Troubleshooting: Forms Submitted with Blank Fields

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Prevent the submission of forms with blank fields

If you are receiving multiple forms with missing values, the issue could be that users have not chosen a value from the drop-down list, but instead typed in a value that does not match one of the values in the list. Using the following solution in your form will help prevent these blank submissions.

This solution only works on a field using a value list that has 100 values or less because we will be disabling the search feature. This solution works best with simple standard value lists that contain YES and NO values or so few values that a user does not need to use the search feature. 

  1. Find the field that you are concerned with being submitted blank

  2. To that field, add the field attribute editable and set it to FALSE

  3. (OPTIONAL) You can add the field attribute allowBlank and set it to FALSE if you want to prevent users from submitting an empty field.

  4. Finally, add the field attribute emptyText and write in "Click to select" for the Value

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