InRule Decisioning Version 5.8.1 Now Available

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InRule® 5.8.1 has been released

Highlights of our 5.8.1 update include:

Decision Services

Decision Services is InRule's next-generation runtime API and serves as a fully functional backward-compatible replacement to the legacy Rule Execution Service. The following enhancements have been made to Decisions Services in this release:

The legacy Rule Execution Service is slated to be retired by year-end 2024. Throughout the remainder of this year, please plan on transitioning your calling application to use either the new Decision API or the backward-compatible Rule Execution API provided in Decision Services.


The following features have been added to this version of irAuthor:

  • Hide the Share functionality in the Catalog ribbon
    We have made it possible for users to turn on and off the visibility of the share functionality. The default is now set to off. To read more about this feature, see the article, irCatalog Operations.
  • Ability to load JSON for a Decision in irVerify
    When testing a decision, a user can now load JSON files in addition to Test Scenario files. 

InRule for Dynamics 

This version of InRule for Dynamics includes the following improvements:

  • Support for polymorphic lookups
  • Support for entity deletion
  • Data loading performance and logging improvements
  • See the updated InRule for Dynamics Deployment Guide for additional information

InRule for Salesforce

The following improvements have been made to this version of InRule for Salesforce: 

  • Switched to API key-based authentication to the execution service using Salesforce Named/External Credentials
  • See the updated InRule for Salesforce Deployment Guide for additional information

SaaS Customers

This is an optional release for SaaS users. If you would like to implement these new features, please contact our Support Team to schedule your upgrade to 5.8.1.


Hosting the catalog on an Oracle database

This release does not guarantee support for hosting the catalog on an Oracle database. We recommend using Microsoft SQL Server. Another option is to upgrade your existing system with the plan to verify that connecting to the catalog is working. If not, revert back to your previous version.

Based on the changes we are introducing in 5.8.1, we believe hosting the catalog on an Oracle database will work, but we cannot guarantee it as this was outside the release's focus.

Full release notes

This release also contains bug fixes and security updates. For a detailed list of all the changes, please see the article InRule Decisioning Version 5.8.1 Release Notes.

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