Author Studio Release Notes April 11th, 2024

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April 2024

A new version of Author Studio is being released. The following updates have been made to the product as well as additional minor bug fixes and security updates.


Schema Diagram

We have added a new way to view the rule application's entities and fields. The Schema Diagram is a visual representation of how the entities and fields within a Rule Application relate to each other.

Schema Diagram.png

You can access the Schema Diagram from the Entities page of a Rule Application. It is on the lower half of the page under the list of existing entities. Click on the expanding arrow on the Schema Diagram banner to see the diagram.

Open the Schema Diagram.png

Add parameters to explicit rule sets

We have added the ability to add parameters for explicit rule sets in Author Studio. Rule Sets using the fire mode Explicit will display the Parameters section and the New Parameter button.
Parameters Section.png

Reactive Table Cells

Cells in a table now react to a change made to another cell within the same row.

  • When a user updates a field's name, the display name will automatically be updated if the display name is empty or has the same value as the name field.
  • If the data type complex is selected, then the default value column will be disabled for that field.

Bug fixes 

Check out button unresponsive

Empty cells in an inline table were being encoded with the incorrect data type making it impossible to check out the Rule Applications where they were located.
The empty data cells are encoded properly and the user can check in and check out the Rule Application without issue.


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