How To: Configure Events with BankID

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If your organization is looking for a way to invite users to initiate or add supplementary information to a process without a license, BankID may be the solution. External users usually access a form via a web link. By using BankID, organizations can rest assured that the form is filled out by the correct participant.

This article will explain how to set up BankID in start events and intermediate events.

Setting up BankID

Because BankID is a licensed software it must be enabled by InRule before you can access it. To start using BankID, please contact your customer representative. Once the feature is enabled, you will be able to see BankID in the process modeler.

Configuring BankID


In the process modeler, a new custom type is visible on start events and intermediate events. The symbol is a shield, indicating that the external event will be protected. Depending on the configuration of your contract, different external authentication services will be available, in this example, BankID is the only external authentication service.

Which users will verify themselves with BankID?

External links 

Users accessing the form via an external link will need to use BankID to access the form. 

Start Events within Process Automation

Users accessing the form inside of Process Automation, either via a start instance or via an intermediate event from a task, will not be asked to use BankID to access the form. 

Creating the external link

External links are created in the Application configuration pages.

  1. Navigate to the External users tab.
  2. Select the events that you wish to make external. In the example, the process only contains one Start event and one Intermediate event, and both check boxes have been selected, which has automatically generated the links. 
    External Users.png
    It is now possible to use these links, and when they are accessed, the user will be required to use BankID to verify themselves before getting to the form.

Tips for working with External Authentication

  • To update the page that is shown after the user has submitted the form, select Edit Start Message.
  • It is possible to send the link as-is in an email from the process. Just copy the address and paste it into the email, and the end of the string $instance=id$ will automatically update to the correct instance id. To learn how to configure message events, check out the article Configuring Events.
  • It is possible to iframe links to external events. To learn how to configure URLs for this purpose, see the article, How to Embed Forms as iFrames.

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