Sending Emails from Your Organization's Domain

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InRule Process Automation can send emails from a process as a message event or task notification. By default, the sender's email address is However, it is possible to configure this so that the sender's email address is from a domain of your choice instead.

How to send emails using your domain

In order to send emails from your own domain, you need a mail server in your environment which is set up to accept Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). The server will receive the message from InRule Process Automation and relay the message forward to the end recipient.

Emails affected by this:

  • Email notifications from processes (events of type Throwing Email, and task notifications)
  • Emails generated from outbound API calls from processes
  • Emails from processes where a business component is used that sends an email
    • Exception: The business component named “Invite users to space” will generate emails from

Emails generated from the platform, not from processes, will still be sent from E.g., privacy policy emails, password reset emails, and user invitations.

To set up the integration between IPA and the server you need to supply InRule with the following information:

  1. The server address
  2. The port
  3. Username and password
  4. Whether you use explicit or implicit SSL
  5. The sender email

Please contact our support team to make the change.

While we do not charge a fee for this feature, hourly charges may occur in conjunction with the configuration.

Please note that the maximum email size in IPA is 20 MB. It is necessary to align your email server configuration with this.  

This change does not apply to BPMN 1 processes. It will be necessary to upgrade all processes to BPMN 2 in order to take advantage of this feature. 

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