow configuration of loggers

SDK has been updated to support custom loggers.

Story 7124 Add email address by default for feedback service

Email address has been added by default in the feedback service dialog. It can be removed by user if needed. This will enable support to contact the user to provide help.

Bug 7125 Language Rules Referencing actions instead of objects Language rule's actions no longer reference themselves, but the object they were targeting and functions. 
Bug Fix 7380
User-Defined Functions (UDFs) containing string methods throw an error User-Defined Functions (UDFs) containing string functions now work as expected.
Story 7381 Include Decisions in the irAuthor Rule Application Report Decisions are now included in the irAuthor Rule Application Report.
Story 7391 On prem: Set default for all per request catalog credentials For on prem installations, the default for "allow per request catalog credentials" is now set to true. Users can manually change it to false which is our recommendation.
Story 8121 Hide the Share functionality in the Catalog ribbon

We have made it possible for users to turn on and off the visibility of the share functionality. The default is now set to off. Read more about this feature, in the article, irCatalog Operations.

Bug Fix 8482 Error when trying to activate a license during installation of irauthor We have improved the experience of activating a license in the irAuthor installer.
Story 8851 Refresh Okta tokens in irAuthor irAuthor's app in Okta now has refresh tokens enabled.
Story 9145 Vulnerability in the SQL data client Upgraded to Microsoft SqlClient version 4.8.6
 Story DYN-242 Support deletion of entities from rules We have added support for persisting entity deletion to Dynamics from within rules. This is accomplished with two new Rule Helper methods, DeleteEntityFromCollection and DeleteEntity. Refer to the Deployment Guide for more information on this functionality.
Bug Fix DYN-690 Rule Helper query doesn't handle '.' in filter string Fixed an issue with Rule Helper query parsing caused by '.' in string literals such as “Email = ‘’”.
Bug Fix DYN-712

Rule Helper query filter using parentheses with date literals causes error

Fixed an issue where using both date literals and parentheses in an expression like "(Birthdate = #1997-06-17#)" would cause a query error.
Bug Fix DYN-716 Rule Helper query fails when same entity type used more than once in filter Previously a Rule Helper query expression that used the same entity types in multiple fields such as “PrimaryContact.LastName = 'Primary Contact' and SecondaryContact.LastName = 'Secondary Contact'“ would fail. This is now resolved.
Bug Fix DYN-722 Circular references for new entities don't save correctly Fixed an issue where creating a new entity in rules and setting another relationship to the new entity would cause the new entity to fail to save correctly.
Story DYN-725 Increase Rule Helper query entity join limit from 10 to 15 Allowed for an increased number of entities in Rule Helper query expression to match the increased limit set by Microsoft.
Bug Fix DYN-726 Customer Lookup does not reflect display name change Dynamics schema sync now properly handles changes to the display name for ‘Customer’ type fields.
Story DYN-729 Add support for polymorphic lookups Added support for Dynamics polymorphic lookup fields. These are represented in rules with virtual entities similar to the existing Customer and Owner field support.
Story DYN-749 Add link to the Deployment Guide in the irX ribbon Help section Supplemented the existing irX authoring help file in irAuthor with a link to the Deployment Guide.
Story DYN-751 Upgrade irX and execution webjob to Dataverse ServiceClient Replaced the legacy CrmServiceClient with the new cross-platform Dataverse ServiceClient. This provides authentication and performance improvements and allows building applications targeting .NET 6 and above.
Story DYN-771 Option to return data loading log back to plugin trace log Added an option to rule configuration entity to enable return and tracing of detailed entity data loading log from rule execution service.
Story DI-498 ARM Template for self-hosted Decision Services Added an ARM template to assist with self-hosted deployments of Decision Services to Azure. The template creates the required App Service resource, deploys the Decision Services code, and configures settings passed in via the template parameters.
Bug Fix DI-518 Fixed Swagger schema gen issue for RuleApp containing fields with default value checked but value left blank Resolved an error that occurred when entity fields with data types that have a default value enabled but no value was specified.
Story DI-522 Azure Marketplace listing for self-hosted Decision Services Added a listing to Azure Marketplace to assist self-hosted customers with deployment of Decision Services to Azure. The listing allows for deployment of a complete InRule Decision Services environment, including optionally deploying the required Catalog Service.
Bug Fix DI-548 Fixed Decision Services not picking up Runtime Overrides Added support for configuration-based execution runtime overrides to Decision Services.
Bug Fix DI-550 Fixed error with rule sets containing parameters of certain data types Resolved various errors related to the use of rule set parameters.
Bug Fix DI-559 Error when executing ruleset with numeric parameters Resolved an error when executing rules with integer or decimal ruleset parameters.
Bug Fix DI-567 SaaS logging level configuration setting not honored by RES Changing the logging level configuration setting will now correctly impact the logs emitted by the Rule Execution Service for SaaS users.
Bug Fix DI-571 Fixed auto rule sets incorrectly rendered in Decision API Swagger as an explicit rule set Fixed an issue that caused auto rule sets to be displayed as explicit rule sets in the Swagger API.
Bug Fix DI-581 Tester should allow the import of dates with times Added support for importing date times through both the import button and drag/drop.
Bug Fix DI-582 Fixed 'UriTemplate' for RestOperation Override Resolved a bug that was preventing the RestOperation UriTemplate override from being applied properly.
Story DI-586 Enable background compilation by default for SaaS and self-hosted Added EnableBackgroundCompilation configuration setting and set default value to {{true}}.
Story SFC-265 Rule Helper query filter with parenthetical expression throws an error Resolved an error that would occur when parenthesis () were included in the birth date query filter.
Story SFC-266 Support for Named Credential auth type using API key Added support for API key authorization and the new Named Credential process introduced in the Salesforce Summer '23 update.
Story SFC-279 Add "Auth Type" setting to Salesforce SaaS configuration settings Added an Auth Type configuration setting to allow users to switch between basic username/password authorization and API key authorization.
Bug Fix SFC-286

Error when logging in to from irAuthor

We resolved this error by adding support for Webview2 to the Salesforce login within irAuthor.

Hosting the catalog on an Oracle database

This release does not guarantee support for hosting the catalog on an Oracle database. We recommend using Microsoft SQL Server. Another option is to upgrade your existing system with the plan to verify that connecting to the catalog is working. If not, revert back to your previous version.

Based on the changes we are introducing in 5.8.1, we believe hosting the catalog on an Oracle database will work, but we cannot guarantee it as this was outside the release's focus.


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