Process Automation Version 2.92 Release Notes

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April 2024

The newest version of Process Automation, version 2.92, has been released. This release contains a beta feature, an API improvement, and bug fixes. Some of these changes might not directly affect you, but you can be sure that we are constantly fixing and improving the product.

New Features

Send process emails from your organization's domain
With this release, we are introducing the ability to send process emails from your organization's domain instead of the default sender address,

This change makes it possible for organizations to use a custom email server for sending emails from a process, routing emails through their own mail server. System emails are not affected by this change.

This is a beta feature; please contact support to start using this feature. See the article, Sending Emails from Your Organization's Domain for more information.

Improved performance of getting instances API
We have made changes to improve the performance of how the following API endpoint fetches instances from an application. This does not impact the response. The endpoint affected:



Access denied to document templates when importing process applications 
Users were denied access to document templates in process applications that were imported to the space

The document templates in an exported process application now inherit Process Permissions and function as expected.

Last page button in the Instance Overview not functioning as expected 
Due to a recent performance improvement, the Last page button in the instance overview navigated beyond the range of existing pages to an empty page. 

We have removed the Last page button. 

Custom name allowing invalid characters 
The “generate document from template” script task allowed users to use invalid characters when selecting a custom document name using variables. This led to broken links in some cases. 

Invalid characters are now replaced with underscores when used in the name of a document created from a template in the process. 

Form PDFs appearing in US time and date and settings 
Form PDFs not generated by user interaction default to US time and date settings when the PDF contains time and or date fields. 

Form PDFs generated by a process now apply the application language setting.

Process emails not being sent when a specific value was evaluated as no one 
Process emails were not sent when the value for ‘The last user that completed a task in the role "role name"’ was evaluated to no one.

Process emails are sent out as expected. 

This release also contains additional minor bug fixes and security updates

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