Author Studio Release Notes February 8th, 2024

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February 2024

A new version of Author Studio is being released. The following updates have been made to the product as well as additional minor bug fixes and security updates.


Updates to the Navigational Tree in the Rule Navigator 

We have updated the navigational tree to include more functions.

  • An Expand all and a Collapse all feature has been added.

  • It is possible to build and organize conditional logic. Now you can see an overview of all connected child rules and conditions. 
    Conditional Rules.png

  • You can now see which rules have been disabled as indicated by a greyed-out appearance. 

UI changes made to pages

We have added the features from the Property Panel onto the page and removed Property Panels. It is now possible to edit the name and description of items and enable or disable them from the pages themselves. We have also added the ability to undo changes made in a textbox. 

Turning on and off Decision Flow (Trial Users Only) 

It is now possible to enable or disable the Decision Flow feature per decision. 

Bug fixes 

The checked-out state of Rule Sets in irAuthor was not preserved in Author Studio


If a Rule Set was checked out in irAuthor, Author Studio did not indicate that Rule Application was checked out and it created an error when a user attempted a check out the Rule Application in Author Studio.


If a Rule Set is checked out in irAuthor, the Rule Application it belongs to is now shown as checked out in Author Studio.

Difficult to read the content of Decision Tables 


It was not possible to adjust the width of columns in a Decision Table if the Rule Application was not checked out.


Users are now able to adjust the width of tables without checking them out. 

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