API Status Endpoints

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Status endpoints

There are two status endpoints available for both the Rule Execution API and the Decision API :

A successful response from either endpoint will return a response with status code 200.
An unsuccessful response will return a response with status code 503.

Alive endpoint – api/status/alive

The alive endpoint will perform three different checks to ensure the service is up and running as expected:

  1. Verifies that the InRule license is present and valid
  2. Verifies rule repository connectivity
  3. Verifies that the precompile has finished running, if enabled

Details endpoint – api/status/details

The details endpoint goes through the same checks as the alive endpoint above, but it appends additional information regarding the processing of the request to the response. Below is a list of the additional information that is included:

  1. Processor count
  2. InRule runtime version
  3. InRule repository version
  4. Process up time in minutes
  5. Cache up time in minutes
  6. Max rule app cache depth
  7. Current rule app cache depth
  8. Precompile status
  9. Precompile seconds
  10. Machine name

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