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Each application that has a mail event has a Mail log. The Mail log shows which emails are sent from an application. This is available from the application overview and shows emails from either the last 30 days or the most recent 1000 emails. This is a beta feature and is subject to change.

Emails sent before the release of Process Automation 2.89 will not have an Instance ID listed, but those sent after the release will. 

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Who can see the Mail log?

Users with Edit permissions on an Application can see the Mail log; the same permissions that are required to access the Event log. 

Locating the Mail log 

  1. Navigate to the Application overview of the application you want to view the Mail log for. Mail Log.png

  2. Under Common Tasks, click on Mail log.
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  3. The Mail log will display information for the most 1000 recent emails sent in the last 30 days.
    Mail log 1.png

Mail log overview

Mail Log Overview.png

1. Application Overview button

This serves as a back button, clicking here will take you back to the Application overview.

2. Delivered 

Emails that have been delivered will have a timestamp showing when they were delivered.

3. Receiver

The email address the message was sent to is displayed here. 

4. Status

There are three status options: 

  • Sent - The message was sent as expected.
  • Pending - The message is in the progress of sending. 
  • Error - The message was not delivered. 

5. Instance ID

This is a clickable instance ID, clicking here will take you to the Instance overview page for the instance the email was sent from. 

6. Subject

Here you can see the subject of the email.

7. Body

Click on the View body button to see the body of the email.



If you or other users in your organization are not receiving configured emails from your processes it could be due to a problem within the configuration. See the article, Troubleshooting: How to Check Email Sending and Email Configuration for a list of possible solutions. 



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