You've been upgraded to SaaS 2023, now what?

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We want to help you get the most out of our latest SaaS upgrade, here is what we recommend doing once you have been upgraded. 

Change your bookmarks 

Now that you have been upgraded to the newest version of our SaaS product, your environments are now hosted on

You should no longer be using the old URLs. Please change any bookmarks or internal links that use the old URL. This applies to the URLs for Catalog and Execution as well.  In addition, Author Studio should be accessed via the new portal. 

We will briefly continue supporting to reduce any friction or inconvenience during your transition. However, we encourage you to make the transition at your earliest convenience. 


All the new environments are hosted on the domain, Please make sure it is whitelisted by your organization. 

Access your environments in the Portal

  1. Navigate to the InRule SaaS Portal

  2. From the upper right-hand corner of the portal landing page, open the tenant selector menu.
    Tenant Selector Drop-Down.png

  3. From the drop-down, select the environment you would like to open. 

    Tenant selector.png

Access your resources 

You can locate the Provisioned Resources page by clicking on the gear icon (1) in the upper right corner of the portal and selecting Provisioned Resources (2) from the menu.

Locate provisioned resources.png

The Provisioned Resources page serves as a centralized hub, providing easy access to all your vital URLs, URIs, API Keys, and License Key. Read more about our Provisioned Resources page here, Provisioned Resources.

At this time, the Catalog URL provided under Provisioned Resources is incorrect . When using the URL for the Catalog, please replace ”” with “”. URLs with will still work in the short term, but it will be deprecated soon and we strongly recommend moving to the new URL.

Provisioned Resources.png

Access the Catalog 

You can access the catalog via the Decisioning drop-down on the Portal Landing page or via the URL, https://<name of company> The URL can be found on the Provisioned Resources page.

Catalog Manager.png

Access Decision Services

You can access Decision Services via the Decisioning drop-down on the Portal Landing page or via the URL, https://<name of company> The URL can be found on the Provisioned Resources page.


Check out the new features available in this version 

We are excited for you to check out the new features available in the latest version of our SaaS product such as:

  • A new one-stop shop Portal
  • A new modern Runtime API
  • Ability to visualize execution trends
  • New Author Studio features
  • A new testing experience
  • Upgrade to InRule 5.8

For a more detailed look at these features, check out the article SaaS Release 2023

The Analytics features are temporarily delayed

The release of Authoring Insights and Runtime Analytics have been temporarily delayed for optimization improvements. If you navigate to either dashboard during this time, you will see a message stating "Analytics is undergoing maintenance".

Once Analytics becomes available, user access must be configured as documented in the article, Granting a User Access to Analytics. If the steps in the article are not followed, unauthorized users navigating to Analytics will receive a blank dashboard with a corresponding error message.

Can I continue using the following URL ( to access my Author Studio?

No, please use the new URL to access your Author Studio. Link will be found via the upgraded SaaS Portal.

Make sure you are running the latest version of irAuthor

If you haven't already upgraded to the latest version of irAuthor, version 5.8.0, please update your software now. Download InRule Software

You must be signed in to view the article, Download InRule Software.

Not sure what version of irAuthor you are using? 
You can see which version of irAuthor you are using by clicking on the File tab and then clicking on the Help option. 
IrAuthor Version.png

Need Support?

In the case of any issues or questions, please submit a support ticket here or click on the Submit a Request link in the top right corner of the Help Center. 
Submit a request.png

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Stay in touch

Your success and satisfaction with our product is important to us. Please contact InRule Customer Success if you have any feature requests or feedback on the new experience. 

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