Author Studio Release Notes March 15th, 2024

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March 2024

A new version of Author Studio is being released. The following updates have been made to the product as well as additional minor bug fixes and security updates.


Updates to the Navigational Tree in the Rule Navigator 

We have updated the navigational tree to include ability to move Author Studio supported rules/actions via drag and drop. The ability to move also exists in the More menu. 

Non-supported actions cannot be moved at this time. Those can be re-arranged within irAuthor.

Updates to Entities page

The ability to set whether a field is temporary or not is now available in Author Studio. 

Updates to Data page

The ability to sort the data list page by folder has been enabled. Now you can organize the data elements by which folder they are in.

Bug fixes 

Decision validation errors did not navigate to the decision


If a decision had a validation error, it would be surfaced in the validation panel. Clicking on the error did not navigate to the decision itself.


Clicking on a decision error in the validation panel will navigate the user to the correct decision. 

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